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     Profiles Contains a brief profile of each member of the UST High School Batch of 1968 and also serves as the batch directory.  Directory form for inclusion in the profiles may be accessed here.
     Transitions Tribute to our departed batchmates
     HS Class Pictures Pictures of each section of UST High School Batch of 1968 with their respective Class Adviser
     Reminiscing Features old high school photos
     E-Veritas On-line Veritas of UST Batch 1968
50th Anniv. Contains schedule of activities for the 50th anniversary of USTHS Batch 1968 to be held on Feb. 15-19, 2018 and other relevant information
    2016 Toronto Canada Reunion Detailed account of the fifth Grand USTHS 68 Reunion held in Toronto, Canada last Oct. 7-9. 2016, includes Philippine Star article written by batchmate Ching Alano and other relevant info.
     2014 San Francisco USA Reunion Detailed account of the fourth USA Reunion held in San Francisco last Oct. 9-12, 2014, includes You-Tube video of the event.

     2012 Chicago USA Reunion

Detailed account of the third USA Reunion held in Chicago last Aug. 23-26, 2012, includes You-Tube video of pictures, souvenir programs and others.
     2010 New York USA Reunion Detailed account of the second USA Reunion held in New York last Oct. 8-10, 2010;  includes slideshow of pictures, and You-Tube videos of performances of batchmates.
     2009 Las Vegas Reunion Detailed account of the very first USA Reunion held in Las Vegas last May 1-2, 2009.
     Ruby Celebration Detailed account of the 3-day 40th Ruby anniversary celebration last Feb. 15-17, 2008, complete with slideshow of pictures.
     News Update Latest news involving UST High School Batch of 1968
     Activities Abroad Text and pictures of  activities of foreign-based batchmates
     Reunion Text and pictures of various reunions of Batch'68 - 40th Ruby Anniversary, the 35th Coral Anniversary Celebration and others
     Outreach Contains text and pictures of the batch-sponsored soup kitchen for indigent families in Quezon City and the Christmas Party held last December 22, 2003
     Plans & Programs

Contains general plans and programs for Batch'68 and introduces the officers of the Alumni Association of UST High School Class of 1968

Photo Gallery A compilation of Batch'68 photos from 2007 to present
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     Message Board Contains feedback from batchmates and friends/guests.
     Contact Us E-mail addresses of members of UST High School Batch of 1968
Archives Contains past news updates involving UST High School Batch of 1968  dating way back from 2003.
     Inspirational, Etc. Contains prayers, inspirational messages and jokes shared by batchmates and friends
     Links Links to other web sites

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