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July 26 2009 - "I have just uploaded on Facebook the expanded version of the YouTube movie I made. This is a 12-minute run." - Bing Macavinta

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Las Vegas Reunion Was A "Knock-Out"!
by Bing Macavinta

May 7, 2009 Just as Pacquiao knocked out Hatton on the same day, in the same town; similarly USTHS class of ’68 First USA Reunion was, by all accounts, a “knock-out!”     Friday’s get-together was awesome too.  Everyone bonded, no groupies, no clicks – simply batch mates and their spouses/partners wanting the same thing:  the pleasure of each other’s company.  Saturday, the highlight of the weekend- Everyone stayed until closing time.  We all danced & drank the night away.  The time, money and labor of love were well worth it.   Without a doubt, 2009 First USA Reunion has gone down as a HUGE success!  The next one will be in 2012, to be hosted by the Northeast group, possibly in New York City.  So stay tuned and we hope to see many of you then!

Batch mates from all time zones headed to the city lights of Las Vegas as early as Thursday and the last bunch left Tuesday.  Little gatherings continued before and after the Friday and Saturday happenings.  Golfers had their days as well.   Sunday brunch & dinner followed for those able to make it.  The memory of the weekend left a big smile on everyone’s face and that in itself is telling.

Because of the many cameras capturing the many happy moments, those that wish to share theirs, uploaded them individually at  the USTHS68 Webshots.   This is the easiest way of making it available for immediate viewing.  There were official photographer and videographers for the Saturday Grand event.  They will be available at a later date.   

 Here is the breakdown of the attendees for the 2-days:

FRIDAY – May 1st @ the pre-reunion party – 59 total present

Section A = 14 total:  8 batch mates=  4- ladies & 4- guys; 6-guests
Section B = 11 total:  8 batch mates= 3- ladies & 5- guys; 3-guests
Section C = 16 total:  10 batch mates= 3- ladies & 7- guys; 6-guests
Section D = 5 total:  4 batch mates= 2- ladies & 2- guys; 1-guest
Section E = 6 total:  5 batch mates=  3- ladies & 2- guys; 1-guest
Section F = 6 total:  5 batch mates=  all ladies; 1-guest
Teacher = 1 total

 SATURDAY – May 2nd our FIRST USA REUNION – 74 Attendees  (plus 10- hired services):

Section A = 18 total:  12 batch mates=  5- ladies & 7- guys; 6-guests
Section B =  14 total:  9 batch mates= 3- ladies & 6- guys; 5-guests
Section C = 18 total:  11 batch mates= 4- ladies & 7- guys; 7-guests
Section D = 6 total:  5 batch mates= 3- ladies & 2- guys; 1-guest
Section E = 7 total:  6 batch mates=  3- ladies & 3- guys; 1-guest
Section F = 9 total:  7 batch mates=  all ladies; 2-guests
Teacher = 2 total

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Souvenir Program,  Banner and Newsletter

May 3, 2009Mulong Yambao has shared with us a copy of the Souvenir Program and Banner he designed for the 2009 Las Vegas U.S.A. USTHS '68 Grand Reunion.  Bing has also shared with us the newsletter "Chikahan" which was donated and distributed by Prof. Rod Cantiveros during the reunion. Click the links below:

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