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Year 2004 News

New Feature In Our Website

Dec. 23, 2004 - We have a new feature in our website, the Inspirational, Etc. Page which contains some prayers, inspirational messages,  and also jokes sent in by batchmates and friends, which we want to share with you.  The page can be accessed thru our menu bar, right after the Transitions menu button.  You can also click here to view the Inspirational, Etc. Page.

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Christmas Greetings From Fr. Reb

Dec. 17, 2004 - Our batchmate, Willy Yu, forwarded the following Christmas message from Fr. Rebollo:


My greetings on this year 2004
is imbued with Advent spirit.
Spirit of faith, hope and expectations.

Since June I have lived in hope and trust in God.
Each time I reached an accomplishment
I considered it as if I were born again.

For this reason my greetings has to be
a greetings of hope and faith.
So may this Christmas be a new birth
in our faith, in our hope and trust in God.

I wish that all of us may hear the angels' song:
"Glory to God in the highest and
peace on earth to men of good will."


- Fr. Maximiliano Rebollo, O.P.

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Batch Outreach Activity on Dec. 30, 2004

Dec. 14, 2004 - Don Mejia sent the following e-mail informing us of the upcoming outreach activity for our batch:

"Our batch will hold a soup kitchen on Dec. 30, 2004 at 3 p.m. in Sta Teresita Parish 130 Mayon St. Quezon City, right beside Ricky Yatco's place.  We will also have simple get together after the soup kitchen at Ricky's place.
This  is an opportunity to share our blessings with the homeless especially this Christmas thru our conrtibutions or donations in kind like basic goodies: canned goods, noodles, rice, clothings or grocery items, etc." -
Don Mejia

Let us all support this worthy cause to bring good cheer and hope to our brethren in our troubled times.

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UST High School Grand Alumni Homecoming on Feb. 2005

Dec. 11, 2004 - The University of Santo Tomas High School Alumni Association will celebrate its grand alumni homecoming on Saturday, February 26, 2005, 5:00 pm at the Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila. 

The hosts for the affair are the members of Class 1955 who will mark their Golden Jubilee, and the Silver Jubilarians of Class 1980.  The theme of next year’s homecoming is “The Magic of UST High: Transforming Society”.  


The e-mail sent by  Class 1955's President, Mr. Jacinto Uy, invites all alumni to actively participate in the event:


"........Following the tradition of our homecoming gatherings in previous years, we anticipate with much success and pride next year’s celebration, keeping in mind the Thomasian pursuits that encourage and foster greater understanding to sustain unity with harmony.
       This is your rare opportunity as alumnus/ alumna/jubilarian to participate in this event not only thru your attendance but also through your generous contribution as a special benefactor, sponsor, donor or advertiser.  A portion of  whatever you will contribute will go to the next year’s alumni scholarship fund which will benefit deserving but less fortunate students of our alma mater, the UST High School.   

We, therefore, invite you to fill out the attached contribution form and send it back to us, through Mr. Ramon G. Nuñez (‘55), Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means for the 2005 homecoming, with Tel. No. 724-0175/724-5571 and Cell No. 09168586393.  We will highly appreciate it if we can receive your contribution not later than 31 December 2004 in order to give us ample time to prepare for our grand homecoming.  

To assist you on any further clarifications or inquiries, you may also contact the University of Santo Tomas High School Alumni Association Secretariat headed by Ms. Joji Milanes with Tel. No. 373-8888/373-2537

Thank you and we look forward to your presence on February 26.  Tickets are available at the Secretariat Office at P500.00 each." - JACINTO UY (’55), President  


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2004 Christmas Party and Reunion

Dec. 6, 2004 -  The batch Christmas party and reunion pushed thru last December 4, 2004 (Saturday night).   We had a pretty good attendance (51 batchmates) despite the recent typhoons and the start of the Christmas rush.  The details about the party and accompanying photos can be found at the Reunion page of our website.

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Plans for the December 4, 2004 Reunion

Nov. 2004 - The following plans and activities for the December 4, 2004 reunion were agreed upon during the past two organizational meetings/fellowships held in Ricky Yatco's house last July 25 and October 2, 2004:




Petron Mega Plaza Canteen, located on Gil J. Puyat (formerly Buendia Ave.) cor. Makati Ave. (Note:  The group approved of the place because Danny Diy, our batchmate who is connected with Petron,  is in charge of the building. It has a big parking area and very accessible.)
Time Registration starts at 5:00 p.m.
Attire Smart Casual




a) Organ Music  (The group opted for a softer music played in the organ instead of a live band which is too noisy for conversation.  Our batchmates would like to be able to talk to each other without shouting.  According to Odette, this is also a sign of the aging faculties of batchmates - "Humihina na ang mga tainga.")
b) We will have dancing and singing.
Emcees Bach Cuyugan,  Danny R and Odette Wallace

Various committees which will be responsible for implementing the plans for the Dec. 4 reunion were formed, namely : Food, Invitation and Attendance, Program and Registration Committees.  The following batchmates were assigned various tasks to take charge of the affair:

Food Tessa Sierra, Odette Wallace and Baby Balatbat De Guzman
Invitation and Attendance Don, Ricky Yatco, Jimmy Tan, Manuel Manuel and Lorna Buenviaje
Program Bach Cuyugan, Bebet Gillera Gozun, Danny Diy and Jon Tan
Registration Offie Ramirez Lanto, Letty Banzon Tecson and Jorge Tadena
Facilities Danny Diy (he will take charge of the videoke, waiters, parking, security and the place itself)

Any other suggestions from our batchmates will be most welcome. Let's all work for the success of our reunion.  For our foreign-based batchmates, please take note of the date - Dec. 4, 2004, so this early, you can make plans to visit the Philippines.

During the organizational meeting held last July, the group also discussed various possible programs such as a proposed outreach, fund-raising and other matters, as follows:

Proposed Outreach


Since charity starts at home, the group agreed to have a batchmate's child or children receive a scholarship assistance which according to Jun Tullao may be in the form of a fee for an entrance exam, a caregiver's or other vocational training fee.
Fund-Raising Activity





To raise funds for the proposed projects, the group agreed to join in one of the Christmas "tiangge" bazaars with our own booth. This is also another chance for a group bonding while manning the booth. The group is hoping that our batchmates will donate whatever excess goods they want to get rid of and can be still of use to other people. Items such as clothing, fashion accessories, home and office appliances, home accessories, furniture (new or antique), books, food items and other items will be most welcome. Of course,  balikbayan boxes full of goodies will be most welcome.
Other Matters






a)  An additional goal this year will be to search for more batchmates like Ruby Espiritu or Jane Feliciano.  If anybody knows how we can contact our other batchmates, please inform us. 

b) We hope to tap the help of our batchmates in media like radio host Danny Rodriguez and/or Philippine Star columnist Ching Alano in disseminating information about our reunion and at the same time help in looking for our other batchmates.


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Condolence to John Tan and Family

Nov. 4, 2004 - Our condolence to our batchmate, John Tan and his family, on the demise of their mother, Mrs. Gloria Tan last Nov. 3, 2004.  Her funeral wake was held at the Capilla de San Francisco, San Antonio Church, Forbes Park, Makati City.

Let us all pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Mrs. Tan.

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Get-Together For Ernie and John

October 2004 - We received the following e-mail from Lourdes "Odette" Ko Wallace, recounting the visit by some of our batchmates in her Napa Valley home and their get-together in Enrie's place in Antioch:

"Here are photos of the visit of John Tan and Ernie Morales this beautiful autumn day (Oct. 23-24) here in Northern California. I am genuinely appreciative for the six-hour driving John did from LA with wife, Ruby and 4 year old super-kid, Jr. Jr. stole my heart this week-end when he made cariño to get his favorites, chocolates and baseball hits in the garden. Meanwhile, in LA, Ernie rushed to get to his Southwest plane to fly after work. Chito Cardenas met him and drove down to Napa. My work in preparing for dinner paled in comparison to the driving and hassling these guys did just to get the old feeling of " high school days pa din". The setting may have been different but the  laughter was the same. At 9 p.m., the night was young when over a dinner of Thai soup, Singaporean chili crab, chicken inasal and wine, we immortalized crushes, loves, enemies, favorite teachers and friends, places and events as though they happened not so long ago. Little Quiapo and Eugene's seem to have a place in that history. Jane Feliciano's house was a venue to most parties but where is Jane now? Ernie had two beautiful names to add to those whose whereabouts are still unknown. Where is Ruby Espiritu? And where is Minerva Gacad? We shall make a search for you Ernie.

The next morning was a treat. Chito Cardenas prepared sinangag and his home-made tapa for breakfast.  With good coffee and the crisp air outside we continued the untold stories, filling up the blanks and gaps to the years we have not touched base. Except for the part on Benny and Emily, I did not feel any nostalgia because this is just a beginning of another chapter. Ernie is one of those who went to St. Mary's from grade 1 to 5, just like Dulce, Enrie and Helen Pacis. We even had our First Holy Communion together.

After breakfast, we had to drive to Antioch to Enrie's home. There Ray Protacio worked on the grill for his forte of marinated steaks. Enrie, Cynthia, and Cherrie prepared the rest of the feast. Helen Pacis also had a harrowing battle with the traffic from Sacramento. Helen Hankins dropped her food and dashed to work. We were sorry to hear that Ray may be moving back to New York. But that could be another venue for future reunions.

In between singing, dancing, joke-telling and eating, we again re-enforced the spirit of batch '68. I am proud of you all and equally grateful for the time and energies spent in making sure we all have a fun and happy ending. " - Lourdes Wallace

Here are the pictures forwarded by Odette.  (Please click the picture to view an enlarged version.)

Sleepless in Napa. (L-R) Ernie Morales, Odette Wallace, John Tan and Chito Cardenas with John Tan Jr. in front.

View from Odette's house at Napa Valley, California

Another get-together in Enrie Sabio's House. Standing (L-R) Odette Wallace, Helen Parafina Hankins, Cherry Roque Ramirez and Enrie Samson Sabio; Seated (L-R) Helen Pacis Raffer, Cynthia Principe Hocson and a friend

Six Men and A Lady (L-R) Ernie Morales, John Tan, Rey Protacio, John Tan Jr., Chito Cardenas and Lenie Sabio with Odette Wallace

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Get-Together In Ricky's Place

Oct. 4, 2004 - Last October 2, Saturday, our batchmates had another get-together in Ricky Yatco's place.  Don Mejia e-mailed us some details on what transpired that evening, which  also served as a birthday celebration of our batchmate, Ed Alimagno.

     "We got a pretty good attendance at the fellowship last night at Ricky's place. We were about 18 batchmates: 15 guys, 3 ladies, 4 guests and Manny, our honorary member. We had lechon brought by the birthday boy Ed Alimagno and the usual Caloy's  Davao's pride tuna fish with  egg freshly grilled from Ricky's kitchen . Ricky also served grilled maya-maya, a very big one and so yummy. Manny brought squid sashimi and oysters cooked Chinese style. We also had Davao suha and pastillas de leche (made from carabao's milk from Gapan, Nueva Ecija served by the loving and beautiful wife of Ricky, Eppie).
    We took the opportunity to have a formal meeting about the grand affair for December 4, 2004.  (Note: The details can be found in the Plans and Programs page of our website.)  
     We also had Architect Ernie Morales from Los Angeles California as surprise guest for the evening. He was with Rey Fernandez. It was good to see batchmates we have not seen for a long time. The get- together was more fun with songs of yesteryears like, Zombies, Animals, Del Shannon, Beatles, Herman's Hermits, Rascals, Cascades, Hollies etc. Ha! ha! feeling young again!!! So we will have more of this in our reunion.
     We also got a phone call from Junnie Navarro from Los Angeles who cared to talk to the group, he wants to stay connected, yehey!
     Those who attended among the boys were Pete Dobles, Peter So, Ricky Yatco, Don Mejia, Carlos Corsiga, Manuel Manuel, Ed Adriatico, Jimmy Guieb, Rey Fernandez, Ernie Morales, Ed Tameta, Bach Cuyugan, Ed Alimagno, Roy Ama, Jimmy Tan, Danny Diy, and  Manny Villafuerte, an honorary member of batch '68.  The girls were represented by  Tessa Sierra, Offie Ramirez Lanto, and Letty Banzon Tecson, together with Effie, the wife of Ricky Yatco.  There were four other guests, namely, Gloria (the sister of Letty Banzon), Sally, wife of Ed Tameta, Rey and Jem (who presented  some business aspect on St Therese Columbary in Villamor Airbase).- Don Mejia"

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E-mail of Thanks From Fr. Reb and Latest Updates on His Recovery Phase

Oct. 2004 - Good news from Madrid, Spain.  Fr. Reb's recent surgery was a success and with God's help, he is on his way to full recovery.  The following e-mail messages from Fr. Reb expressed his gratitude for all our prayers:

"Sept. 30, 2004 - Greetings from Madrid. After spending a few days in the hospital, now I am at home. According to the doctors, the operation was successful and now I am in the process of recovering. For a few days more I will be fed by the tube. The doctors do not want to risk. The reconstruction of the esophagus is still tender and they prefer to wait rather than to spoil what had taken so many weeks. I hope they will remove the tube on October 6, when I will see my doctor. Then, I hope, I will start a normal feeding but with soft diet, and move later on to normal diet. I have not tried to speak, since the wall of the esophagus is still tender, so I will wait a few weeks to begin the speech exercises. I wish to thank you all for the prayers and support you have given me. May the good Lord repay you with abundant blessings. Love you, Fr. Reb"

"October 6, 2004 - Praise the Lord for He is merciful. This morning I went to see my doctor after I was discharged from the hospital on September 28. He removed the tube and told me to forget about the tube and begin to feed myself by the mouth. This week I will be on liquids only, because the tissues are still very tender, then, soft diet, and later on, if thing go well full diet. He was wondering about the speedy recovery and was asking me if I have special protector saint. I kept quiet, but in my mind I was sure that the prayers of so many friends, especially from the Philippines, have been the moving force behind it. According to the doctor, it is very rare that the reconstruction will stay in place at the first intervention, so much so that, often times, they have to repair the reconstruction three or four times. It is time for me to thank God for the many gifts he has given me, for the wonderful friends who prayed and accompanied me during my sickness. It is not yet over, but I think time will cure it all. Tomorrow, for the first time, in many months, I will be able to participate in the reception of the Holy Eucharist. I long for it. I do hope It will give me a renewed spirit to continue working for God. From the bottom of my heart, my gratitude and prayers. Bless you.- Fr. Reb"

"Oct. 22, 2004 - Greetings from Madrid. Thank you for your encouragement. It is October 22 two days after I went to see my Doctor, Dr. Vergara. He saw the progress of the cure and was very happy. I have surpassed the post-operation treatment. I am now in normal diet except for red meet. For this I have to wait a little longer. He also allowed me to begin the exercises to recover the speech. I began to make some basic exercises but the voice is nil or very soft. I do not get discourage. I know that this will take time and it will imply a lot of exercises and dedication. The skin of the esophagus needs to develop some elasticity in order to vibrate and make some kind of sound that later on I have to modulate. I know the technique but the physical conditions have changed and to recover than elasticity will imply a lot of exercises and patience. I feel happy and thank God because little by little I am regaining the normality as far as it could be. I wish I could reply to all who in their ways have help me in these difficult months. I do hope, God will take care of it. Bless you, Fr. Reb"

As Dulce Sabino commented in her e-mail, there is  power in collective prayer and good wishes.  Let us therefore continue praying for Fr. Reb's full recovery.

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Request for Prayers for the Success of the Second Surgery of Fr. Rebollo

Sept. 9, 2004 - Dulce Sabino forwarded the  recent e-mail messages between her and Fr. Rebollo to give us an update on Fr. Reb's medical condition.  Last June, as we have posted in our website, Fr. Reb underwent a surgical operation on his throat.  He is scheduled for another operation on September 21 (Tuesday).  Here is the text of Fr. Reb's two e-mail messages to Dulce:

"Sept. 7, 2004 - Thank you for your email and for your prayers. It is nice to hear from you and to know that you still remember that old priest who was with you in High School. Yesterday I went to see my doctor, Dr. Vergara, the one who operated on me. He was very pleased when he saw the wound. He was exclaiming. “This is very well, excellent…” Then, he said. “Well, this is ready for closing.” That was a great relief, since my feelings were negative. I process the papers to be admitted in the hospital. Now I am waiting for the calling from the hospital to tell me the day of the surgical operation. It will be a relief since that means to return to be fed normally by my mouth, to stop the continuous cleaning of the saliva that comes out from the wound, and eventually, in due time, to regain the power to talk. Now I look at the end of the tunnel because I see the light on the days to come. Please keep praying for the success of this second operation and that I come to accept the will of God. Bless you.- Fr. Reb"

"Sept. 14, 2004 - Thank you for your email, words of encouragement and, most of all, your prayers. As I was entering the convent from my daily cure in the health center Virgen del Cortijo, the porter told me that there was a call from the hospital Puerta de Hierro. We return the call and they informed us that I should be at the hospital on Friday, September 17, for consultation with the Doctor and for the last instructions before the operation which will take place on Tuesday, September 21. They did not give me the time. I am glad that this will soon be over. Please pray that everything will come out fine and according to the expectations of the doctor. Bless you. - Fr. Reb"

Let us all pray that Fr. Reb's second operation will be as successful as the previous one and that God will give him the grace to fully recover.  For those who would want to send words of cheer and encouragement to Fr. Reb, his e-mail address is

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From Manny Aquino -Thanks For Your Prayers

Aug. 2004 - We received an e-mail from Manny Aquino informing us of the latest developments on his health:
     "Greetings from Hawaii! I had my endoscopy a week ago and the results were very encouraging. The doctor said that he couldn't see the ulcers anymore, took a biopsy, and the results were negative of cancer. I can now say I am completely healed. Thanks a million for all the prayers. That was all I needed. Praise the Lord!"

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Bienvenida Party for Cherry & Rosalinda

Aug. 10, 2004 - Elizabeth "Baby" Balatbat De Guzman hosted a bienvenida party last August 8, 2004 (Sunday) at her residence in Corinthian Gardens, Quezon City, for two balikbayan batchmates - Cherry Roque Ramirez and Rosalinda Po Ruisla.  Despite the heavy afternoon rains, thirty one batchmates braved the downpour to welcome Cherry and Rosalinda.  The party started at around 4:00 p.m. and ended at 9:30 p.m. Baby prepared heavy merienda consisting of Pancit Malabon, lumpia ubod, barbeque, guinatang saging at kamote, and lugaw with tokwa.  The group took the opportunity to talk about raising funds for the next soup kitchen and for baskets of groceries as give-aways to the poor, similar to what was done last December 2003.  The batchmates who were present made voluntary contributions, which totaled about P8,500, for the said worthwhile project. Towards night time,  they had a mini session of ballroom dancing. The guys, having been outdanced by the ladies, promised to start learning some dance steps as soon as possible.

Here are some pictures taken during the bienvenida, courtesy of Lody Ramos. (Please click the pictures to view an enlarged version)

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Prayers for the Eternal Repose of Benny Guidote

July 2004 - In our prayers, let us include Benny Guidote who passed away last June 9, 2004 at the age of 52.  Our batchmate, Ricky Yatco, a close friend of Benny since their elementary days, relayed the sad news.  Reports are still sketchy as to the details of Benny's death.  The results of the initial investigations made by our batchmates revealed that Benny was brought by the police to the National Orthopedic Hospital  last June 9, where he was declared dead on arrival. From the hospital, Benny's body was brought by the police to the funeral parlor of Heart and Mary in San Mateo near Fairview, Quezon City.  We would like to acknowledge  the help of Manny Villafuerte, an adopted member of Batch'68, who was instrumental in locating Benny's remains. 

A memorial mass for Benny was held last July 31, 2004 at 9 a.m. at Sta. Teresita Church ( beside Ricky Yatco's house in Mayon, Quezon City).  Last August 17, 2004, Benny was buried in a public cemetery in Novaliches, Quezon City, thru the assistance of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Odette Ko, in her e-mail, recalls Benny's last few days - "Benny was a prayerful man. Every morning and afternoon, he sat in his usual spot at Lourdes Church. He never bothered people. The staff at church remembered him as a very gentle, quiet man."  Our only consolation in his recent demise is that Benny is now in a better place and has found peace and complete repose in the arms of our Creator.

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Initial Plans for the December 4, 2004 Reunion

July 27, 2004 - An organizational meeting was again held last July 25, 2004 (Saturday) in Ricky Yatco's house.  Considering the short notice for the meeting (only two days prior to the set date), the attendance was quite impressive.  The meeting was attended by twenty one  batchmates namely, Don Mejia, Baby Balatbat, Carlos Corsiga, Letty Banzon, Ricky Yatco, Ofelia Ramirez, John Tan, Lourdes Ko, Noel King, William Lim, Jun Tullao, Ed Alimagno, George Tadena, Ed Adriatico, Danny Diy, Jimmy Guieb, Marlyn Molano, Peter So, Nestor Dobles, Alex Noda and Benny Ang.    This time, more concrete plans for the coming December 4 reunion were made.  The initial plans can be found in the Plans and Programs page of our website.

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Class '68 Reunion On December 4, 2004

June 20, 2004 - Don Mejia has just informed us of a planned batch reunion  on December 4, 2004.  An organizational meeting was held last June 19,2004 (Saturday) at 5 p.m.  at the residence of Ricky Yatco at Mayon Street.  The initial plans for the reunion will be announced later in this website.  For our foreign-based batchmates, please take note of the date (Dec. 4) so you can include it in your itinerary when you visit the Philippines.

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Our Website Listed at Yahoo and Google.Com

June 2004 - Our website was recently included in Yahoo and Google.Com.  You can search for it under the name - UST High School Class of '68.  In addition, all of our batchmates who submitted their profiles have been separately listed in Google. Since access to the Profiles page of our website is open to anyone,  we have decided, for security reasons,  to remove the year of birth and exact address of our batchmates.  If you want us to remove other information in your profile, please e-mail us at or

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Request For Prayers For The Speedy Recovery and Complete Healing of Manny Aquino

June 2004 - We received news that our batchmate, Manny Aquino, was recently hospitalized due to massive internal bleeding caused by gastric ulcer.  In the e-mail sent by Manny to our batchmate, Don Mejia, he recounted the recent ordeal he went through:

"I have been on sick bay for two weeks.  I was hospitalized for 5 days (2 days at ICU) for massive bleeding (gastric ulcer). My doctor said I  lost 1/3 of my blood. Overwhelming prayers kept me alive. Six bags of  blood transfusion on my body, that's a lot. But,  yes, I am recovering ..... not fully yet. I easily  get tired ..... but slowly getting there." - Manny Aquino

Let us all pray for the complete healing and full recovery of Manny.

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Condolence to the Family of Mr. Edilberto Balingit

June 2004 - Our condolence to the family of our former high school professor, Mr. Edilberto Balingit, who died in the grace of God last June, 2004 in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Balingit used to teach Economics to the UST High School Boys.  According to Albert Buenviaje, the things he learned from Mr. Balingit's class were one of the major factors in his decision to take up Economics as his major in college. We are sure that in one way or another, Mr. Balingit had been an inspiring influence in the lives of his former students.
       Mr. Balingit is survived by his widow,  and his children, one of whom is our batchmate, Antonietta Balingit.  His ashes were brought home to Manila, for interment,  by his widow.  Let us all pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Mr. Balingit.

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Request For Prayers For The Successful Surgery of  Fr. Rebollo

June 2004 - Our batchmate Willy Yu forwarded the e-mail of Rev. Fr. Maximiliano Rebollo O.P., our former UST High School Assistant Father Director, who is requesting for prayers for a successful throat surgery which he will undergo this month.  Here is the text of Fr. Rebollo's e-mail:

     "Really,I do not know how to begin this e-mail. But let us begin with the good news. It is Saturday, June 5 the 45th anniversary of my ordination. This morning at mass I was remembering that day when the bishop of Washington, D.C. imposed his hands upon my head for my priestly ordination. Thanksgiving day, a day of joy and confidence. 45 years as priest, 45 years of special graces, 45 years serving the altar. 45 years that God has given me to partake in the priesthood of His Son, Jesus Christ. Lord, Thank you.

       Now, let us move to the reason why I need your prayers. You see, I have finished the preliminary stages to undergo the biopsy in the esophagus and surgical operation. A few weeks ago I felt something in the upper part of the esophagus. I went to the doctor who thought they were fungus, so he gave me medication against fungus. When I returned after a week, the fungi were gone but still there was a reddish part. He was not happy about it and I started to go from one step to another. When I finished all the preparatory analysis I went to see the doctor he was gone. I saw him the following week and I signed the papers and he instructed me about the operation and procedure.

         You may be wondering and asking, Father, how do you feel these days before the surgical operation? Concern, yes; worry, no. I learned long ago to put all my trust in God. I know that everything comes as a sign of love from God, even when we do not see what is behind it. I hope Mama Mary will accompany me during my stay in the operating room and the days to come. I hope she will take care of me as she took care of Jesus. What I try to tell you is that I feel at peace. Pray that I may know how to accept the will of God in me. Bless you." - Fr. Reb

Let us all pray for the complete healing and full recovery of Fr. Rebollo.

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Condolence to the Family of Mrs. Araceli M. Murillo

June 2004 - Our condolence to the family of our former Asst. Principal, Mrs. Araceli M. Murillo, who died in the grace of God last May 26, 2004.  In addition to her Asst. Principal position, Mrs. Murillo also taught Geometry in fourth year high school.  Daily masses were celebrated for her at the Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City, from May 31 up to June 5, 2004 at 8:00 a.m.   Last June 6, 2004 (Sunday),  a memorial mass was held at 2:00 p.m. in the same church.

Our batchmate Dulce Sabino has captured, in her e-mail,  all our feelings of affection for Mrs. Murillo and our sorrow over her death.    "I was sad to hear about Mrs. Murillo.  She was like a mother to me.  Behind her stern exterior, she had a heart of gold.  I will remember her with warm fondness.  Yet, we all move on, after a moment of silence in profound respect."

Let us all pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Mrs. Murillo.

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Art Exhibit Featuring Odette's Work

June 2004 - Last June 12, 2004, our batchmate Odette Wallace (Lourdes Ko) was one of the featured artists in an art exhibit during the Philippine Independence Day celebration at Crown Hotel , Sutter St. San Francisco, California. Odette  featured her artworks in oil and acrylic which she painted  in her Napa Valley home. One of her art works  displayed was a 24 X 36 painting of the fall scene taken from the cocktail room of Auberge d' Soleil with a view of the Silverado Trail and the vineyards surrounding the hotel. 

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Bienvenida for Baby Balatbat De Guzman

May 2004 -Our California-based batchmates had another get together last May 16, 2004 in Enrie Samson Sabio's house in Antioch, California.  This time, the said gathering was also intended as a bienvenida for Baby Balatbat De Guzman, who attended a wedding in the U.S.  Enrie's e-mail described in detail their afternoon of fun, singing and dancing: 

"Once again, we had a fun get-together.  Thanks to the  following for making our party enjoyable: Baby, Odette, Freya, Olivia, Socit, Cherry, Helen, Cynthia, Ray, Chito Cardenas,  Chito Zuniga, Gurmel.   Francis and Mike Illescas. (Of course, thanks to all the spouses that came too.)

To those of you that were not present, we spent the first part of the afternoon socializing after lunch then karaoke started. Helen was our soloist and the back-up singers/dancers were Cherry, Freya, Odette, Baby and myself. (Although the back-up singers had their share of songs too.) Medyo pina-hiram naman namin ang microphone sa mga guys kaya Francis had his chance to share his good voice; hindi pumayag magpa-talo si Gurmel and so did the two Chitos. By the way, Ray was a back-up singer too.  Dancing was next, led by our ballroom dancers Ray and Odette. Everyone followed...Magaling din lahat.  Chito Cardenas & Gurmel ended the night by making all of us laugh with their jokes. They brought the house down!

Ok, happening will be on June 12th.  We are planning to go out dancing this time for Odette's despedida. Iba talaga ang high school, especially the 'USTHS Batch of '68'. Even if we had a gap for many years, it was very easy to re-connect with each other." - Enrie Samson Sabio

Rey Protacio's e-mail to Enrie also talked about the fun time they all had:  "Thanks so much for hosting our reunion again, it was really an experience more than worth having.  WOW!!!!!!!!! Our group here is getting bigger and I think  we should maintain this  group by keeping in touch with each other often and hoping that it will be bigger.  Iba talaga ang high school, even the ladies that we have met for the first  time, mabilis na-build ang rapport, iba talaga ang  HS spirit.  Freya Halili from Dallas and Baby Balatbat from the Philippines, si Olive and Socit, everybody  was so happy, nangawit na sa kangingiti at kakatawa. " -  Rey Protacio

Here are some pictures of their get-together.  (Please click the picture to view an enlarged version.)

Seated from L-R: Cherry Roque Ramirez, Cynthia Principe Hocson, Helen Pacis Raffer and Freya Halili Wendling.

Standing from L-R: Francis Magsaysay, Chito Zuniga, Rey Protacio, Baby Balatbat De Guzman, Olive Tiburcio, Enrie Samson Sabio, Chito Cardenas and Odette Ko Wallace

Pretty girls in a row: L-R: Olive Tiburcio, Helen Pacis Raffer, Cherry Roque Ramirez, Enrie Samson Sabio, Baby BalatbatDe Guzman, Cynthia Principe Hocson, Freya Halili Wendling and Odette Ko Wallace

Singing some 60's hits - Odette Wallace, Francis Magsaysay, Helen Raffer and Rey Protacio

Odette, Rosie (Chito Zuniga's wife), Freya, Helen and Normie (Chito Cardenas' wife)

Front (L-R): Chito C., Freya, Odette, Cherry, Enrie & Baby

Back (L-R): Francis, Rey, Chito Z., Olive, Socit, Gurmel, Cynthia & Helen

From L-R: Francis Magsaysay, Chito Zuniga., Mike Illescas (Class of '67) and Leny Sabio

Seated (L-R): Chito Cardenas, Olive Tiburcio, Baby De Guzman, Helen Raffer, Cynthia Hocson & Cherry Ramirez

Standing (L-R): Odette Wallace, Enrie Sabio, Chito Zuniga & Freya Wendling

Seated in 1st row: Baby, Cherry & Socit; 2nd row- Odette, Helen, Freya and Cynthia: Enrie (standing)

Boys at the back: Chito Z., Chito C., Gurmel, Rey and Francis

Seated (L-R): Odette, Baby and Danny De Guzsman and their nephew

Standing (L-R): Ricky Princepe (Cynthia's brother), Enrie and Rey

Seated: Helen Raffer and Rosie Zuniga

Standing (L-R): Enrie Sabio, Chito and Normie Cardenas, Socit De Jesus

From L-R: Chito C., Enrie, Socit, Evie Singh, Gurmel, Chito Z., & Francis

From L-R: Robert, Olive, Enrie & Socit

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Freya and Baby Visit Odette at Napa Valley

May 2004 - Freya Halili Wendling and Baby Balatbat De Guzman visited Odette at her Napa Valley home last May 14-16, 2004.  In her recent e-mail, Odette narrated the wonderful time they spent together:

"Baby Balatbat visited me here at Napa Valley last May 14 while Freya arrived May 16 and stayed for four nights. Freya and I went for early morning walks every day while recalling sad and happy memories. At one time, while going up the hills behind my house, Freya and I felt really weird. It was like we were feeling something ...and hearing somebody's laughter. We felt Emily's presence. We truly missed her and of course she made sure she was in our every "lakad" especially while at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Emily loved to eat so we saved a little bit for her. Rey Protacio joined us one day and became our official photographer. He also escorted us to a ballroom place. It was fun too when we joined everybody last Sunday for a get-together at Enrie Samson Sabio's house. Her husband Len is such a gracious host to a group who wanted to sing, dance, eat and tell jokes in one afternoon. We really had a ball recalling and retelling those high school memories once more. I must say that the spirit of '68 is alive, strong and here to stay." - Odette Ko Wallace

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A Reunion of Old Friends

May 2004 - After more than twenty years, our batch mates Olive Tiburcio and Socit De Jesus, who both live in the West Coast finally found each other. They were not only high school batch mates but were also grade school classmates from UST Elementary School and college barkada from UST College of Commerce as well. They were able to get each other's contact numbers thru our website. We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Joji Pangilinan in tracking down our batchmates like Olive Tiburcio, Tisha Reyes, Merle Cruz, etc.

The e-mail sent by Olive recounts their meeting: " As you can see, Socit and I did not waste too much time. We met for lunch last Saturday (May 1, 2004) and tried to cram about 30 years of information in 2 hours. It was great seeing her and catching up on years and years of news. We reminisced mostly, about the good old UST days. We had a wonderful time, short but sweet. But hey, now that we know where each other is, there are no more excuses. We will find time to get together. It's only the beginning, there's still a lot more to catch up on. Socit and I vowed to keep in touch." - Olive Tiburcio

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Condolence to DENR Sec. Bebet Gillera Gozun and Family

May 2004 - Our condolence to our batchmate DENR Secretary Bebet Gillera Gozun, whose husband Conrado C. Gozun, passed away in the grace of our Lord, last May 24, 2004,  at the age of 53.  Prior to his demise, Mr. Gozun was a Director and Senior Vice-President of Halifax Davao Hotel Inc. and Linden Suites Inc.  He is survived by Bebet and their two children, Karla and Jose Antonio.  His remains were cremated last May 27, 2004 at the Loyola Memorial Crematorium in Guadalupe, Makati City.

Let us all pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Conrado Gozun.

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Request For Prayers For The Speedy Recovery and Complete Healing of Teresita "Tisha" Reyes Nixon

April 2004 - We received an e-mail from Tisha Reyes (now Mrs. Nixon) from Vancouver, Canada, who just visited our web site. (You can view the full text of Tisha's e-mail in our Guest Book page.) Thanks to the tireless efforts of Joji Pangilinan Linan and Marie  Rañoa Roque, we are able to establish communication with our long lost batchmates like Tisha and Merle Cruz (now Mrs. Encarnacion).

If you will recall, Tisha was the President of the Girls' Student Council in 1967-68, and Class President from first year up to fourth year high school of Section IV-E.  At present, Tisha is the Director/Founder of Aquinas Institute, a private, government-registered, service-oriented organization based in British Columbia, Canada.  The company is involved in adult education and training, court interpretation, publishing, management of conferences, events and pilgrimages, and project management.

In her e-mail, Tisha informed us that she is presently recovering from a breast cancer surgery done last September 2003. Let us all pray for the speedy recovery and complete healing of Tisha. Our Lord promised that when two or more are gathered in His name, He will be in their midst. Although we may not be physically together, let our joint voices in prayer storm the gates of heaven for Tisha's healing.

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A Gathering of California-Based Batch Mates

March 2004 - Last March 27, 2004, a group of California-based UST High School batchmates had a get-together at the residence of Enrie and Lenie Sabio in Antioch, California.  The following were present:  Cherry and Sonny Ramirez, Cynthia and Toti Hocson, Helen Pacis Raffer, Helen Paraffina & Jim Hankins, Odette and John Wallace, Chito & Normie Cardenas, Vic Carreon, Gurmel Singh, Ray Protacio and Mike Illescas (Class of '67).  Mike's family is very close to Enrie's family.  Mike is the brother of our batchmate Josie Illescas.

The party started at 12:00 noon and lasted till around 10:45 p.m.  They sang, danced and exchanged jokes.  Ray Protacio, who is a very good ballroom dancer, was up in his feet the whole night dancing with the girls, who all loved to dance.  Chito Cardenas, Vic Carreon, Mike Illescas and Lenie Sabio also showed their dancing prowess.  "Ang saya, saya, puro kalog pa din".  The group plans on having another party when Baby Balatbat arrives in May, if her schedule permits.  They hope that more people can come. - Enrie Samson Sabio

Here are some pictures of the party.  (Please click the picture to view an enlarged version.)

Seated (L-R): Cherry Roque Ramirez, Odette Ko Wallace & Helen Pacis Raffer; Standing (L-R): Enrie Samson Sabio, Helen Parafina Hankins & Cynthia Prinsipe Hocson

Seated (L-R): Odette Ko Wallace, Cynthia Prinsipe Hocson & Chito Cardenas; 2nd Row (L-R): Helen Pacis Raffer, Cherry Roque Ramirez, Enrie Samson Sabio & Helen Parafina Hankins; Back (L-R): Ray Protacio, Gurmel Singh, Vic Carreon & Mike Illescas

Gurmel Singh belting some love songs accompanied by Helen Pacis Raffer, Cherry Roque Ramirez & Helen P. Hankins

The Mamas & Papas - Normie Cardenas, Odette Wallace, Vic Carreon, Chito Cardenas & Enrie Samson Sabio

Front (L-R): Helen Hankins, Cynthia Prinsipe Hocson, Helen Pacis Raffer, and Lenie Sabio; 2nd Row (L-R): Toti Hocson, Odette Wallace, Enrie Sabio, Cherry & Sonny Ramirez; 3rd Row (L-R): Gurmel Singh, John Wallace, Normie Cardenas; Back (L-R): Chito Cardenas, Ray Protacio & Vic Carreon

Seated (L-R): Odette Wallace, Vic Carreon & Chito Cardenas; 2nd Row (L-R): Enrie Sabio, Cherry Ramirez, Cynthia Hocson, Helen Raffer, Helen & Jim Hankins; Back: Ray Protacio & Mike Illescas

The Inseparable Couples: Chito & Normie Cardenas, Enrie & Lenie Sabio, Cynthia & Toti Hocson, Helen & Jim Hankins

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Warm Welcome for Rey Protacio by Batch Mates from Bay Area

March 2004 - After staying for about 19 years in the East Coast, Rey Protacio finally decided to stay in the Bay Area. He is now residing in San Ramon, CA, a beautiful town about an hour from San Francisco. Chito Cardenas gave Rey a welcome party at his place attended by Vic Carrion, Francis and Joey Magsaysay and Chito Zuñiga.

The group will have a bigger reunion on March 27 at Enri Samson Sabio's house in Antioch, CA. A bigger attendance is expected  which will include most of the  Bay Area based batchmates namely: Fely Aglugub, Cynthia Principe, Helen Pacis, Cherry Roque, Vic Carrion, Francis Magsaysay, Demos Punsalan, Rey Protacio, Mike Illescas (Class 67), Gurmel Singh and Chito Cardenas. Two batchmates, Chito Zuñiga and Joey Magsaysay will not be able to attend.  Chito Z. might still be in Manila by that time while Joey M. has work on week ends. - Chito Cardenas

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Condolence to the Family of Benjie Zamora

March 2004 - Our condolence to the family of our batchmate Benjamin "Benjie" S. Zamora who died in the grace of our Lord, on March 1, 2004 at the age of 54.  His remains were cremated last March 4, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. at Loyola Memorial Chapels in Guadalupe, Makati City.

A group of High School Class '68 batchmates went to Benjie's wake last March 3, 2004 (evening). 

Let us all pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Benjie.

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Get-Together of High School Girls based in California

February 2004 - Last February 28, 2004, Enrie Samson Sabio hosted a  party for her husband, Lenie Sabio's 50th birthday at their daughter's residence in CA.  Her high school barkada composed of Fely Aglugub Hannan, Cherry Roque Ramirez, Cynthia Principe Hocson and Helen Pacis Raffer joined in the birthday celebration. - Enri Samson Sabio

Here are some pictures of their get-together.  (Please click the picture to view an enlarged version.)

From L-R: Fely Aglugub Hannan, Cherry Roque Ramirez, Enrie Samson Sabio, Helen Pacis Raffer & Cynthia Principe Hocson

From L-R: Enrie Samson Sabio Fely Aglugub Hannan, Cherry Roque Ramirez, Cynthia Principe Hocson & Helen Pacis Raffer

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UST High School Grand Reunion

February 2004 - The 76th UST High School Grand Alumni Homecoming,  was held last February 21, 2004 (Saturday) at the Manila Floating Hotel and Restaurant.  The affair was hosted by the Class of 1954, led by Solicitor General Alfredo Benipayo, a UST High School alumnus.  The Batch of '68 was represented by DENR Secretary Bebet Gillera Gozun, Lourdes Ko Wallace, Baby Balatbat De Guzman, Lourdes Ramos, Estela Natividad Arambulo, Don Mejia and Jun Tullao.

Lourdes Ko won the best dancer award when she danced the tango with a D.I.. Bebet Gillera Gozun, inspite her busy schedule as cabinet secretary, took the time out to attend the affair.  The group had a lot of fun with Bebet, who they found to be still very "kalog".  It was also an evening of meeting former batchmates who have long left our country for foreign shores like Estella Natividad Arambulo who  is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Here are some pictures taken during the homecoming night. Please click the pictures to enlarge.

From L-R: Jun Tullao, Lourdes Ko Wallace, Lody Ramos, Baby Balatbat De Guzman, Bebet Gillera Gozun and Don Mejia (Taken Outside the Floating Hotel)

Photo Session with Solicitor General Alfredo Benipayo. From L-R: Jun Tullao, Odette Wallace, Baby De Guzman, Sol.Gen Benipayo, Bebet Gozun & Don Mejia

From L-R: Susan Natividad (Class '69), Jun Tullao, Odette Wallace, Baby De Guzman, Bebet Gozun, Estella Natividad, Don Mejia, Lody Ramos & Ed Diaz (Class '69)

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Possible Fate of UST High School

February 2004 - We have received some disturbing news of plans that will affect the existence of our dear Alma Mater - UST High School. In an e-mail of  Fr. John Funelas, UST High School Regent, to Ms. Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa of Batch '78, he informed Ms. Gamboa that the  Father Rector has already formed a committee to study possibilities on what to do with the current UST High School.  Among the options being considered are the following:

  1. Reduce the student population;

  2. Transfer UST High School  to Isabel Building;

  3. Phase-out UST High School and start a new UST-Benavides High School which will be autonomous from the university. 

According to Fr. John, the Commission on Higher Education has mandated that basic education (elementary and high school) be separated from the campus of tertiary schools.

As USTHS alumni,   our batch  can help lobby for the continued existence of our Alma Mater.

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Latest Developments on the Plight of Benny Guidote

January 2004 - Since our batchmates found Benny last December 2003 living in the streets of Retiro,  within the vicinity of Lourdes Church in Quezon City, the group composed of Ricky Yatco, Caloy Corsiga, Manuel Manuel, Odette Wallace, Tessa Sierra and Manny Villafuerte (an honorary member of Batch' 68) have been in constant dialogue with Benny.   During one visit, they noticed that Benny had a wound in the head which he said he sustained when another person hit him.  Then last New Year's eve, Benny was hit by a car and had a sprain on his hip and his ankle was swollen.  In both occasions, he refused any attempt for him to be brought to a doctor and maintained that his wounds just needed "natural healing". 

Our batchmates have been trying to convince Benny to accept their offer of help for him to be rehabilitated and live in safer and more decent surroundings rather than living in the streets.  In fact, Odette has already made arrangements with the Sisters of Mercy in Victoria Homes, Muntinlupa City. The compound where the nuns are staying is quite big and has an orchard, a tilapia fishpond, and poultry.  It also serves as a home for the orphans and the aged and has a school for early learners. The nuns have agreed to take in Benny and have already reserved a room for him with a toilet next to their library and chapel. 

Last January 11, 2004 (Sunday), Benny finally agreed to be brought to Muntinlupa.  Prior to this, Odette brought him to a beauty parlor somewhere in Mayon to clean him up.  He had a shampoo and haircut, and had a much needed manicure and pedicure (his nails were 2-1/2 inches long).  So when Benny finally agreed to go to the Sisters of Mercy, Ricky Yatco, Caloy Corsiga, Odette Wallace, Tessa Sierra and Manny Villafuerte went with him to see to it that he will be comfortable in his new surroundings.  When they reached the place, Benny asked: "Where are the unwed mothers?"  The group tried their best to make Benny at ease in his new surroundings.  They brought along a picnic basket and had some food and drinks.  However, when sunset came, and they were about to leave, Benny refused to let them go and insisted that they have another "one for the road", to which they acceded.  Finally when it was already quite late in the night and the group had to leave, Benny refused to be left behind and told Ricky :"Pre, ikaw na lang dito, maloloko ako if I live here.  Ako na lang dadalaw sa iyo."  Benny even told them that he misunderstood them and thought that they were just going on a picnic that's why he agreed to go with them.  Since they cannot leave Benny behind against his will, Caloy and Ricky had no choice but to bring him back in Atok St., in Quezon City, (where he sometimes stay in front of their old house which has been converted into a multi storey building by the new owners). 

Although they have encountered a setback in their attempt to help Benny, the group has not given up hope.  We just have to wait until Benny is willing and ready to accept the help being extended to him.

Here are some pictures of Benny Guidote.  Please click the pictures to enlarge.

Benny inside a beauty parlor in Mayon, Q.C., where he had a shampoo, haircut, manicure and pedicure.

Taken at the entrance to the compound of the Sisters of Mercy in Victoria Homes, Muntinlupa. (From L-R: Caloy Corsiga, Manny Villafuerte, Ricky Yatco,

Benny in a pensive mood. He used to sport a very long hair until Tessa Sierra gave him a free haircut.

The first time we saw Benny smile. This picture was taken during our Christmas party in the Lourdes Church Parish Center, after the soup kitchen.

Benny in a jovial mood with Ricky Yatco.

Odette and Benny hitting the dance floor during our Christmas Party.


Year 2003 News

A Mini-Reunion Hosted by  Chito Cardenas

December 2003 - Chito Cardenas hosted a mini-reunion last December 14, 2003 for Rey Protacio who came from the East Coast.  Those who attended were Vic Carrion, Chito Zuniga, Demos Punzalan ( a new found batchmate whom they have not seen for 35 years) and Mike Illescas of UST High School Batch '67.  The party started at 1:30 p.m. and lasted till 11:30 p.m.  Everyone had a good time.  Rey Protacio was quite a revelation.  He was a very good ballroom dancer and he taught the group the latest dance steps in swing, cha-cha and others.  His dancing partner was Chito's wife, Normie. - Chito Cardenas

Pictures to follow.

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A Reunion at Odette's Napa Valley Home

May 2003 - Odette Wallace (Lourdes Ko) hosted a get-together of US-based UST High School Batch '68 graduates in her Napa Valley home in California last May 31, 2003.   Long before this, our US-based batchmates have been seeing each other and visiting each other's homes, led by Chito Cardenas, a party animal who loves to cook, eat and organize get-togethers.  Chito works for Mission Bank in San Francisco.  Most of the US-based high school ladies who attended the get-together also work in various banks.   Those who were able to go to  Odette's home, aside from Chito were  Gurmel Singh, Jun Tantoco (who flew in from Chicago), Jun Zuñiga, Francis Magsaysay, and Vic Carrion.  Among the girls,  there were Helen Pacis Raffer, Enriquetta Samson, Cynthia Prinsipe, Cherry Roque and Fely Aglugub who all belong to the same section in high school and are now living in the Bay area. - Odette Ko Wallace

The pictures below show the reunion in Odette's place. (Please click the picture to view an enlarged version.)        

Front (Girls from L-R): Helen Pacis Raffer, Enrie Samson Sabio, Odette Ko Wallace, Fely Aglugub Hannan, Cynthia Principe Hocson & Cherry Roque Ramirez

Back (Boys from L-R): Chito Cardenas, Chito Zuniga, Vic Carrion, Jun Tantoco, Gurmel Singh & Francis Magsaysay

From L-R: Helen Pacis Raffer, Cynthia Principe Hocson, Enrie Samson Sabio, Cherry Roque Ramirez, A Guest, Fely Aglugub & Odette Ko Wallace

Boys From L-R: Gurmel Singh, Chito Zuniga, Francis Magsaysay, Chito Cardenas & Vic Carrion

Girls: Odette Ko Wallace & Helen Pacis Raffer (seated)

From L-R: Chito Zuniga, Chito Cardenas, Jun Tantoco, Gurmel Singh, Vic Carrion & Franscis Magsaysay

For more pictures, please visit click the sign in and use the following user ID: usths68 and Password: donsrequest

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Reunion in Montreal

May 2003 - Last May 2003, Helen Pacis Raffer, Dulce Sabino, Enrie Samson Sabio, Rosario "Cherry" Roque Ramirez,  Alegria "Lilli" Sta. Ines Gonzales, Cynthia Principe Hocson and Fely Aglugub Hannan had a splendid mini-reunion in Montreal, Canada.  Except for  Dulce who is based in Canada and Lilli who lives in the east coast DC area, the rest of the girls are all from Northern California. They often hold mini-reunions,  one of which was their Montreal trip last year. - Enri Samson Sabio

Here are the pictures of the girls' trip to Montreal. (Please click the picture to view an enlarged version.)

From L-R: Lilli Sta. Ines Gonzales, Cherry Roque Ramirez, Enrie Samson Sabio, Helen Pacis Raffer, Dulce Sabino, Cynthia Principe Hocson & Fely Aglugub Hannan

Front (L-R) - Fely Aglugub Hannan , Cherry Roque Ramirez & Lilli Sta. Ines Gonzales

Back (L-R)- Cynthia Principe Hocson., Enrie Samson Sabio, Helen Pacis Raffer, & Dulce Sabino

From L-R: Helen Pacis Raffer, Cynthia Prinsipe Hocson, Enrie Samson Sabio, and Cherry Roque Ramirez

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