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An Invitation From Reggie and Boy Nolasco

Dec. 1, 2008 -  Reggie and Boy Nolasco are inviting Batch'68 to celebrate with them  the Christmas Season in a Thanksgiving and Christmas Party on Dec. 20, Saturday at 7:00 p.m. to be held at the Philippine Merchant Marine School (PMMS) in San Antonio Valley, Barangay Talon, Zapote, Las Pinas (right across PureGold and after SM Southmall, if coming from SLEX).  Reggie and Boy, together with the staff of PMMS, would like to share with our Batch, the many blessings that God has showered them.  To provide entertainment during the festivities, they have invited the Spirit of '67 to perform.

 Reggie and Boy have generously offered to provide transportation to their place.  A bus with a seating capacity of 60 persons, will pick up batch mates from Ricky Yatco's residence at 5:30 p.m.

Considering the present economic conditions, our batch will forego our usual annual Christmas get-together this year.  Instead, thru the generosity of Reggie and Boy, we will have our Christmas get-together that evening.  So we hope a good number of batch mates will attend. 

Thanks  Reggie and Boy for the warm invitation.  More power to both of you and to PMMS!

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Need help for  batchmate  Zeny Eiaw

October 29, 2008 -  "I just received a text from Zeny's sister. According to her, Zeny has been in the hospital since Oct. 18. After a breakfast meeting, she slumped in the car and became comatose. She's still in the ICU up to now. The family is asking for prayers for her speedy recovery, and if possible, some financial assistance. Any amount shall be truly appreciated.

We will send you details on how to remit your contributions. Thanking you in advance" - Baby Balatbat-de Guzman

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SoCal Batch Welcomed 3 Batch mates last Oct. 18th

Oct. 20, 2008 - Once again SoCal group pulled together to welcome two Manila batch mates, Ed Alimagno and Joey Crisostomo and a new member, Bach Cuyugan.  Bach is now a SoCal resident.  Ed and Joey are here in the Southland for a (separate) wedding.  We treated them to an Asian buffet.  Unfortunately, not all were able to come.  But the few who did, made the evening a fun gathering.  Raffy & Lottie Eusebio couldn’t join us for dinner.  Instead, they hosted an after-dinner coffee (with a fruit tray, cheese & crackers, a cake & wine) at their Glendora home.  Pancho Tabora caught up with us there.  PRESENT:  Ernie Morales, Jayvee Omana, Junnie Navarro, Gus Estrada, Cesar Balbontin & wife, Lynne, Cory Gillera, Josie Larida- Bacud  & me (a total of 14 @ dinner counting Ed’s nephew, who was our camera man.)  Herewith are photos from Jayvee’s digital cam. - Bing Macavinta

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Bing:  Photos>>>>

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Condolence to Ed Alimagno and Family

Oct. 13, 2008 -  Our condolence to Ed Alimagno and his family on the death of their father, retired Judge Constancio Alimagno, Sr.,last Tuesday, Oct. 7. He will be buried today in Cabuyao, Laguna. Let us all pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

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News From Home (In Pictures: July - Sept. 2008)

Sept. 22, 2008 - "Here are three-months worth of the batch pictures from Ed Adriatico's wake , Caloy and Liway's birthday, Freya's visit, Gani Buenaflor's 30th anniversary of Diamond Fleet, and Ed Alimagno's birthday.....  I also want to thank batchmates because at such a short notice at the wake, I was able to collect 10,000 pesos which I gave Mrs. Adriatico that evening. What a generous batch! Thank you B68 and my cool gang.  Till then....." - Odette Wallace


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NorCal Batch Welcomes Bebet and Cory

Aug. 3, 2008 - Last Sunday ( August 10), the Nor-Cal batch' 68 got together once again to welcome Bebet Gozun and her sis Cory Gillera who flew in from L.A. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Bebet and Cory for the first time after graduating in high school. They of course immediately warmed up and got into the groove with our Nor-cal crowd. Joining us also for the occasion was Ernie who (again) flew in from L.A.

The party was hosted by Enrie and Lenie Sabio with their very lovely daughter Carla and Len’s mother Pauline, in their beautiful home in Antioch . The welcome party was well attended by: Chito Cardenas and wife Normie (who brought along their friend (Cynthia), Chito Zuniga and wife Rosie (who brought along Coco ), Cherry Ramirez and husband Sonny, Cynthia Hocson and Pete, Helen Raffer and Terry, Lynn Ruisla and husband Timo, Francis Magsaysay, Ernie Morales, Imelda Ilagan who brought her daughter Mel and her cute grand-daughter Sophia, and yours truly with my wife Donna.

Everyone brought their specialty dishes. We all enjoyed the good cooking of our batch who took their time to prepare delicious dishes and desserts. Enrie and her mom-in-law labored to prepare such delicious Filipino favorites like pancit malabon, sariwang lumpia and more.

Chito and Normie brought a tasty pot of beef mechado and several plates of leche flan. Yummm…Normie, you should be in the food catering business! Rosie Z also brought her special turon na saba. Others brought broiled catfish with veges, fish tempura and more.

The camaraderie of our batch once again proved it is getting better and stronger. After several hours of rendering their karaoke “gilas” and Chito C with his belly aching jokes, we switched to dancing and of course our DI wanna-bes were on the floor showing their smooth moves. Everyone had a good time as you can see in the happy faces of our batchmates and their significant others. I am looking forward to our next get together and hoping for a bigger and even better turn out. To our friends and batchmates who were unable to attend due to busy schedule or health reasons, we all missed you. So until the next time, take care and good health to everyone. - Albert Laguardia

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Al:  Photos>>>>>

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A Birthday Surprise For Bing

Aug. 3, 2008 - (Preface:  I honestly feel odd writing this for/about me. I've spoiled the guys here in taking care of the write-ups from the SoCal batch corner & so here I am designated by default to share how I spent my 2008 birthday .)

Back in June, Rose Labarda- Aquino emailed inviting me to a buffet dinner for my birthday @ the Anaheim Plaza Hotel, where her hubby, Manny works.  I thought it was a bit surprising that she did that 'cuz I just met her - though we clicked when we very 1st met - & I just didn't think/expect she would know when my birthday is.  Didn't give her an answer right away, but obviously I said yes.

July 31st rolled in, and I was to meet them at Mi Casita Grill Restaurant (which is across Disneyland).  She said between 6-7p.  I got there @ 6p.  She said there was no buffet that evening but the chef had prepared something special for the occasion. We were sitting @ the bar, when I saw Chito P walking towards the hotel & pointed him to Rose. I said, look who's here!   I thought that was odd that he's in the same area I was that night, but still didn't suspect anything.  When he came into the lobby, I made sure he saw me &  waved  motioning him to come to where Rose & I were.  I asked innocently & smilingly,"what are you doing here?"  "Do you have a date?"  He slipped & asked Rose, where Jayvee, Dolly were?  Just in that instant - I said OMG !  They planned a  surprise birthday for me- couldn't believe it .  I had no clue I simply thought I was having a nice dinner with Rose & Manny.

We went in & there was this nicely set long table with balloons.  Shortly, Jayvee & Evelyn Omana arrived & said,  Ernie & Dolly were going to be late (well for one they were coming from Los Angeles & all the major freeways are thick in traffic.)

Ernie, quite late, still managed to show up despite a mishap @ a job site, which caused the further delay. He is one loyal & dedicated Thomasian! We wondered about Dolly.  But I understood that it's an extremely long drive home for them on a week night, so we figured they gave up due to the traffic.  It turned out, she had the day mixed up.  She thought it was to be on Friday.  She couldn't believe missing it considering she's been greeting me all week long ---- a "senior moment" episode .

The dinner was beautiful - had a cake topped with fruits that Manny bought. They sang, took pictures. It was very touching that they did this for me & pulled it off .

I found out the next day that Jayvee master minded the whole thing.  Rose was the perfect choice to stage the whole thing.  I would have never suspected her to have something up her sleeves

What can I say - I am humbled & truly, truly, truly grateful to be surrounded by AWESOME friends Here are the pictures---- These pics are from Jayvee's cam, sends them to me with a note to kindly send them to Manila for posting- so.....) - Bing Macavinta

Click here to view a photo slideshow of Bing's birthday celebration: Photos>>>>>

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Vote For Philippine Wonders

July 24, 2008 - There's an on-going  worldwide  contest for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.  The contest which will run through December 2008,  will determine through popular votes (on-line votation only) the New 7 Wonders of Nature.  At present there are 77 nominees, of which four (4) Philippine sites are included - Underground River and Tubbataha Reef in Palawan, Chocolate Hills in Bohol and Mayon Volcano in Bicol.  On-line voting will run through December 31, 2008 and after that, the top 21 sites with the highest number of votes will undergo another round of popular voting.  For details, visit our webpage Vote for Philippine Wonders.

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July 16, 2008 -  Finally, we have placed our Veritas on-line.  Thanks to Ernie Morales for providing the scanned pages.   The link bar to our E-Veritas is included in the drop-down menu under About Us. 

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SoCal Batch Welcomed 2 Batch mates last July 12, 2008

July 15, 2008 - Although it was not our typical way of welcoming a new member, it was wonderful that two of our newly found batch mates joined us this past Sunday - Rosenna Carpio & Rose Labarda- Aquino. This coincided with our 1st committee meeting for the 2009 USA Reunion. We met at the Food Court in Puente Hills Mall in City of Industry. In addition, NY batch mate Andring Maranan was in town for a wedding & dropped in to say hello. The photos speak for themselves, so here they are- - - - Bing Macavinta

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Bing:   Photos>>>>

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Condolence to the Family of Edgar Adriatico

July 12, 2008 -  Our condolence to the family of our batchmate, Edgar A. Adriatico who succumbed to lung cancer last July 8 (Tuesday) at the age of 56.  Some of our batchmates were able to visit him last Feb. right after the batch outing and gave some financial assistance to Edgar to help defray the cost of treatment for his cancer which was diagnosed at stage IV.  Again, last night, our batch mates were on hand during Edgar's wake at Funeraria Paz in Quezon City, to condole with his family. His remains were cremated today.

  Let us all pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

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An Overnight Trip To Punta Fuego

July 2, 2008 - June 21, 2008, typhoon signal number 1 was raised in Metro Manila due to typhoon Frank. This did not deter a group of USTHS'68 batchmates from packing their bags and trooping to Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas for the long-awaited ovenight stay at Emma Ruivivar Yeung's resthouse at the beautiful and scenic rolling terrain of Punta Fuego.

Armed with so much food and merriment, the group, composed of Emma R. Yeung, Marisol L. Ibanez, Liway Geronimo, Jojo Panganiban, Julie Casis, Bhenie and Don Mejia, Teody and Gani Buenaflor, Ruby and John Tan plus son Junior, Reggie and Boy Nolasco and grandchild Angel, set out from Shell SLEX at 8:00 in.the morning. Ed A., Tony and Joey joined the convoy from Petron SLEX. Foggy Tagaytay was breathtaking and easy driving through the mist gave a romantic touch to an otherwise wet morning. It was only when the group met at Emma's resthouse that we learned that Emma and Marisol had been praying throughout the trip for good weather.

These two good-hearted souls must have a direct line to our Creator. There was sunshine when we finally reached Punta Fuego.

First stop was at the hilltop home of Marilen and Ovie Espiritu, Boy Nolasco's sister and brod-in-law. Super delicious "kakanin in a big bilao" courtesy of Jojo P. was served followed by coffee while taking in the breathtaking view from a terrace overlooking the sea. The narra floor, panelling and ceiling combined with antique pieces of furniture and comfortable easy chairs and lounging day bed and sofas facing the large panoramic windows sent Liway into ecstatic fits of awe.

Finally the group converged at the pristine white resthouse of Emma, whose Japanese inspired interior, decor and furniture were equally admired and appreciated by the batchmates. Five spacious bedrooms, each with toilet and bath, the house was understated in its simplicity but unwanting in luxury!!!

A passing fisherman was hailed by Ed and Joey and soon 3 large lobsters were on the kitchen table ready for cooking.

Lunch was served -- unagi, sotanghon, caldereta, adobo, california maki, leche flan, pineapple shake, salad, etc - which left us all practically exploding with sinful satisfaction... Coffee, irish coffee, personally brewed to perfection my Emma, was amazingly delicious with a 'moccaish' distintive flavor and aroma.. A masseuse brought along by Marisol completed the works by giving good hard massage to all those who wanted to relax and enjoy a blissful afternoon nap.

A promise of rain did not stop the more adventurous ones like Ruby and her son Junior, Boy, Reggie and grandchild Angel, Don, Julie, Marisol and Emma to take a dip in the waters of Long Beach. The water was warm under the rain and all the swimmers enjoyed cavorting in the water, playing highschoolish water games.Not even the plastics floating nearby , being washed ashore by the waves diminished the fun. Naturally environmentally conscious, even while having fun, the group started gathering all the plastics and trash on to the shore to do their own small share of caring for Mother Nature.

Ed, John, Joey and Tony tried the green of Punta Fuego's golf course. The strong rain in the late afternoon forced them to stop at the 9th hole.

Dinner time saw the table laden with more food... unagi, lobster, adobo, lengua, sotanghon, kani salad, tempura, organic green salad with different choices of dressing, etc. Bebet came after dinner and the birthday candle was lit for the three June celebrants. Bebet had to attend the centennial program of the UP where her mom is a participant. Even with the typhoon almost upon Batangas, she made good her promise to join the group at Punta Fuego.

After dinner, a game of Charade was hilariously played by the group. there was so much friendly teasing. The ladies challenged the gentlemen to another round of Charade and they gamely accepted their defeat with laughter and cheers. All were almost down on the floor rolling with uncontrolled mirth when Liway mimicked a mermaid for the ladies to guess the title of the TV series "Dyesebel".

Line dancing and mahjong games kept the night alive... but not enough to keep the batchmates from calling it a day and making their way to the bedrooms after midnight.. It was a foregone conclusion, literally falling asleep on their feet, ,,, after good food, heavenly massage, swimming under the pouring rain, and golfing....

Typhoon Frank descended on Punta Fuego at 4:00 a.m. and the electrical power was cut. Undaunted, the women, led by Marisol did a variety of exercises from tai-chi, pilates to belly dancing. The energetic Liway kept the laughter alive at the breakfast table inspite of the howling wind and non-stop rain. When the rain and wind abated at 11:00 a.m., the group decided to pack up and go home. Warm hugs and kisses were exchanged as the group profusely thanked Emma for her hospitality, graciousness and patience. - Reggie De Los Reyes Nolasco

Click here to view photos taken at Punta Fuego.  Photos>>>>

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2009 USA Reunion

June 27, 2008 - Our foreign-based batch mates, led by Bing Macavinta, are planning a grand USA Reunion in 2009 in Las Vegas.  The organizers are extending their invitation to all batch mates not only from the U.S. but also to our Manila-based and other foreign-based batch mates, who would really make the reunion a memorable event.  Hereunder is the invitation sent by Bing:


To the

(USTHS '68)

MAY 2, 2009
6:00pm - 11:00pm

Cost: $80.00 per person

Men: Business Casual (dinner Jacket)
Ladies:  Semi-Formal (cocktail or long)



bing macavinta
CHAIR - 2009 USA Reunion

Rey Protacio (NJ) - 732 599 0212  -
Cesar Fernandez (Can) - 416 502-0979 -
Jun Tantoco (Il) - 224-578-0131 -
Enrie Samson Sabio (NorCal) - 925-783-1326 -
Louie Acal Novenario (NorCal) - 510 277-2656 -
Ernie Morales (SoCal) - 818 389-0858 -


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An Appeal For Help for Benny Ang

June 27, 2008 -  John Tan is appealing to generous batch mates to help defray the cost of education of the children of Benny Ang, who up to now is in a comatose condition, due to a stroke he suffered a few years ago.  Quoted below are the two e-mails of John:

"6/27/2008 - Thank you so much and may God bless Anthony Dee for his generosity for giving free education as well as for housing the four children of our bed-ridden batch mate "Benny Ang" in his school in San Fernando, Pampanga.

Our batch mate Noel King, who had supported the prior year educational expenses for Benny Ang's 5 children is now appealing for contributions in any amount from whoever wants to help, for the books, uniform, school shoes and other expenses needed.

You may send your contributions to our treasurer "Baby Balatbat de Guzman".
Thank you and may every one of us be as kind as the two gentlemen. God Bless!" - John Tan

"6/30/2008 - For your info last Saturday night at the get together for Rey Maranan at Ricky Yatco's place the following batch mates contributed as follows:

                                                 Noel King (advanced contribution)                         P 10,000.00
                         June 28, 2008 at Ricky's Place:
                         John Tan --------------------------------  P  5,000.00
                         Joey Crisostomo ----------------------       5,000.00
                         Ed Alimagno ---------------------------       5,000.00
                         Don Mejia -------------------------------      2,000.00
                         Jimmy Tan ------------------------------      1,000.00
                         Ricky Yatco ----------------------------      1,000.00
                         Rey Maranan ---------------------------      1,000.00
                        Tony Cancio ----------------------------     1,000.00
                                                 Noel King --------------------------------     9,000.00   P 30,000.00

Since the 4 children of Benny Ang were already accomodated by Anthony Dee in his school for free including housing, the above amount will be forwarded by Noel King to Anthony Dee who will take charge of the funds for the kids daily food and misc. expenses. Saludo kami kay Anthony for his generosity as we found out that he has accomodated for free in his school, as of this date 57 student plus the 4 kids of Benny that makes 61 the number of less fortunate children that he is helping." - John Tan

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Reunion in Napa

June 18, 2008 -  Odette Wallace recently hosted a get-together of Northern California based batchmates at her Napa Valley home last June 7.  It was both an advanced birthday celebration and a despedida for Odette who will be flying back to the Philippines later this month. 

"June 11, 2008 - It just feels good when despite the high cost of gas, long distance driving and hot 94 degrees temperature , batch mates come to visit , celebrate your birthday and have a grand time. It has been many years now that we have been posing with the Stags Leap Mountain in the background and you just wonder how many more years we can do this? Gas prices, health and the ability to drive will surely limit us. But while we have the spirit and the camaraderie, we hope to give each other the best time there is.
We were glad to welcome Myrna Benipayo Panganiban (Section C). Susan and Bill Balisi (common friend of Chito Cardenas and Normie) brought Myrna to meet us. She lives in the Bay area. Myrna was with the Madrigal Singers . What a delight to hear her sing.
I may have missed the May reunion but I had my fill of good time last Saturday, June 7. Thank you Enrie, Helen, Chito and Normie, Myrna and Gabe, Al and Chito Z. - Odette"

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Odette:  Photos>>>

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Reunion at Cherry Roque's House

May 31, 2008 -  Our   batchmates from Northern California had a big reunion last May 25, 2008 (Sunday) at the residence of Cherry Roque in San Mateo, California.  The e-mails we received from Lynn Ruisla, Chito Cardenas, Manny Aquino,  Al Laguardia and Enrie Samson Sabio all expressed their gratitude to Cherry for generously hosting the event and for the fun time they all had bonding with other batchmates. 

E-mail from Lynn Ruisla:
"5/28/2008 -  ....We had a mini get together at Cherry Roque's home in San Mateo last  Sunday and it was well attended by some Southern and Norther Cal group.  A great success! Bing Macavinta will surely address this information as soon as she prepares to have photos downloaded."

E-mail from Chito Cardenas:
"5/28/2008 -  ....We had a blast of a reunion last Sunday at Cherry Roque's house. I am sure it was the largest so far in North America. Those who attended were: Terri David from Washington DC, Manny Aquino from Seattle, WA; From LA - ,Bing Macavinta, Cesar Balbontin, Raffy Eusebio, & Ernie Morales;
From Sacramento - Albert Laguardia, Gurmel Singh and Rosalyn Po; From Northern California - Imelda Ilagan, Myrna Benipayo, Louie Acal, Cynthia Principe, Enri Samson - Sabio, Fely Aglugub, Chito Zuniga, Chito Cardenas and of course, the hostess - Cherry Roque- Ramirez

Our next reunion will be on June 07 at Odette Ko's beautiful house in Napa. It will also be a going away party for Odette who will be leaving for Manila on June 20."

E-mail from Al Laguardia:
"5/28/2008 -  ....Thanks again Cherry for hosting the event. I had a great time meeting/seeing and re-bonding with our batch-mates.  Bing, Terri and Imelda…you ladies are all looking great.  Manny and Myrna….you guys brought back a lot of memories way back to grade school !!! Odette and Helen….you missed a great reunion!! Sana maulit muli !!!"

E-mail from Manny Aquino:
"5/28/2008 - Great pictures, Al. They will be treasured ... very memorable. You know what, aside from you, Myrna and me, Louie and Imelda were also our classmates at 5th and 6th grade, I believe ... tama ba 'ko?

Cherry, thank you so much for being such a great hostess and for having me and my family in your lovely home. We enjoyed so much that I felt so lonely leaving early and flying back home and missing JoeyM's birthday party. Happy Birthday again to you, Joey.

I am going to upload my pictures and send y'all the link to view them hopefully tonight.

Thanks, Terri and Enrie, for starting this all. It was such a great opprtunity to have seen you all and I hope to see you all again soon. I enjoyed every bit of that moment that we were all together again ... lots of good memories, in fact from way back elementary days.

Thank you all for being there. Take care and keep yourselves healthy till we meet again."

E-mail from Enrie Samson Sabio:
"6/1/2008 - The Northern California group held its biggest reunion on May 25, 2008 at the home of Cherry (Roque) & Sonny Ramirez. .....We all had so much fun talking about the good old days! As usual Chito Cardenas brought the house down with his jokes, Gurmel made( what it seemed like) a shocking revelation speech for Al's birthday and Ernie entertained us with his salsa dancing. (Not to mention the abundance of food, brought in by ALL as you can see from the photos).

On behalf of the No Cal group, thank you everyone for coming all the way to visit us."

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Al Laguardia and Manny Aquino - Photos>>>>>

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2nd Annual Batch Leaders Assembly of USTHS Alumni Association Inc.

May 20, 2008 - The UST High School Alumni Association Inc. held its 2nd Annual Batch Leaders Assembly last May 10, 2008 at the Benavides Building, inside UST Campus.  The assembly gave recognition to the several alumni and batch contributors to the USTHS Alumni Association and its Secondary Education Scholarship Program.  Batch'68 was one of the recipients of said recognition.  We have contributed P40,000.00 for the Scholarship Program.  Our contribution came from the funds raised during our ruby anniversary celebration. This would not have been made possible without the joint efforts of all batchmates who generously shared their time, talents and resources for our ruby celebration.   We commend our Overall Chairperson Bebet Gillera Gozun for leading and inspiring the batch to work hard to achieve our goal.

Jojo Panganiban, who attended the event last May 10, to represent Batch'68, gave a detailed report on what transpired during the assembly in her email, quoted below. 

May 19, 2008 - "The meeting was held at the Benavidez Bldg., UST campus on May 10, 2008 from 10:00am-12:00noon.  The assembly started with the registration of all attendees as well as the giving of ID tags on each participant.

The meeting started with the Opening Prayer by Rev.Fr. Rodel Aligan,OP,Regent, USTHS. This was followed by welcome address of Dr. Evelyn Songco, Director, Office for Alumni Relations, UST.  Dr. Songco mentioned the several transformations that had taken place at UST like the Plaza Mayor,Library,etc. Come 2011, will be celebrating 400 years quadricentennial anniversary of UST. The following activities are being lined up:

  1. Alumni International Trade Exposition - wherein business corporations owned by Thomasians will
    be exhibited, including professionals;

  2. Thomasian Gallery - exposition of works of art of Thomasians in visual arts, performing arts,
    painting, music, architecture, etc.;

  3. Thomasian Medical Mission - lined up for year 2010;

  4. World UST Day- year 2011 - wherein simultaneous masses in the world would be conducted, hopefully with the Pope to give his blessing to UST as a Pontifical University. There are plans for a global parade to show the history of UST from Intramuros to UST Espana.

Dr. Songco also informed the group that preparations are underway for the grand celebration and is enjoining everyone to support the 20ll occasion by contributing time, gift of donation, either thru individual or batch donation.

After her speech, Fr.Aligan, OP Regent USTHS, called on all the awardees/honorees for the conferment of Honorary Alumni Distinction.  This was followed by the speech of Exequiel Delgado, Trustee & Treasurer USTHSAA,Inc. who gave recognition to ten alumni contributors to the Association (Names of awardees can be viewed from the list at website).

The last batch of alumni to be given recognition was the Batch Contributors to the Scholarship Program for Secondary Education awarded by Ms. Eden Tolentino, Fr. Aligan,and Raul Siasoco, President, USTHSAA, Inc. I represented class'68batch inbehalf of Don Mejia, who was out of town and couldn't make it (as well as Bebet Gozun who was likewise out of town). We were given a Plaque of Recognition for our donation of P40,000.00 to the USTHSAAI in the High School Department in institutionalizing the Scholarship Program for Secondary Education in UST HS. Aside from the Plaque, we were also given a plaque-like memorabilia of UST 400 years celebration.

There was also a hand-out of the Financial Statement for the period May 5,2007 to May 5,2008 showing Net Revenues of P1.836M and Cash On Hand/In Bank of P2.098M of the USTHSAAI.  This was followed by a brief speech of Raul Siasoco, (Raki, for short) President, USTHSAAI, citing among others the accomplishments of the association and its website development.

There was also shown a sample of UST Car Plate "THOMASIAN' which is available for sale at P2,000.00 in 2-3 weeks time. You may choose a personalized one or just the standard THOMASIAN plate. This is by the way a project of Batch '87 for the benefit of the Quadricentennial Celebration.

Meeting was adjourned at 12 noon followed by a sumptuous buffet lunch." - Jojo Panganiban

Click here to view the  pictures shared by Jojo:  Photos>>>>

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SoCal Batch Get-Together Last May 3, 2008

May 14, 2008 - SoCal batch finally had our long awaited get-together on May 3rd. We waited with excitement for this day & the day was simply weather perfect. Raffy & Lottie Eusebio offered their lovely home for this event. This was really a treat because holding it at a public place limits the freedom to move around and the time to bond and do catch up. This one was a really fun gathering evidenced by the smiles and silly poses by the "boys." We felt we are making headway in making the SoCal group firmly solid. This one was our biggest yet with 3-new additions. Our new members are Jun (Angel) Estanislao, who came with his wife Claire; Linda Ocampo- Espejo and Josie Larida- Bacud. To top it all, former teacher, Precious Lotilla- Javier graced the affair. As you can see, we are surely growing. The SoCal batch members in attendance are: Dolly C- Galang, Cory Gillera, Leda R- Alesna, Josie L- Bacud, Linda O- Espejo, Bing Macavinta, Ernie Morales, Raffy Eusebio, JV Omana, Gus Estrada, Junnie Navarro, Jun Estanislao, Pancho Tabora, Manny Tayag, Cesar Balbontin & Chito Pangilinan.  Here is the link to our Webshot site of some of the early pictures (which will get updated as I get more pictures taken from other cameras):"  - Bing Macavinta

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Bing:  Photos>>>

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Chito Cardenas Celebrates His Birthday with Batch'68

April 29, 2008 -  Chito Cardenas celebrated his 56th birthday last April 26 with some batchmates from the West Coast.  Odette's e-mail and the pictures she shared give us a glimpse of the happy occasion:

"April 28, 2008 -  Yesterday, Helen and I went to pick up Ernie who arrived from LA for Chito's bday. It was a gorgeous spring day.
We arrived at Daly City before 1 and left at 8 pm (8 hours of laughing ) The other attendees were Al Laguardia from Sacramento, Vic Carreon from SFO, Enrie Samson from Antioch, Joey Magsaysay, Chito Zuniga and wife Rosie. They had other guests from the bank but batch 68 guests once again filled the space with the dancing lesson from Ernie and batchmates' karaoke. Chito and Normie prepared a real feast of lechon paksiw, kaldereta, pancit, dinengdeng, tortang talong, inihaw na baboy at tilapia and arroz caldo at tokwang baboy for merienda. Too much food but they were all so goood. Once again we browsed through the website. Chito cracked his new collection of jokes which brought the house down. It was cold outside but the dancing and laughing worked us out. But the funniest was when Chito C noticed that Vic and Albert Laguardia were wearing identical pair of tan colored shoes. Just check out the pictures...What fun! .." - Odette

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Odette: Photos>>> 

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Ernie Espinosa Elected President of World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA)

April 26, 2008 -  The achievements of another batchmate, Ernie Espinosa, has added luster not only for our batch and alma mater but also for the whole country and the Asia Pacific Region.  Recently, Ernie was elected President of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (MFPMA) in London last Paril 13, 2008.  WFPMA is a global network of professional in HR.  Ernie was the first Filipino to hold said prestigious position and he will be assuming the presidency this month for a term of two years.  He is currently connectred with Fujitsu Computer Products Corporation of the Philppines as Vice President for HR and General Affairs.  Prior to his election as President of WFPMA, Ernie was President of the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) in 2002, and President of Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) in 2007 and 2008.  Congratulations Ernie for making not only our batch but our country truly proud of you!

For more information about Ernie, we have just included his profile in our Profiles page.

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Reunion of East Coast Batchmates with Bing Macavinta and Jimmy Tan

April 24, 2008 -  Rey Protacio informed us of the East Coast batch  reunion last April 19  in time with the visit of Bing Macavinta in New York with another surprise visitor from Manila, Jimmy Tan.  The reunion was hosted by Annie Viri Pazcoguin  in her home in New Milford, New Jersey.  Hereunder are the e-mails from Rey and Bing and the pictures shared by Andring .

"Rey's Email - April 20,2008 -     Thanks so much to Annie Viri- Pazcoguin and her family for hosting our recent reunion and to all those dear batch mates who attended: Bing Macavinta from L.A., Jimmy Tan from Manila and all of us from the East Cost: from New York, brothers Leandro and Rey Maranan, Michael with his wife Grace, Joey Bote; from New Jersey: Timothy Mendonez, Merle Cruz-Encarnacion with husband Bong, Peck Pecana with wife Marie, Rey Protacio; From Pennsylvania: Jolly and wife Lits. WOW!!!!!!!!... The only word that we can say now, definitely the USTHS'68 East Coast family will get bigger and closer.....WOW!!!!! ...... Once again, THANKS ANNIE!!!!- Rey Protacio"

"Bing's Email - April 24,2008 - I just returned from NYC, Monday, April 21st, to attend Pope Benedict XVI papal mass at Yankee Stadium. On planning my trip, I made sure that time will have to be spent with the Eeast Coast batch mates. I wanted very much to meet as many of them as possible. So, I contacted Rey Protacio in March to see if arrangement could be made possible. It so happened it was time for them to have their get-together, so the timing could have not been more perfect. April 19th was the date in New Milford, NJ at the home of Annie Viri-Pazcoguin, who has just recently became active in the East Coast group. I was excited and looking forward to finally meet our East Coast counterparts. Joey Bote picked me at my hotel (Marriott) in midtown Manhattan before 3pm. After losing our way twice, Joey & I finally made it to Annie's place. Rey Protacio was already there. Then, the Maranan brothers, Andring & Rey (of Massachusetts) arrived next, followed by Tim Mendonez & Jimmy Tan of Manila, who's visiting the States. There were booze of course - cognac, beers, red wine. Rey P brought the red meat -- steaks (& I love steaks!)-- deliciously marinated by him & grilled according to order. This was my first with the East Coast guys. I chose to hang out with them outside on the backyard deck. It was VERY interesting to listen to their own "boys talk" & pretty entertaining to watch Jimmy Tan take the center stage. Boy, can he talk non-stop! I've always enjoyed watching people interact & being intuitive, I can get a good sense & feel about people. Peck Pecana brought his wife, Marilyn. Mike Mendonez came with his wife Grace. Jolly Canlas, drove in from Bethlehem, Pa., with his wife Estelita or Lits for short. And lastly, despite a busy day, Merle & Bong Encarnacion popped their heads in & stayed awhile. It was nearly midnight before we all finally drove away from Annie's house. There was traffic crossing Washington bridge into Manhattan (yes at that late). So, the guys have agreed to stop by a Diner to spend a little bit more time together, while waiting for the traffic to ease up- Mike & Grace Mendonez, Rey & Andring Maranan, Rey P, Joey B, & me. It was almost 2am when I got back to my hotel. Hey Joey B - I know you don't read your emails, but I hope you come across this little short tale - Thank you so much for giving me a ride! I also want to take the opportunity to extend my sincerest appreciation to the East Coast folks for making my visit with you one to be treasured! Sure I admit, I missed out on the Manila reunion, but with my precious time with the East Coast batch & another one with the SoCal batch come May 3rd (which will be a big one), I have my own "2nd best" reunion.
Andring Maranan has sent in the pictures from his camera directly to Manila earlier. The rest of our pictures can be viewed as a slide also at this link:"

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Andring and Bing:  Photos>>>>

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Boys' Night Out at Hooters in Anaheim, CA

Feb. 19, 2008 - Jun Reinoso has belatedly shared photos of their night out at Hooters in Anaheim, CA on Dec. 5, 2004, more than 3 years ago.  (Better late than never.) Present were Jun, Ernie Morales, Rey Protacio, Raffy Eusebio and Junnie Navarro.  Here are the photos sent by Jun.  Photos>>>

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Post Anniversary Celebrations

Feb. 24, 2008 - Odette gave us an update and shared some pictures on the continuous bonding of some batch'68 members after our 3-day 40th anniversary celebration.

"Feb. 23, 2008 - This is what happened after the three day ruby celebration. As though we all had our adrenalin shots, we had lunches, dinners, dancing and singing all day till early morning.  Between that, the boys even had time to play golf and other activities like having a massage. Tonight would have been a week after the UST grand homecoming but we are again meeting at a new place in Pasay Road corner of Paseo de Roxas for some salsa and ballroom dancing. It's a new place called Palawan. Talagang sagad at mga hilo na sa good time.
Monday and Tuesday, most batchmates will be leaving and it will take a while to get over this one week of bonding .
This was truly a memorable week. And now back to work...... - Odette"

March 3, 2008 - P.S.  A final (?) ultimate reunion at Joey's Sports Bar was held last March 1, 2008, this time to send off Chito Cardenas, who went back to CA on  March 2 and others who will follow suit like Rey Protacio, Luisa Acal, Celia Ramos, Jun Reinoso, etc. Batchmate Gani Buenaflor who just arrived from the US with his wife Teody, attended the despedida.

March 29, 2008 - Connie Romana forwarded some pictures of the post anniversary get-together of Canadian based batchmates here in Manila, hosted by Nonia Cabrera.

  Click the links below to view the photos shared by  Odette, Ernie Morales, Jun Reinoso and Connie Romana.

Odette's and Ernie's photos  and Jun Reinoso's photos taken on Feb. 23, 2008 at Palawan Court>>>

Photos of Ultimate Reunion on March 1, 2008

Photos forwarded by Connie Romana

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40th Anniversary Celebration

Feb. 18, 2008 -  "Sana Maulit Muli" - The theme of our 40th Anniversary Celebration best describes what every batchmate felt as we wound up our 3-day anniversary celebration yesterday.  "It was well worth coming home to."  "We hope our other batch mates would be encouraged to attend our forthcoming reunions once they see the fun time we all had."  - These are some of the comments of our batch mates who attended our ruby anniversary celebration last Feb. 15-17, 2008.   For more details and pictures please visit our Ruby Celebration web page.

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Request for Prayers for Edgar Adriatico and Benjamin Ang

Feb. 18, 2008 -  Two of our batchmates, Edgar Adriatico and Benjamin Ang are critically ill.  Edgar was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.  Ben suffered a stroke more than a year ago and is presently comatose.  Last Sunday, after the batch outing, a group of batchmates composed of Bebet Gozun, Odette Wallace, Ed Alimagno, Evelyn Del Rosario Laurel, Jojo Panganiban, Caloy Corsiga, Ernie Morales, Ray Protacio, Joey Crisostomo, Chito Zuniga, Chito Cardenas, Ricky Yatco and Joey Bote, visited Ed in his residence in Roxas District, Quezon City.  The group was able to raise among themselves P30,000.00 which they handed to Ed to assist him in his costly treatments.  He is presently undergoing cobalt treatment three times a week which costs about P75,000.00 per treatment.  Let us pray for the full recovery of Ed and Ben. 

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Directions to the Venues of our 40th Anniversary Celebration

Feb. 14, 2008 - Here are the sketches to the venues for our reunion (Please click the highlighted links below):

Day 1- Clubhouse of Corinthian Gardens, EDSA, Quezon City; Registration starts at 5:30 pm

Day 2 - UST Campus - 4:00 pm assembly at USTHS Bldg; 6:00 pm mass at Plaza Mayor for the Grand Alumni Homecoming

Day 3 - Eucalyptus Resort, Sto. Niño Aplaya, Poblacion, Muntinlupa City;  Be there by 10:30 am

Should you get lost, please call Bebet Gozun at 09175305854 or Don Mejia at 09209241801.

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Final Letter from Bebet re our 40th Anniversary Celebration

Feb. 12, 2008 -  Here is the final letter and last minute instructions from Bebet Gozun, our indefatigable Chairperson for our 40th Anniversary Celebration:

"Dear Batchmates,

THIS IS IT! In 3 days,Ruby anniversary na natin.  We are excited to see you all again after all these years!  For your ready reference, attached are the Highlights of the Feb 1 Organizing  Committee Meeting.  We just had a meeting last night and I'd like to update you:

  • We will assemble at the USTHS building on day 2, Feb 16 at 4pm. the USTHS Bldg is the first bldg on the right if you enter the Dapitan gate of the UST campus.

  • The pick up points for our picnic are Ricky Yatco's home at 9:00am.  That's 132 Mayon St, right beside the Sta. Teresita Church, not too far from the QC rotonda.  The bus will then proceed to Starbucks in Magallanes Village, Makati. Dito daw malaki ang space for parking for those who will park their vehicles and ride the bus. Pick up time at Starbucks is 10:00 am. From there diretso na tayo sa Eucalyptus Resort, Sto. Nino Aplaya, Muntinlupa City.

We will be sending you by email or fax the detailed sketches to the venues.   We will also post them on our website.

Please help us contact other batchmates pa rin.  Do encourage them to come and join us. We have put together a fun-filled 3 days!  I am sure mag-e-enjoy kayo.

Looking forward to seeing you.


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Status of Collections and Pledges for our Ruby Anniversary

Feb. 12, 2008 -  Hereunder is the updated list of those who have generously contributed for our ruby anniversary.  (This same list can also be viewed in the Plans for 40th webpage.)



I.  Donations  for Our 40th Anniversary Celebration  
a) Peso Contributions (incl. peso equivalent of $ contributions)  
Fred Andes ($100) P4,000.00
Joseph Bautista ($105) 4,200.00
Joey Bote ($100) 4,000.00
Isagani Buenaflor  10,000.00
Albert & Lorna Buenviaje


Juliet Casis 5,000.00
Butch Centeno       ($100) 4,800.00
Caloy Corsiga 20,000.00
Baby De Guzman 5,000.00
Fredo De Jesus ($100) 5,000.00
Socorro De Jesus ($100) 4,100.00
Danny Diy 2,000.00
Philip Dytoc 5,000.00
Merle Cruz Encarnacion ($100) 4,800.00
Rowena Veloso Feleo 5,000.00
Cesar Fernandez 5,500.00
Jane Feliciano Fernandez 500.00
Dolores Cunanan Galang ($105) 4,645.00
Socorro Gillera ($105) 4,645.00
Freya Halili 4,000.00
Go Eng Hi 10,000.00
Bebet Gillera Gozun ($100 + P500) 5,300.00
Josie Illescas 10,000.00
Noel King 10,000.00
Albert Laguardia ($100) 4,445.00
Evelyn Del Rosario Laurel 5,000.00
Dra. Flora Baetiong Leyba ($300) 13,335.00
Joji Pangilinan Linan ($100) 4,000.00
Bing Macavinta ($105) 4,645.00
Elizabeth Magpayo 1,000.00
Don Mejia 500.00
Michael Mendonez Jr. ($100) 4,000.00
Timothy Mendonez ($100) 4,000.00
Cherie Mijares 500.00
Ernie Morales 5,000.00
Terry David Munsayac 2,100.00
Renee De Los Reyes Nolasco


Luisa Acal Novenario ($105) 4,645.00
Tisha Reyes Nixon 5,000.00
Jerry Ongsiako 5,000.00
Jojo Panganiban 5,000.00
John Pastores 500.00
Anita Viri Pazcoguin ($100) 4,000.00
Peck Pecaña ($100) 4,000.00
Rey Protacio ($100) 4,000.00
Nonio Cabrera Ramirez 3,000.00
Fe Cristobal Raval 5,000.00
Marie Rañoa Roque ($100) 4,445.00
Asuncion "Sunny" Santarromana ($100) 4,000.00
Teresa Sierra 5,000.00
Gurmel Singh ($100.00 plus another $100 deposited in BPI $ Account) 4,800.00
Peter So 5,000.00
John Tan 10,000.00
Olive Tiburcio 25,000.00
Jun Tullao 10,000.00
Odette Ko Wallace 2,500.00
Alice Yatco 5,000.00
Emma Ruivivar Yeung 5,000.00
Chito Zuñiga ($100) 4,445.00
Total Peso Contributions & Peso Equiv. of $ contributions P326,850.00
b) Dollar Contributions  
Gurmel Singh 100.00
Sub-Total $100.00
Total Peso and Dollar Contributions P326,850.00 & $100.00
II.  Advertisers to our Souvenir Program (Veritas Reprint)  
a) Whole Page Ad  
Don Mejia P10,000.00
Jun Tantoco ($250) 10,000.00
b) Half Page Ad  
Antonio Cancio P5,000.00
Charter Chemical 5,000.00
DN Steel 5,000.00
EBG Inc., St. Cinnamon 5,000.00
Hot Shots Burgers 5,000.00
Katinko c/o Emma Yeung 5,000.00
Evelyn Laurel 5,000.00
Wilson Lim 5,000.00
Teresita Reyes Nixon 5,000.00
Renee Nolasco 5,000.00
Jayvee Omaña 5,000.00
Liway Pelayo 5,000.00
Pioneer Insurance 5,000.00
USTHS'68 Golf Club 5,000.00
c) Line Ad  
Ricardo Gabriel 1,000.00
Rockbuilt Mfg. Co. Inc. 1,000.00
VRA Cartracks 1,000.00
Zeta International Trading 1,000.00
Total Amount Collected from Advertisers P94,000.00
d) Payment in $ check (for whole page ad)  
Gurmel Singh $250.00
Total Proceeds from Advertisers P94,000.00 & $250
III.  Donations In Kind  
Anonymous Donor - Major raffle prize of $500.00
Ed Alimagno - Two lechon for our batch outing on Feb. 17
Isagani Buenaflor     -   Free use of his resort for our batch outing and grilled fish
Bebet Gozun - Raffle prize of 1 electric bike
John Tan - Raffle prize of 1 electric bike
Odette Wallace - Lunch during our batch outing on Feb. 17 (consisting of chicken and liempo inasal, grilled veggies with bagoong balayan, caldereta, sisig, laing, pancit palabok, puto and dinuguan, lumpiang sariwa,  bibingka, and puto bumbong)
Ricky Yatco - 50 kilo grilled tuna for our batch party on Feb. 15

For our batch mates who would like to contribute to the fund, you can remit your donation to the following account:

a) For Peso Remittances:
Name of Bank/Branch


Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom)
Corinthian Gardens Branch
Sanso St. Corinthian Gardens
Quezon City
Account Number Savings Account No. 242-10-000357-4
Account Name Elizabeth De Guzman or John Tan
b) For Dollar Remittances:
Name of Bank/Branch



Bank Of The Philippine Islands (BPI)
SM Megamall Branch
G/F Bldg. A  SM Megamall
Bank Drive, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City
Account Number Savings Account No. 2424-0145-86
Account Name Elizabeth De Guzman or John Tan
Bank Code for Foreign Remittances BOPIPHMM

Kindly inform Baby Balatbat De Guzman of the deposit made so she can confirm your remittance. Her email address is .

Your contributions to our 40th anniversary  celebration will help the organizing committee in realizing its plans and programs for our ruby anniversary.  So, we encourage our batch mates to send their contribution to our fund.  Let's keep the Thomasian spirit alive!

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Please Register for our 40th Anniversary Celebration

Feb. 5, 2008 -  We are calling on all batch mates who are attending our 40th anniversary to pre-register.  Kindly fill up our Online Registration Form (Click here to access the form.  Please don't forget to click the submit button after filling up the form.)  The data you will provide will   assist the organizing committee in finalizing its preparations for the 3-day event.   Thank you for your cooperation.

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Letter from Bebet Gozun

Feb. 5, 2008 - Below is the letter of Bebet Gozun, Chairperson of the Ruby Anniversary Organizing Committee regarding our activities for our 40th anniversary:

" Feb. 1, 2008 -
Dearest Batchmates,

14 days na lang, D DAY na. Ruby Anniversary na natin! I hope that you are equally excited as we are to see each other and rekindle old ties.

The Organizing Committee will meet tonight to go over all the details to ensure that we have a fun filled get together. For your ready reference, our Program of Activities is posted in our website. Should there be any changes, we will immediately inform you.

To guide us in preparing for our three day event, we need to know how many are actually joining us for the Batch '68 Reunion on February 15 at the Clubhouse of Corinthian Gardens, the UST Grand Alumni Homecoming on February 16 and the Batch '68 Picnic on February 17. We want to hire a bus when we go to the Eucalyptus Resort on Sunday para tuloy tuloy ang bonding as we travel to and from Muntinlupa. We therefore need to know how big a bus we should hire. Do help us with this by filling up the attached registration form.

For those who are coming from abroad, may we also know how many will need accommodations? We have made arrangements with the Linden Suites and have gotten a good rate (regular room P3,2,00, one bedroom suite at P4,500 and 2 bedroom suite at P6,500 with breakfast). However, we need to block off the rooms already. Please let us know if we will book for you, which room type you prefer and the dates of your stay.

After the 3 day event, we have also arranged two out of town trips. One will be for Panglao lsland Bohol and the other one is for Bangkok. The detailed itinerary for both trips as well as the costings are also posted in our website. (See Bohol Tour and Bangkok Tour.) Once again, we need to know within this week exactly how many are joining each tour so we can already make the bookings.

For trips within Metro Manila, we are thinking of 3 possible things to do on the mroning of day 2:
1. a tour to Intramuros
2. shopping in Greenhills
3. golf

Please let us know also if you are interested to join any of these 3 activities/tours.

As mentioned in our letter to you last December, the success of our homecoming will largely be determined by the number of batchmates who attend. We do hope that you will find time in your busy schedule to set aside time to attend our Ruby Reunion. Once in 40 years lang ito!! And, we hope that you will help us reach out and convince other batchmates to also attend.

Do take note that we are not charging any fee for this Reunion. We will however charge a nominal amount for partners/companions/friends. Bacthmates will be a given a copy of the our souvenir which is a reprint of our Veritas '68, a t-shirt and an ID. Chito Cardenas has also kindly offered to give us a CD featuring songs of our high school days.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us (Baby Balatbat de Guzman at 0917 5397225 or email , Albert and Lorna Buenviaje at 8255668, 09178389680, email,ph, Odette Ko Wallace at 8070897, 09163821402, email , Don Mejia at 09209241801, email , or me at 9417233, 09175305854, email .

We look forward to reconnecting and even strengthening ties with you. Together, let us showcase the UST High School spirit at its best! See you soon.

Warm regards,
Bebet G. Gozun "

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Feb.5, 2008 -  Hereunder is the final program of activities for our 40th anniversary celebration:

Program of Activities
UST High School Batch 1968
40th Anniversary Celebration
Theme:  Sana Maulit Muli
February 15-17-2008

February 15, 2008 (Friday)












UST HS Batch 1968 Party
Venue: Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse, Quezon City


Attire:  Smart Casual

Music: To be provided by the band "Behind Closed Doors" - who specializes in '60s and '70s music

Food:  To be catered by  Le Souffle.  We will also have  Lechon  (donated by a generous batch mate); and 50-kilo grilled tuna (donated by Ricky Yatco)

Souvenir:  Reprint of Veritas; IDs showing our high school grad picture (to be worn during the reunion)

Raffle Prizes: Free Trip for two to Hong Kong; Free accommodation at a resort in Boracay; two electric bikes, and many more.... (All of the raffle prizes are donated by our batch mates.)

Note:  Vans and cars (courtesy of batch mates) will be available at the gate of Corinthian Garden to shuttle batch mates to and from the clubhouse.


6:00 p.m.


6:30-12:00 p.m.

USTHS Batch 1968 Party
  Opening Prayer
Opening Remarks - Don Mejia, President - USTHS Batch 1968
Welcome Remarks - Bebet Gozun, Chair Organizing Committee
Introduction of Batch Members, Teachers and Guests - c/o Odette, George & Jun

7:30 - 8:30 p.m.


8:30 - 12:00 a.m.






Presentation of West Coast Group
Games / Raffle/ Introduction of Batch Members/ Picture Taking

Presentation of East Coast Group
Games / Raffle/ Introduction of Batch Members/ Picture Taking

Presentation of Manila Group
Games / Raffle/ Introduction of Batch Members/ Picture Taking

Dance / Singing / Fellowship


February 16, 2008 (Saturday)





UST Grand Alumni Homecoming
Venue: UST Plaza Mayor, USTCampus
Espana, Manila

Note:  The fee being charged by the UST Alumni Association for the Grand Alumni Homecoming is P500 per person.  Our batch has paid for an initial 50 tickets which we will be distributing on a first come first served basis, to those who want to attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming.

4:00 pm           


Courtesy Call  -    UST Rector & UST High School Principal

Tour of the Campus

6:00 pm       

Holy Mass

               7:00 pm                      

Start of program of the UST Grand Alumni Homecoming

February 17, 2008 (Sunday)









UST HS Batch 1968 Outing
Venue: Eucalyptus Bay Resort, Muntinlupa City

(Eucalyptus Bay Resort is owned by our batchmate Gani Buenaflor, who is letting us use the facilities for free... Thanks a lot Gani!!!)

Theme:  Barrio Fiesta

Food:  Native Food. Odette Wallace has generously offered to provide for our lunch consisting of chicken and liempo inasal, grilled veggies with bagoong balayan, caldereta, sisig, laing, pancit palabok, puto and dinuguan, lumpiang sariwa,  bibingka, and puto bumbong.   We  also have grilled fish  (donated by Gani),  2 lechon from Ed Alimagno and many more... For dessert, we will have ice cream carts. For snacks, we will have mais, banana Q, kamote Q,  taho, etc.)

Games:  Pabitin,  Hit the pot, and other fun games

Transportation: We will hire a bus with designated pick up points for batchmates.

9:30 a.m.

Departure from Manila

12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Cultural Presentation
Games, Dance, Singing, Fellowship, Batch Picture Taking

4:00 p.m.

Departure from Eucalyptus Bay Resort

During our Batch Party on Feb. 15, we will be having some major raffle prizes like trip for two to Hong Kong, electric bikes, etc.  We hope that all batch mates who will attend the party  will be able to bring home a raffle prize.  We are therefore appealing to all our batch mates to bring a raffle prize (e.g. bottle of wine, etc.) during our party.

To our foreign-based batch mates, please take note that we have included as one of the highlights of our program for the batch party, a presentation from the West Coast and East Coast Group.  The Manila Group has been preparing a special number for our batch.  We hope the gals and guys from abroad will come out with their own numbers.  (Paging Ernie Morales, the Salsa king from the West Coast and MIchael Mendonez together with  Andring Maranan for the East Coast, please do the necessary coordination for your respective groups.)

Due to the kind heartedness of our batch mates who have generously contributed for our 40th anniversary celebration, we are offering our batch reunion and outing,  free of charge for all batch mates.  For our batch party on Feb. 15, those who wish to bring a companion or significant other, have to pay for their partner at a cost of P700  per person.  Our batch outing on Feb. 17 is open to all batch members together with their family, free of charge.  (Note:  For those who have contributed for our 40th anniversary, we will not charge any amount for their partner or spouse during our batch party on Feb. 15.  Any additional guests, i.e. for 2 or more guests,  will be charged at P700 per person.)

For arrangements for optional tours, kindly get in touch with Bebet Gozun at .  We are offering the following optional tours for our batch mates who are coming from abroad:

Day Tours

  1. Intramuros walking tour

  2. Binondo walking tour

  3. Shopping Tour - Mall of Asia, Tiendesitas, 168 Mall in Divisoria or Greenhills Shopping Center

  4. Health, Fitness and Beauty Treatments at a Spa

  5. Golf

We have designated specific batch mates who will accompany those who will be joining any of these optional tours.

Out-Of -Town and  Tour of Asian Countries

  1. Bohol - For details of estimated cost and itinerary, please click here.  Bohol Tour>>>

  2. Bangkok Tour -  Feb. 18-21, 2008
    4D3N - US$ 275 Plus: Taxes – US$104 and Philippine travel tax – P1,620
    Via PAL
    Hotel - Baiyoke Sky or Indra Regent
    Free transfers
    Free half day city tour
    Free breakfast


Finally, the organizing committee has approved the logo for our 40th anniversary, which we have placed as part of the banner heading for our web pages.   Here is a bigger view of the logo -

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Initial List of Foreign-Based Batch Mates Who Will Attend Our Ruby Anniversary

Feb. 5, 2008 -  We are publishing the initial list of our foreign-based batch mates who have confirmed their attendance during our ruby anniversary next month:

From SoCal:

  1. Ernie Morales

  2. JV Omana & wife

  3. Joseph Bautista & wife

  4. Cory Gillera

  5. Jun Reinoso

  6. Chito Pangilinan


From NorCal:

  1. Chito Cardenas
  2. Olive Tiburcio & partner
  3. Louie Acal- Novenario & spouse
  4. Gurmel Singh
  5. Joey Magsaysay
  6. Chito Zuniga

From East Coast:

  1. Michael Mendonez and wife Grace
  2. Merle Cruz-Encarnacion and husband Bong
  3. Peck Pecana and wife Marie
  4. Joey Bote
  5. Ray Protacio - East Coast
  6. Leandro "Andring " Maranan

From Chicago:

  1. Jun Tantoco
  2. Flora Baetiong- Leyba
  3. Carlos Centeno with wife Nini
  4. Asuncion Santa Romana Zenarosa
  5. Edgar Justiniani
  6. Robert Salazar
  7. Susan Pineda Rosal


From Toronto:

  1. Zeny Dominguez- Baluyot
  2. Marie Ranoa Roque
  3. Cesar Fernandez
  4. Connie Romana Saavedra & daughter
  5. Nick Navarro & spouse



Total Number: 32 batch mates
& 11

From Other Parts of the U.S.:

  1. Alicia Dominguez- Testa - Las Vegas

From Sydney, Australia:

  1. Rowena Veloso Feleo and husband



We hope more foreign-based batch mates will find the time to attend our ruby anniversary.  This is a once in a lifetime affair. Tumatanda na tayo ...... sana habang malakas pa tayo, umuwi na kayo at makipag-bonding sa inyong high school friends!!

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Gani Buenaflor Awarded Outstanding Alumni of UST College of Engineering

Feb. 3, 2008 - Our batch has again something to be very proud of.  Gani Buenaflor was recently conferred with the award of Outstanding Alumni in Industry Service by the UST College of Engineering.  Congratulations Gani for a well deserved award.  Truly, your award has added luster to our batch's 40th anniversary.

Don Mejia has shared with us the following news item and pictures regarding Gani's award:

       "The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest engineering school in the Philippines, committed to the formation of competent engineers and IT professionals imbued with Christian values needed for the service of the Church, the Country and the Global community celebrated its 100 Years with awarding of its outstanding alumni.

The awards day entitled UST Engineering Centennial Awards - Furthering a Legacy of Excellence was held at the UST Medicine Auditorium on December 15, 2007.  There were around 100 Awardees consisting of the ff: categories:
1. Outstanding Service to the faculty of engineering
2. Outstanding Contribution to the engineering education
3. Outstanding Industry Leadership
4. Outstanding Entrepreneurship
5. Outstanding Engineering Design
6. Oustanding Research
7. Outstanding Government Service
8. Outstanding Community Service
9. Outstanding Student, Centennial SY 2006-2007

Gani had the privilege to get an award in Outstanding Industry Leadership category.  It was also a very happy day for Gani to have his 97 year old mother to come up the stage with him to receive the gold medal.   Indeed the USTHS 68 is proud to have him as one of our outstanding batch mates.

Gani is presently at Boston, Massachusetts. He is taking up his 2nd module of the Owner, President Management Program at the Harvard Business School."

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Philippine Star Article on the Grand Alumni Homecoming

Jan. 24, 2008We are reprinting below, the article written by Atty. Jose C. Sison which appeared  in his regular column A Law Each Day (Keeps Trouble Away) at the Philippine Star, Jan. 22, 2008 issue:

The Homecoming

"The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas (UST) is my dear alma mater. I finished my elementary, high school and pre-law course (Associate in Arts) in that great university. My parents served the school as educators. My father Bienvenido A. Sison Sr. was the General Principal of the UST High School when it re-opened after the war while my mother Natalia C. Sison was one of the pioneer teachers in the Intermediate School when it opened in the late forties. UST is also the school where all my six sisters and three brothers finished schooling.

I am proud to be a Thomasian and thankful to have imbibed the kind of education the school has imparted. It is indeed a bastion of fine learning, art and Catholicism. Actually it is the school where I first learned the value of “veritas”, or truth, which I adopted as my lifelong beacon together with the Jesuit precept of living a life “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” or “All for the Glory of God” inculcated in me at the Ateneo University where I obtained my Bachelor of Laws degree.

This year UST is 397 years old. As one of the fitting celebrations in preparation for its 400th anniversary in 2011, alumni of the University will gather for a grand Homecoming to relive their school days and revive the Thomasian spirit. Still carrying the papal colors of gold and white to herald its pontifical and royal heritage, UST opens its arms and embraces back alumni from all parts of the globe as it stages a “wild” concept of a homecoming on February 16, 2008 to showcase the changes and innovations it has undergone through the years.

The homecoming will indeed be grand yet it also promises to really be a “homey” reunion as it will be the first unified gathering of all graduates from various courses offered by the University to be held at the school campus itself, at the newly refurbished Plaza Mayor, the grounds fronting the familiar and historic UST Main Building.

On the afternoon of the scheduled reunion alumni will be ushered in to a campus dressed in royal celebration. There will be “tranvia” tours around the campus starting 4 p.m., music from bands and orchestras composed of all home grown talents, and live performances from them. As customary in any such school gathering, there will be a Holy Mass at 6 p.m., then cocktails and merry making accentuated by spectacular fireworks display that will really look like a multi-ringed circus of fun and festivities.

To be highlighted will be the proud achievements in the traditional fields of sciences and arts, in modern technology and infrastructure that the institution and its illustrious roster of graduates had garnered in their long and rich history, so as to stimulate renewed faith and loyalty to the institution under which portals the alumni had immeasurably benefited. As Yna Torres (UST High batch ’80), one of the active organizers aptly said, “it will be a day to reminisce, to roost and to be resolute in aspiring for and reaching new goals with shared vision”.

The UST Office of Alumni Affairs is closely and intently working with other alumni for this event as it aims to establish a wide data base of Thomasians who will participate and realize this collective vision of integrity, charity excellence and relevance to society 400 years and onwards.

All Thomasians especially the golden and silver jubilarians for whom special segments have been prepared are therefore requested to register early and share their milestone with the rest of the Thomasian community. For further details call Mike Malicsi of the Office of Alumni Relations, 09229621004, e-mail uste_homecoming2008" - Atty. Jose C. Sison

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USTHS Batch'68 Golf Club

Jan. 18, 2008 - We received the following e-mail from John Tan:

"Dear Batchmates,

The USTHS Batch 68 Golf Club was organized last Jan. 13, 2008 by four batchmates namely John Tan, Gani Buenaflor, Ed Alimagno and Rey Protacio at Tagaytay Midland Golf and Country Club. Appointed Officers by Ed Alimagno are John Tan- President, Rey Protacio- Vice President - USA East Coast, Ed Alimagno-Vice President - Philippines and Gani Buenaflor - Vice President - Finance. On Jan 16 we recruited new member Dr. Ervin Nocum and together with Rey and Ed we joined a tournament at the Sun Valley Golf and Country sponsored by the FEU Doctor's Association. Sadly we did not win any trophy but amazingly Ed Alimagno and Dr. Ervin Nocum with their low raffle handicap won the two grand raffle prizes, a 21" Sony Wega Flat TV set and a 15" Philips Flat TV set respectively.

We are encouraging interested batchmates men and ladies to join the club and lets continue winning prizes and perhaps trophies too !

Next round of Golf will be on Sunday Jan 20, 2008 at the EverCrest Golf and Country Club, Tagaytay. - John Tan"

Click here to view the  pictures shared by John:  Photos >>>>

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December 13, 2007 - Gold & White, the colors that best herald the university's  pontifical and royal heritage! A bastion of fine learning, art, and Catholicism; UST opens its arms to changes and innovation as it stages its wild concept of a homecoming this 16th of February, 2008 while gearing up for its 400th anniversary in 2011. The Wild, Gold & White Affair! Grand, yet homey, it embraces back alumni from all parts of the globe in a first-ever concerted reunion that will be held in the new refurbished Plaza Mayor, the grounds fronting the familiar UST Main Building .

To be highlighted will be the proud achievements in the traditional fields of sciences & arts, in modern technology and infrastructure, the institution and its illustrious roster of graduates had taken in their long, rich history. This showcase will stimulate renewed faith and loyalty to this institution under which portals alumni had immeasurably benefited.  On the stated date, alumni will be ushered in a campus dressed in royal celebration. There will be tranvia tours around the campus, music from bands & orchestras, all home-grown talents, performances and prayers in the form of the Holy Mass, cocktails, and merry-making accentuated by spectacular firework display. A multi-ringed circus of fun and festivities! It will be a night to reminisce, to roost, and to be resolute  and thus with shared vision set out new goals for all to aspire for and achieve.

The UST Office of Alumni Relations is working fervidly and closely with the alumni for this event as it aims to establish a wide data base of Thomasians who will partake of and realize this collective vision of integrity, charity, excellence and relevance to society 400 years and onward. Calling ALL Thomasians, please register your agreement with us!   All golden and silver jubilarians - come share your milestone with the rest  of the Thomasian community! We have special segments prepared for you.  

Call Mike Malicsi of the Office of Alumni Relations at 4061611 local 8556, 7438431 and/or email Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa, Chairperson of the Grand  Alumni Homecoming 2008 Organizing Committee at or Visit  or  for other details. 
(written by YNA VALENZUELA-TORRES, USTHS Batch 81)

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Bebet's Open Letter to UST High School Batch'68 Re: 40th Anniversary Celebration

December 8, 2007

My dear Batchmates,

In just a little over 2 months, we will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary! With the theme “Sana Maulit Muli”, we hope to relive the strong spirit of camaraderie which we shared when we were still in high school.

The preparations are now in its final stages. The different Working Committees are working hard and leaving no stone unturned to make our reunion a truly memorable and meaningful one.

We are preparing a series of activities for three days starting off with our Batch Party on February 15 at the Clubhouse of Corinthian Gardens in Quezon City, followed by our participation in the UST Grand Alumni Homecoming on February 16 at the grounds of the UST and culminating in a Batch picnic on Sunday, February 17 in the Eucalyptus Resort in Muntinlupa City. Our picnic will have a Barrio Fiesta motif and we are planning to hold various games to give it a real celebratory feeling. We will soon be sending you the detailed program.

For those who are interested to go out of town, we are also arranging a side trip of 3 days 2 nights to Panglao, Bohol where you will not only enjoy the lovely white beach, but also have the opportunity to visit the world renowned chocolate hills, old churches and museum such as the Baclayon Church, go through a man made forest, go down the Loboc river while being serenaded by local talents as well as see the famous tarsiers and go whale and dolphin watching. For diving afficionados, the marine life in the area is definitely worth exploring.

Ultimately, the success of our Ruby Anniversary depends on our ability to get as many of our batchmates to attend. We do hope that you will find the time to join us on February 15-17, 2008. We look forward to reconnecting and strengthening ties with you. Together, let’s showcase the UST High School spirit and fellowship at its best!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (Baby Balatbat de Guzman at 0917 5397225or email , Albert and Lorna Buenviaje at 8255668, mobile 09189162791 or 09212513849, email , Odette Ko Wallace at 8070897, email  or Bebet G. Gozun at 947233 or mobile 0917 5306854, email ).

Thank you and warm regards.


Bebet G. Gozun
Chair, USTHS Batch “68
40th Anniversary Organizing Committee

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