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SoCal Group Celebrates Halloween

Nov. 4, 2012 - As 2012 draws to a near end, we decided to hold our quarterly get together on the last weekend of October and make it more interesting. Rose Labarda- Aquino, who is our creative director, provided most of the costumes and props. Ourgracious hosts, Gus & Gwen Estrada, likewise, provided some of the decorations. We are a small group of dedicatedand loyal school mates, who have grown as a family, honoring birthdays and just simply have fun being together once in a while :) ! - Bing Macavinta


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SoCal's Video Review of 2011

Dec. 3, 2011 - SoCal group has been busy making every effort to get together to create happy memories. As 2011 winds down to an end, here is a video that chronicles those happy memories either welcoming a visiting batch mate or simply spending time as a family. - Bing Macavinta


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SoCal Group Gathers for their Regular GTG - Oct 29, 2011

Nov. 20, 2011 - As a group, we do our best to meet up as many times as possible. It is a little bit of a challenge to block off a date on our calendar to make it happen.  But we make it happen :). This is our 3rd GTG for the year as we wind down 2011 with our 1st Dinner-Dance Christmas Party on Dec. 3rd. It goes without saying that batch of '68 is all invited!

Gus Estrada & his charming wife, Gwen, hosted it at their lovely home in Carson. The pictures tell it all! Leenda Yu from Manila graced our party for the 2nd time (1st one was in 2010, same month too). We added a new member as well, Ruby Ramos! Most surprisingly, Andring Maranan of NY, Enrie Samson- Sabio, Louie Acal- Novenario & husband, Lestie from NorCal traveled afar to join us. What a Party!!!!!

We'll try to repeat these gatherings in 2012. And of course, many of us are attending the 2012 Chicago Reunion, so we'll be around in the Social Media scene a lot ;) That is the dictate of our times and hoping many of us will try to get caught up with it :), so we can remain connected (virtually.)

SoCal team in attendance: Bing Macavinta, Gus Estrada (Gwen), Leda Reyes- Alesna, Chat Cosico- Felsher, Rose Labarda- Aquino (Manny), JV Omana (Evelyn), Linda Ocampo- Espejo, Ruby Ramos, Junnie Navarro, Peter So, Cesar Balbontin (Lynne), Cory Gillera, Ernie Morales (Joy Villavicencio- Roque), Rosen Carpio (John Michael), Leslie Largada (came late). - Bing Macavinta


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SoCal Gathers for their Spring GTG

May 31, 2011 - "SoCal Group finally got together again since our Christmas Party @ The Felsher's Residence (nee Rosario Cosico) last Saturday, May 21st.
It was timely too for birthday celebrations for Rose Labarda- Aquino, whose birthday it was; Linda Ocampo- Espejo's on the 25th & Bert Felsher's last May 9th. After having it cancelled once, everyone was so excited to see one another again. We did miss Cory Gillera though, who was unable to join us this time :(

As usual, it was a delightful & crazy event. What with JV Omana, Cesar Balbontin & Gus Estrada, who are all the life of the party on their own - that's
a triple doze of continuous giggling & laughter.

Bert (Chat or Chayong's hubby,) is and has always been really a great trooper. Chat prepared ALL the food. It was a combo of Filipino & Kosher @ brunch; then, a Mexican Theme for dinner. With a great menu and "to-go" after, you could have not asked for more . She is an absolute "ayornchefchat" !

This was the first for The Felshers to host. Their home is up on a high hill in Rancho Palos Verdes looking over the Pacific. What a view, even with the haze that afternoon! You could see the Trump International from a distant below touching the ocean.

A number of us later decided to go to the Alpine Village, a German locale, which was some 13 miles away, where the Filipino band, "Bits N Pieces" was playing. That was an enjoyable evening, where we were able to burn off some of those great calories we just had, dancing to band's great music
of our times.

We do our best to meet up as often as possible.  Next one will be in the Summer - August 6th :).  Pictures have been uploaded to Facebook.  But here are a few pictures that we want to share with the rest (who are not on FB).  Lastly, we are very grateful to the warm hospitality of Bert & Chat Felsher :).  Thank you Bert & Chat !" - Bing Macavinta


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First Meeting of the Pacific-Northwest Group

Dec. 12, 2010 - We have not seen each other since 1968 and it all started this way ... I sent an email to Soc Reyes (now Swinford) which I got from her Profile on our web site. Asked if I could give her a call and she responded and suggested that we meet. A few weeks after, I got an email from Danny Dinio. He called Soc, again information on my email address and Soc’s phone number taken from our group’s web site (Thanks – Lorna and Albert). Our group, borrowing words from Danny, just grew by a whopping 50% on that day (from 2 to 3). Danny suggested getting together sometime. The date, time and place were arranged, 7 pm December 10 at the McCormick & Schmick Seafood Restaurant. I arrived around 6:45. I saw a young handsome looking man and he asked “Manny?”. And I said “Danny!”. Then we saw a beautiful lady walking in and I asked Danny “Si Soc ba yun?” He responded “Oo yata.” I raised my hand and she smiled at us, hugged, and the evening began. We talked about our memories and music, like the corners of our minds, high school days ... which brought the three of us to 42 years back. Plans even beyond seeing each other again were hatched. It was great seeing again two batchmates after decades, both working for two of Washington’s giants, Soc from Microsoft (that was why I refrained from talking about my IPad) and Danny from Starbucks (I told him I drink a lot of coffee). The first meeting was a major major breakthrough. We parted around 9:30 pm with plans of meeting again soon. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!!!  - Manny Aquino

L-R: Soc Reyes Swinford, Danny Dinio & Manny Aquino

Soc Reyes Swinford

Danny Dinio

Soc and Danny

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Post-Reunion Gathering of the NorthEast Group (Organizers of the 2010 NYC Reunion)

Nov. 1, 2010 - Last  Oct. 30,2010, the NorthEast Group, who successfully organized the 2010 NYC Reunion had a post-reunion meeting at the residence of Jolly & Estelita Canlas.  The group had a post-assessment of the 3-day NYC reunion held last Oct. 8-10, 2010 where the treasurer's report was presented.  They also took the opportunity to view photos and videos of the reunion.  Present were Michael Mendonez Jr., Andring Maranan, Tim Mendonez, Joey Bote, Rey & Mel Protacio, Anita Viri Pazcoquin, Gemma Galeon Reich and the hosts, Jolly & Estelita Canlas.

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures of the post-reunion gathering; 2010 NYC Post-Reunion>>>>

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2010 NYC Reunion

The 3-day 2010 Reunion of USTS'68 held from October 8-10 in New York City was a resounding success thanks to the efforts of our NorthEast Group batchmates led by Michael Mendonez Jr. as Chairperson and Andring Maranan as Co-Chairperson.  Andring generously opened his house as sleeping quarters for some batchmates and as staging area for the many gatherings leading to the grand reunion .  For pictures, videos and message of the chairperson detailing the 3-day event, please visit our 2010 New York Reunion Webpage.

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Merle and Anita Welcomed Joji

April 27, 2010 - "Merle, Anita and Joji met for dinner in Secaucus, NJ last Jan 2010. We chatted into the night, 30 minutes past the restaurant's closing time." - Joji Pangilinan Linan

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Gurmel Singh Links Up With Robert De Dios

April 4, 2010 - We received word from Gurmel Singh that he was in Colorado last month during his wife's conference with A.O.R.N. Congress in Denver.  He was able to link up with Robert De Dios who is residing in Denver together with his wife and 3 kids (Joshua - 3 yrs old, Christian 10 yrs. old and Crystal 13 yrs. old. )  Here are some pictures shared by Gurmel:

Gurmel and Robert - taken at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs

Robert with his wife and youngest kid - Joshua, 3 yrs. old.

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MannyA Reconnects with batchmate Sylvia Javier-Guanlao

Feb. 17, 2010 - "My wife, my son and I visited my daughter who lives in San Jose during this past Valentine weekend. One of the reasons for this trip was to meet a long lost good friend and batchmate, Sylvia Javier-Guanlao (thanks to Mel Singh). Sylvia is the spouse of my high school best friend, Nandy Guanlao, who passed away in 1997. I have encouraged her to submit her profile on our website so all our batchmates who wish to reconnect and reminisce good old memories can easily locate her. We had a good time exchanging memorable notes. She even brought with her an album of Nandy which she compiled from his childhood until their happy days here in the U.S. I have attached some photos of her with my family. Please welcome Sylvia to our USTHSBatch68 group. Her email address is . Thanks to all." - MannyA
(Note:  Sylvia's profile is already posted in our Profiles page.)

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the pictures shared by Manny:  MannyA with Sylvia Javier-Guanlao

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