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Erlinda Dorado-Reveche <> wrote on Dec. 12, 2012:
"Rey was my Brother in a con fraternity in University of the East. I was searching for him for a long time and found him on your website. I, Erlinda Dorado-Reveche, and two other sisters (Loida Tocol-Bocaling and Victoria Concepcion-Juan) have lots of good things to say about him, which you will be receiving soon. Will you be comfortable to let us know the cause and date of death?  We are very sad for the outcome of our search. Thank you very much for the information and your website put closure to our search. Prayers are offered. God bless.

Adrienne Hament <>
.".......The message here is very important.  It is high time that we all have to kneel and pray."
Thank you very much.

Let no one make us afraid... for in the end, only God remains


My Beloved Philippines
By Father James Reuter, S.J.

BY HER own admission, GMA (Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) rightfully assessed that over the last decades, our republic has become one of the weakest, steadily left behind by its more progressive neighbors.

Forty years ago, we were second only to Japan in economic stature, and way ahead of Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.. Today, at our present growth rate, it will take us 30 years to get to where Thailand is.

  1. A population of 160 million;
  2. Of those, 70 to 90 million (equivalent to our current population) will live below the poverty line;
  3. Our national debt is estimated to be at US$200B (compared to US$28B when Marcos fled, and US$53B today);
  4. We will be competing, not against Thailand or even Vietnam, but against Bangladesh;
  5. We will be the most corrupt nation in Asia, if not in the world (we’re already ranked 11th most corrupt nation by Transparency International)...

THE SIGNS are clear. Our nation is headed towards an irreversible path of economic decline and moral decadence. It is not for lack of effort. We’ve seen many men and women of integrity in and out of government, NGOs, church groups and people’s organization devote themselves to the task of nation-building, often times against insurmountable odds.

But not even two people’s revolutions, bloodless as they may be, have made a dent in reversing this trend. At best, we have moved one step forward, but three steps backward.

We need a force far greater than our collective efforts, as a people, can ever hope to muster. It is time to move the battle to the spiritual realm. It’s time to claim God’s promise of healing of the land for His people. It’s time to gather God’s people on its knees to pray for the economic recovery and moral reformation of our nation.

Is prayer really the answer? Before you dismiss this as just another rambling of a religious fanatic, I’d like you to consider some lessons we can glean from history.

  • England’s ascendancy to world power was preceded by the Reformation, a spiritual revival fueled by intense prayers.

  • The early American settlers built the foundation that would make it the most powerful nation today -- a strong faith in God and a disciplined prayerful life. Throughout its history, and especially at its major turning points, waves of revival and prayer movements swept across the land.

  • In recent times, we see Korea as a nation experiencing revival and in the process producing the largest Christian church in the world today, led by Rev. Paul Yongi Cho. No wonder it has emerged as a strong nation when other economies around it are faltering.

Even from a purely secular viewpoint, it makes a lot of sense. For here there is genuine humbling and seeking of God through prayer, moral reformation necessarily follows. And this, in turn, will lead to general prosperity. Yes, we believe prayer can make a difference. It’s our only hope.

TODAY, we launch this email brigade, to inform Filipinos from all over the world to pray, as a people, for the economic recovery and moral reformation of our nation. We do not ask for much. We only ask for five minutes of your time in a day, to forward this email to your close friends and relatives.

This is the kind of unity that can make a big difference. Of course, if you feel strongly, as I do, about the power of prayer, you can be more involved by starting your own prayer group or prayer center.

We have tried people power twice; in both cases, it fell short. Maybe it’s time to try prayer power. God never fails. Is there hope? Yes! We can rely on God’s promise, but we have to do our part. If we humble ourselves and pray as a people, God will heal our land.. By God’s grace, we may yet see a better future for our children.

“If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

If you care for your children and grandchildren, PLEASE pass this on.... Let’s not just abandon the Philippines.


Gurmel Singh <> wrote on Dec. 30, 2010:





Gurmel Singh <> wrote on Dec. 19, 2010:

Subject: Feast of Advent

May the feast and solemnity of advent be with you all. This year has taken me to so many places around the united states. Its been my desire to always visit any church or chapel once I arrive at a particular location, mainly to thank our good lord for making the trip possible.

As the 2010 year ends, once again I am reminded of the verse from the Ecclesiastes .....There is a time for everything and a reason for every season under heaven. Advent is a joyful season and a time of preparation... And we are now getting close to the fourth Sunday when we have to celebrate Christmas.
On my way out in one of the church I visited with my wife Evie , my eye caught this beautiful message at the entrance of the church which i wish to share with you all.... Its all about counting your blessings. Its so humbling and appropriate as we celebrate this season of advent.

Count your blessings

Count your blessings instead of your crosses.
Count your gains instead of your losses;
count your joys instead of your woes,
count your friends instead of your foes,
count your smiles instead of your tears,
count your courage instead of your fears,
count your full years instead of your lean;
count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
Count your health instead of your wealth;
and...count on God instead of yourself.

God's blessings may come as a surprise. How much we receive depend on how much we give and our heart can give.. Maybe blessed beyond what we expect.

Humbly wise, and keep your heart on the right path.
Always remembering you're blessed when you're contented with just who you are - no more ,no less, thats the moment we find ourselves proud owner of everything that can't be bought.

From my family to yours...i wish you all a blessed advent with a prayer of good health ,strength and bountiful blessings in the years to come...

May the light of our lord be with our departed love ones and batch mates as we solemnly celebrate advent...and
May our good Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The good Lord be with you at all times.

Mel, Evie, Michael, Melissa, Boss

Gurmel Singh <> wrote on Nov. 24, 2010:












Danny Dinio <> wrote on Nov. 14, 2010:
I received an e-mail chain that appears to have originated from you (forwarded to me via Juris Telmo)indicating that you are planning another UST High batch 68 reunion and are trying to reconnect with your many 'long lost' schoolmates.

As we (you and me) never had much contact in our high school days, I was a bit skeptical about the message at first. So, out of curiosity, I went ahead and 'googled' ust high and was quite pleasantly surprised to find that there is now a well-established website dedicated to renewing connections among the members of the 1968 graduating class. Ended up browsing the site for hours and certainly enjoyed it.

I am sending this e-mail to be counted among the class 68 members that have been long 'lost' and have now been 'found'. Been in the US for over 20 years and currently living in the Pacific Nortwest. (BTW if you noticed two incoming calls to your cell phone from a 360 area code, that was probably me trying to get in touch with you. Also hope this doesn't end up in your junk mail unnoticed).

Also copying Albert and Lorna Buenviaje and Don Mejia to say hello and be marked as 'present' as they appear to be the (web)master(mind)s behind this all.

Hope the years have treated you and each of your families well. I look forward to getting a chance to reconnect in one of the future reunions.

Danny Dinio

Do any of you happen to have contact information for Ernie Morales? Would like to touch base with him but the website doesn't appear to have a profile or contact details for him.
Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa <> wrote on Nov.12, 2010:


May I invite you to please register at the USTHSAAI's official website: We need your registration as it is from this database that we research our recommendations to the University when asked on specific criteria, ie Outstanding Alumni, Successful Alumni, etc.... etc. Best also to email your Bio-Data/Info Sheet to Rest assured that these are not to be published and will be treated with confidentiality.

Thank you.


 Mr. Michael Angelo E. Malicsi <> wrote on Oct. 27, 2010:


The offering of a 30% discount from Philippine Airlines for all UST alumni joining to celebrate the Quadricentennial Celebrations in January 2011 is valid and true. As it is an internal arrangement, no direct bookings are being entertained by any of PAL’s ticketing offices; hence, PAL agents will not be aware of such discount. This arrangement was formalized in a meeting, of which I was present, between the officials of PAL and UST. The partnership resulted to PAL being the official carrier of UST’s Quadricentennial Anniversary. Mr. Erickson D. Pabalan, Executive Assistant of the UST Office for Grants and Endowment, has been officially designated by the Office of the Rector to liaise with PAL and submit to them a masterlist of the alumni who will avail of the said discount. Official guidelines and procedure to carry this out have been prepared and coordinated with PAL. The said guidelines and procedure may be procured from Mr. Pabalan.

The members of our community in the University, composed of officials, faculty members, students, alumni, and support staff, are working very hard to ensure that the Quadricentennial Anniversary be celebrated in the best and grandest way possible. We are committed to our cause to deliver ways and means for the Thomasian alumni to enjoy certain discounts and privileges so that they will be able to join the celebration conveniently. Your cooperation and understanding, however, are also essential to our preparations. Our only intention is to let the Thomasian alumni have a memorable experience of this milestone.

Thank you.

Director, Office for Alumni Relations (OAR)
Faculty Member of English and Literature
University of Santo Tomas

USTHS AAI < > wrote on Oct. 11, 2010
Come and Join the Thomasian Global Trade Expo
October 15-17, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center
Pre Xmas Bazaar,
Food Health and Wellness Festival,
Art Design and Construction Show,
PC Buyers IT Village, IT and Trade Services,

Please pass!!! "


As of September 29, 2010:

Please be advised of the guidelines for the preliminary steps in order to avail the 30% discount from PAL:
  1. The Grants Office (GO) will get the details of the UST alumni (the passenger) such as passport name, graduation name, gender, batch and course in UST, date of birth, date of departure from place of origin, date of return to place of origin, and place of origin.
  2. The GO will forward the alumni details to the UST Office for Alumni Relations for the verification of the alumni.
  3. The verified alumni will be forwarded to Philippine Airlines for the process of booking.

After which, the passenger will be advised where and who to contact for the release of the ticket which will be done at the ticket office of the PLACE OF ORIGIN of the passenger. Inquiries for the rate will be also entertained by PAL from the ticket office of place of origin.

As of this time, PAL advised us that step no. 4 will be finally given next week (first week of October). Kindly be patient with us and with them for this matter.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

Executive Assistant
Grants and Endowment Office
Ground Floor, Main Building
University of Santo Tomas, Espana, ManilaPhilippines

Sept. 10, 2010

Greetings from UST!


For the alumni abroad who will be attending the Quadricentennial Celebration of UST next year and who are interested to avail the privilege of 30% discount on Philippine Airlines airfare, kindly send me the following details of each passenger:


PASSPORT NAME (please include maiden name for females who are married)




DATE OF FLIGHTS (From and To or back and forth if flying 2-way)



After receiving the details, we'll send you the amount to be paid. Please note that  only Thomasian alumni are entitled for the said discount. Traverl period will start on January 2011. Return date will be your own choice but should be within 2 months from the date of departure.


Thanks and God bless.


Executive Assistant
Grants and Endowment Office
University of Santo Tomas
Espana, Manila, Philippines
Tel. (63-2) 4061611 loc.8430
Telefax (63-2) 7499730

For more info, please email Mr. Erick Pabalan at

Bing Macavinta <> wrote on April 24, 2010:
Hello fellow Batch Mates,

Another website has been added for our 2010 USA Reunion     CALENDAR of EVENTS

Check out who's shown interest in attending, as well as  who'll be there for sure @   2010 USA Reunion

A 3rd one will be coming up soon that will provide lists of Hotels, Tours and City Guides.  Make sure to bookmark these sites to keep you abreast with the latest on our next USA Reunion. 

And to those that are still undecided, I really hope you will not let this one pass by without being a part of it.  Our Northeast Group is doing their hardest to make our next reunion a grand experience!
  Remember, you chose New York to be the next venue.  You can be assured that it will be an experience to happily remember :-bd

Please help promote it.  We ARE all ONE - a common thread binds us altogether :d

later, later ;)

Northeast Reunion Host:
Michael Mendonez (Chairperson)
Tel# 631 863 2661 (day)
Tel# 516 581 3788 (night)

Andring Maranan (Co-Chair)
Tel # 347 228 6951

Rey Protacio

Tel# 732 599 0212

Joey Bote
Tel# 646 707 4711

Oct 8, 9  & 10, 2010
New York City

Gurmel Singh <>  wrote on April 3, 2010:
"I have  just been in a faith sharing class for the last six months and wishes to share this ....

A humbling reflection ..thoughts in solitude,

My Lord God,
I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so. But I believe the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire. And I know that, if I do this, you will lead me by the right road, though I may know nothing about it. Therefore, I will trust you always though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my peril alone.

Question usually arises in us about our trials.. Pain and suffering in this life, why such things happen or the question why do bad things happen to good people. It's truly a mystery! And yet when we look at the cross we can perhaps find comforting answers. Our good Lord endure the pain and agony of humanity. We just have to trust the good Lord 's love and that is to bring the greater goodness in us. I was reminded of father Pio 's remark...the more we suffer the more we are blessed to experience a part of what Christ went thru.

God bless and may the peace, joy and solemnity of Easter be with you and your family."



Applications are now open to incoming high school freshmen who wish to study at the University of Santo Tomas High School as a USTHS-USTHS Alumni Association Inc. scholar.
Applicants must pass three initial criteria: They (1) must be the child or descendant of a USTHS alumnus; and (2) their family’s annual income level is P250,000 or below; (3) final average upon graduation from elementary should be 85% or higher and conduct should be at least 80%; pertinent elementary school documents must be presented as well. The selected applicant must ultimately pass the USTHS entrance examination and interview.
The USTHS-USTHSAAI scholar gets to enjoy full exemption from tuition fees, plus uniform and textbook allowances. To continue enjoying the scholarship in the succeeding year until graduation, the scholar must maintain an average grade of 85 or higher per grading period. In terms of grades, the scholar must have no grade lower than 80 in all conduct components—namely, Integrity, Diligence, Punctuality/Attendance, Being Law-Abiding, and Courtesy—even in the general average of Conduct, while his or her grades in the academic subjects should average 85 or higher.
The USTHS-USTHSAAI joint scholarship program was initially established in 2000 and institutionalized in 2008 to cover at least one scholar per year level in UST High School. Its funding is generally derived from the accumulated donations of the respective jubilarian batches of the yearly Grand Alumni Homecomings (GAHs), as well as from the general revenue of every GAH.
The scholarship fund has naturally become a way of encouraging USTHS alumni of different generations to come together and give back to their Alma Mater. In fact, most recently, USTHS Batch 1960 made the unprecedented donation of P1.1 million to the said fund. The program is likewise a means to inculcate in the scholars themselves an appreciation for their Alma Mater that they would ideally maintain once it is their turn to be USTHS alumni.
The nearly-a-century-old UST High School is one of the enduring fixtures of UST, which is currently on a yearlong countdown to the entire University’s quadricentennial (400th-year anniversary) celebration.
Interested applicants may contact the USTHS Secretary at 406-1611 1ocal 8270 or 731-4785 or email Applicants are received Monday to Friday during regular office hours on a first-come, first-served basis; deadline for application is on April 30, 2010.
For further details or inquiries about the USTHSAAI and its programs and activities, please email  or visit .

Bing Macavinta <> wrote on March 14, 2010:

Hello Batch Mates,
click above to view

We hope it's getting you excited & thrilled.  And most of all, you will answer the call with a Yes! (youpi).   We really want to get a pulse of where everyone is.
So, if you possibly can - please let us know what your intention is.  We want to start a tally. This will be a big help in planning. 

  1. Yes - alone or w/a guest
  2. No  (caution:  never close the door.  Think Possible!)
  3. Maybe - (a percentage estimate would be ideal ;))

Some of you have already indicated your intent earlier.  But to the others, your response will be appreciated.  A follow-up call may be made to you by
the undersigned -
(perhaps by Rey Protacio or Mike Mendonez)


In case, you were unable to open the attachments that were sent to you earlier, you may access them now below:

- Preliminary Program Schedule
- Registration Form

Your cooperation and your support are greatly appreciated!!!!

as always,

Northeast Reunion Host:
Michael Mendonez (Chairperson)
Tel# 631 863 2661 (day)
Tel# 516 581 3788 (night)

Andring Maranan (Co-Chair)
Tel # 347 228 6951

Rey Protacio

Tel# 732 599 0212

Joey Bote
Tel# 646 707 4711

Oct 8, 9  & 10, 2010
New York City

Mr. Mike Malicisi, Director of the Office For Alumni Relations <> wrote on March 3, 2010:

My fellow Thomasian

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Michael Angelo “Mike” E. Malicsi, Director of the University of Santo Tomas Office for Alumni Relations.  I have the privilege of informing you of the forthcoming Activities and Highlights of the Quadricentennial Anniversary of our alma mater in 2011.  While the Quadricentennial Activities and Highlights are spread throughout 2011 and 2012, there are two (3) primary activities that you should not miss:  

27 January 2011 (Thursday); Football Field and Parade Ground, UST Campus


1.       Simultaneous Activities of the alumni at the lobby of the different buildings organized by the faculties and colleges.  These activities are photo opportunities, tour of the building, and signing of the alumni welcome board.

2.       Registration for the 40,000 Voice for 2012 Program (whole day).

3.       Unveiling of the Tetraglobal Monument and countdown to midnight

4.       Presentation of the 400 titles with the UST Coffee Table Book as the 400th title

5.       Grand Program at 8:00 p.m.

6.        Fireworks at 12:00 m.n.

Ticket rates for this event are PhP 1,000, PhP 500, and PhP 200.

28 January 2011 (Friday); Plaza Mayor, UST Campus


1.       Registration for the 40,000 Voices for 2012 (whole day).

2.       Grand Procession in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary at 5:00 p.m.

3.       Concelebrated Thanksgiving Mass at 6:00 p.m.

4.       Grand Dinner for the Thomasian community and alumni

Ticket rate for this event is PhP 1,500.

 29 January 2011 (Saturday); UST Campus


1.       Formation of “400 Years UST” at the Football Field and Parade Ground

2.       Fair and other student activities

3.       Registration for the 40,000 Voices for 2012 (whole day).

4.       Noon-time show

Admission is free.  The Grand Thomasian Family Day shall also be open to the alumni who wish to put up stalls or kiosks for food or merchandise.  Please contact the Office for Alumni Relations for terms and concessions.

 Registration fee for the 40,000 Voices for 2012 is at PhP 500 inclusive of the official T-shirt, CD containing the songs to be sung, and libretto.  This activity aims to be enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

 Other details such as seat plan and programme will be furnished to you very soon.  An online reservation and payment shall be put up as well in due time.  For now, you may initially let me know of your attendance and how many of you are coming.  I also ask you to spread this information.

 Indeed, these are exciting times.  We are blessed because our alma mater, the oldest in Asia, is celebrating her 400th anniversary during our lifetime.  We should take the opportunity to be part of this, part of history, part of the Lord’s unending grace.

 Go USTe!

 With my best wishes,

Director, Office for Alumni Relations (OAR)
Faculty Member of English and Literature
University of Santo Tomas
Room 108, Ground Floor, Office for Alumni Relations
España, Manila 1015
Telephone Numbers: 63.2.743.92.70 / 63.2.406.1611 local 8571 & 8556
<mail to:>

"Every drop in the ocean can create millions of ripples on its surface."

Stronger Alumni Ties, Greater Thomasian Pride

Gurmel Singh <> wrote on Feb. 17, 2010:
"May the grace ,peace and solemnity of the lent season be with you all!!
Thanks Manny for sharing the pictures. We just got back from the's Ash Wednesday and the week of my B-day... I believe its Sylvia's b-day too. I was able to connect w/ Sylvia last May 2009 before our reunion ...after 13 yrs. of no communications. I was trying to encourage her to come. Unfortunately, there were some conflict w/ her schedule.. I met with them a few times when Nandy was still alive. Few months after, Nandy died in his sleep. I am thankful I was able to do a eulogy for him. I will always remember Nandy for his congenial personality and contagious smile.
God bless,
Leebai Gamboa <> wrote on Jan. 1, 2010:
"Subject:UST High Alumni: Come and Represent Your Batch!
Hi, UST High School alumni! You and your family are cordially invited to represent your batch at the 2010 USTHS Grand Alumni Homecoming!

The annual culminating activity of UST High School Week, the USTHS Grand Alumni Homecoming takes place on February 20, 2010, at Plaza Mayor (right in front of the Main Building, España, Manila). Registration starts at 4 p.m. A Holy Mass will be celebrated at 5 p.m., to be followed by the dinner at 6 p.m. Main show starts at 7 p.m. Special prizes await lucky ticketholders!

Bring noisemakers, confetti cannons, batch balloons and anything else that can add to your prominence during the show's hearty Batch Roll Call!

The 2010 Homecoming's theme is "Nuggets Noon, 24K Ngayon (Handang Maglingkod, Lahat ng Panahon)," which emphasizes how far we've come since being young adults back in high school to becoming accomplished individuals and professionals, and how we can now return the favor to our Alma Mater by attending the Homecoming.. Indeed, proceeds of the 2010 Grand Alumni Homecoming will go to the UST High School/USTHS Alumni Association Inc.'s joint scholarship program for deserving USTHS students of today and tickets are just at P500 each!

So no matter if you're from the USTHS batches of the 1940s or the 2000s or elsewhere in between, get your tickets now!

For ticket reservations, text 0939-6519221 or 0915-4891535 or email . For more details, visit  or find Uste Highshool on Facebook. Please indicate your full name, batch year, mobile number and email address when inquiring or reserving.

Let's all represent at the USTHS Grand Alumni Homecoming this February!

Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa
Eduardo Reyes <> wrote on Dec. 31, 2009:
To all my dear classmates,
God Bless,
Eduardo "Eddie"  Reyes
UST HS Class ‘68
Section B
Gurmel Singh <> wrote on Dec. 25, 2009:
"May the peace ,grace,love and comfort of the advent season be with you all!
I wish you all the many blessings of the advent season.
May the Holy Spirit continue to rekindle gift of peace, compassion and love in our heart which we will never find under a Christmas tree.
In time of suffering and trials, may we be reminded of Christ's humanity for the salvation of mankind.
God is love . God is good . And most of all God is compassionate. May we learn to share these gifts to those who hurt.
A Blessed Christmas and a Joyful New Year to all!
Love and prayer
Mel, Evie, Michael, Melissa, Boss
Bing Macavinta <> wrote on Dec. 15, 2009:
Hello fellow batch mates,

I have just gotten the copy of Rey Maranan's DVD for our Las Vegas Reunion.  It is over half-hour overview of the Friday-Saturday events.  If you wish to have a copy,
please email me with your name and address and I will be more than happy to mail you one (FREE).

Also, please mark your calendar for our next USA Reunion, to be hosted by our Northeast group in New York - weekend of October 8, 9 & 10, 2010
Keep an eye on it in your email and/or our website @ .  Details will follow.    I hope you will make every effort to make this one
Lastly, wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas!
Life IS truly Good!

Imagine Happy ;)
Leebai Gamboa <> wrote on Dec. 1, 2009:
Hello, UST High School alumni!
It's been awhile since you've been to your Alma Mater, hasn't  it? Why not make a return visit to the UST campus this February? Make it even more momentous by joining the 2010 UST High School Grand Alumni Homecoming!

The annual culminating activity of UST High School Week, the USTHS Grand Alumni Homecoming will unfold on February 20, 2010. The venue is Plaza Mayor, right in front of the UST Main Building (España, Manila). Registration starts at 4 p.m. A Holy Mass will be celebrated at 5 p.m., to be followed by the dinner at 6 p.m. The show starts at 7 p.m. Special prizes will also be raffled off during the show!

The 2010 Homecoming's theme shall be  - Nuggets Noon, 24K Ngayon (Handang Maglingkod, Lahat ng Panahon) - in reference to how far we've come since being fledgling adults back in high school to becoming accomplished individuals and
professionals, and how we can now give back to our Alma Mater by attending the Homecoming at just P500 per ticket. After all, proceeds of the 2010 Grand Alumni Homecoming will go to the joint scholarship program of UST High School and the USTHS Alumni Association Inc. deserving USTHS students of today.

Get your tickets now! For ticket reservations, text 0939-6519221 or 0915-4891535 or email . For more details, visit or find UsteHighschool on Facebook. Please indicate your full name, batch year, mobile number and email addy when inquiring or reserving.

Thank you and let's all come home to USTHS in February 2010!

Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa

Leebai Gamboa <> wrote on Oct. 24, 2009:
The UST High School and the UST High School Alumni Association Inc. are pleased to invite you to the

UST High School Grand Alumni Homecoming 2010 (GAH 2010)
Theme: "Nuggets Noon, 24K
Ngayon (Handang Maglingkod, Lahat ng Panahon)"
Na-Gets N'yo? Kaya Tara sa...
February 20, 2010
5 p.m., Plaza Mayor (in front of the Main Building)
UST Campus, España, Manila

For details, please visit  or Uste Highschool at Facebook.

For ticket reservations, email us at  or text 0939-6519221 / 0915-4891535. Please indicate your full name, year graduated and email address.

GAH 2010, don't miss it!

Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa
UST High School Alumni Association, Inc

Danilo Diy <> wrote on Sept. 23, 2009:
"Viewed all the reunion pics and videos (both local and USA) and dreamt/wished of having a batch '68 (only) grand reunion sometime soon before we all get too old to attend this memorable event. 2013 (45th) is still too far off. Missed also the almost monthly reunions over at Ricky's place. Perhaps some kind hearted batch mate can pitch in for its revival."
Jun Sibug <> wrote on Sept. 4, 2009:
Hey WOW! This is cool, I was able to search and find my first year class picture of USTHS71 and filed it for reprint of the memories. 1991, my house burned down with my Veritas year book. All memoirs of my UST high school graduating class went up in smoke. If you want to have your class photos (any batch) searched from first year to third year or just like me who lost my entire Veritas and recovered not only my yearbook but my class pictures from first year to fourth year. I can do it for you, just email me your request."
Bing Macavinta < > wrote on July 12, 2009:
Hello All,
Just want to share with you the You Tube movie I've just uploaded (the first movie I've created) from selected pictures from our reunion weekend in Vegas.  This You Tube version has been edited down to the maximum length allowed to be uploaded. So, I've cut out a few scenes to make the cut.  The names have been eliminated, except for mine (& of course the picture of the name tags).  The initial copy is longer & has some perks.

Watch it in HQ mode and expanded screen.  It's pretty good.  Click the link below



Bing Macavinta < > wrote on July 6, 2009:
Hello Batch mates!
Just heads up, so you can start planning now.  The 2nd USA Reunion, to be hosted by the Northeast Group, has been moved closer.  It will be on the weekend of (Columbus Holiday)
October 8, 9 & 10, 2010 -
yup - Next Year!   

Mike Mendonez has agreed to chair it. 
Contact Person:    Rey Protacio at
For now - mark your calendar & save those dates.

and As always,
Abundant Blessings!

Bing Macavinta

Fe Sto. Domingo Aquino < > wrote on June 21, 2009:
Just to identify the "friends" in the picture with the caption "Ching Alano and Amy Chua with some high school friends" in the reminiscing section of your high school website:  Front row, right, Fe Quintal, at the back, Zenaida Lee & Aniceta Fajutrao (all from batch 1966).  Thanks.
Olive Tiburcio <> wrote on May 6, 2009:
"Congratulations to the SoCal team for hosting the 2009 USA Reunion Weekend in Las Vegas! You made organizing an event this big look easy. And to everyone who participated in making it a success in every way, a special thank you for a reunion to remember. Cheers!"
Efren Villa <> wrote on April 17, 2009:
"Subject:  UST Class 68 - 40th Anniversary
Hi batchmates,
A couple of days ago one of our batchmates, Zeny Baluyot came to Ottawa to attend a government IT Security course and was kind enough to give me a copy of the UST Class 68 - 40th Anniversary DVDs. Cesar Fernandez from Toronto, Canada duplicated the DVDs and sent them through Zeny.
I watched all the DVDs until wee hours in the morning. I felt as if I was with the guys in Manila at least in spirit. Lechon, sugpo you seldom get a chance to eat them here in Canada. I was surprised that I only recognized a few of our batchmates, times has change and we are really getting old. A few faces that hasn't changed were Cesar Fernandez, Nicky Navarro, Ricky Yatco (condolence to his family), Chito Zuniga, Linda Yu, Claro Preclaro, Albert Pangan, Joey Crisostomo, Ed Alimagno and Batch Cuyugan. I'm glad that we had celebrated the UST Class 68 anniversary before anyone can attend such event on a walker or wheel chair.
To organize a successful event of that magnitude must have taken a lot of dedicated time from our fellow batchmates who volunteered their own time to make it successful. Thank you very much to the guys who dedicated their own time to get the event going.
I remember when I was a Captain in the military assigned to Metrocom Western Sector. During one of our drug related raids in Quezon City one of the guys who got busted was Benny Guidote. While he was getting booked, he called my name out of nowhere (he was screaming Villa) and I knew immediately this guy knew me. I could barely recognize Benny's face when I approached him, he looked haggard, helpless and confused. Anyways, I got him out without any problem or police record. I did not know if that letting him go was good because after that incident every time he got busted he mentioned my name to the arresting officers and they had to let him go. Sad to say, he passed away.
I did not get a chance to attend the anniversary in the Philippines last time but I will surely make it to Las Vegas. See you batchmates in Las Vegas."
Chito Zuniga <> wrote on April 3, 2009:
"Subject: Website
I would like to suggest to add "refrain from sending religious chain letter" in your "pakiusap" notice, specially those with threat of failure or bad luck if you did not circulate the letter in so many days and to so many people. Thanks." 
Bing Macavinta <> wrote on Feb. 5, 2009:

Dear Manila Batch Mates:

Just heads up:

  • Ernie Morales will be in Manila from Feb 8-18 for  vacation - 931-8028- Quezon City
  • Raffy Eusebio will also be in Manila to attend the 40th  of his wife's, (Lottie), class.

To those who are seriously planning to attend our 2009 USA Reunion and can, please take this opportunity to  remit your reunion dues of $80 per person to either one.  The deadline for payment is March 15th and we must have it then IF you want to be counted.  Also, please fill out the Registration Form.

I'm sure you will bump into either one or both.  And we all hope, to see a number of you then.


and As always,
Abundant Blessings! (#)


Leebai Gamboa <> wrote on Jan. 12, 2009:
"Greetings fellow Thomasians!
Since its re-incorporation over a year ago, the Board established as one of its most important responsibility the unification of all UST High School alumni. Toward this end, the Board started planning the best way to contact, reach out to and touch base with fellow alumni scattered all over the country and abroad.
Early this year, the Board, in consultation with other alumni who have began taking active interest and participation in the affairs of the new and revitalized Association, decided to organize USTE2TATE, a 2-week sojourn, initially to the West Cost United States, to meet with officers and members of some of the more active “local” associations there. To highlight or demonstrate the importance of the “visit”, it was envisioned that the delegation will include representatives from the University, selected officers of the alumni association and other fellow alumni who expressed willingness to join the delegation at their own expense. The trip was scheduled for May 2009.
Quite unfortunately, the effect of the US financial crisis that exploded in August may impact negatively in some many aspects and on not quite a few people. This being the case, the Board again, in consultation with the parties concerned decided to hold in abeyance the planned trip for 2009 and to reschedule it at another time, preferably before 2011.
It is with extreme sadness, therefore, that we have to officially announce the cancellation of USTE2TATE in 2009. The prevailing uncertainties further inspired us to rationalize our undertakings and the sources by which we find funding for our programs.
The association has two major tasks on hand we must undertake very soon. This is to shore up the endowment fund for the Scholarship Program for Secondary Education we have institutionalized of late. The other is to mount an event during the annual Grand Alumni Homecoming of the UST High School scheduled to happen in February 2009. These things require funding from corporate sponsors that could overlap with the marketing requirements of USTE2TATE which will also be funded from linear sources. The move, therefore, can be taken in the context of a strategic decision designed to protect the viability of these two programs.
Let us all hope and pray that the adverse economic situation that we all face will have abated and sufficiently improved by then to allow us to implement our plan in time for our quadri-centennial in 2011.
We would like to thank all those who supported with enthusiasm the planned activity. More particularly, we thank Ms. Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa for having laid down its foundation and hope that the lines she recently opened will be utilized to its fullest in parallel intentions and in more favourable times.
Thank you.
Bing Macavinta <> wrote on Jan. 4, 2009:

Hi All
You are going to be seeing a lot of  me  in your email box in the  Time Remaining  before our very First USA Reunion.

First item of business IS your immediate attention to an imperative (is that demading enough word
:d) action on your part for our Souvenir Program    The deadline (FEB 15th) for sending your picture is fastly approaching.  Putting this project together is a tedious job, so your utmost cooperation is truly appreciated.  Send any latest picture or any picture of your choice now (what you can do now is 1- less item on your To Do List. )  

Second item:  former teacher Rod Cantiveros  has generously & kindly offered to provide our USA Reunion banner AND offering to publish a "Tabloid" of 4-colored pages, which will be distributed as part of a souvenir. I will get back to you (soon) for the contents (e.g. pictures (again
(oui)),   Q&A).

As to the registration fee- please make note of the new deadline date. 
If it helps, you may send it in installments by issuing post-dated check(s).  Any donations by those able & capable, but are unable to attend, will certainly be greatly appreciated.  

And lastly please continue to promote our 2009 USA Reunion
An UPDATE page has been added for the latest, on-going, just about "anything" for the reunion.

Last, but can never be the least, is my sincerest appreciation to all that you have done and continue to do to make this a very memorable occasion!   Its success is all ours - usths class of 1968!

and As always,
Abundant Blessings! (#)

Bing Macavinta
Chair - 2009 USA Reunion

Prof. Rod E. Cantiveros <> wrote on Dec. 20, 2008:
"Wishing everyone a sincere spirit of giving and sharing...
we have not lost the child in us...believe!
Merry Christmas and the best of 2009.
Blessing is bountiful...share it with others."
Odette Wallace <> wrote on Dec. 14, 2008:


Bing Macavinta <> wrote on Dec. 14, 2008:

"Hello All

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  There are certainly a lot to be grateful for despite the seemingly somber global mood. 

We just had our meeting yesterday, Dec 13th,  and we are all getting excited about our 2009 USA Reunion.  Time is certainly flying by and the COUNTDOWN continues on. 

We are grateful to those who have sent in their payments by the due date (Nov. 30th.)  It gives us a good measure for our planning.  We are very much aware of the current economic climate, thus we have modified the DETAILS on the payment terms, while being careful to allot reasonable time for the "due date" needed to seal the deal for the venue.  We have already made the 1/2 deposit for our music.  Please feel free to contact me or any of the Core Team -  listed on  the INVITATION for any kind of arrangement to accommodate, if any, of your special circumstance & to make it possible for you to attend our very FIRST USA Reunion!
  (It could be the only one - so seize the moment!)  Bear in mind - We ARE a FAMILY First!

I have also updated the "List of Attendees" both by TIME ZONE  and by  SECTION.  All of the links highlighted in this email can also be found at our USTHS68 website; Otherwise, bookmark them, so you can check them from time to time.  Remember to REFRESH the page when you view it for the first time (since I'm & will be constantly making changes).

The Core Team is doing its very best to ensure that: Class of 68 - 2009 USA Reunion - will be a moment to remember next email

and As always,
Abundant Blessings! (#)

Bing Macavinta
Chair - 2009 USA Reunion

Rocky Siasoco <> wrote on Dec. 5, 2008:
"Hi Everybody!
This is just to remind everybody and give a heads up for the USTHS Grand Alumni Homecoming 2009 on Feb. 21, 2009 at the UST Campus.
Tickets are priced at Php 500 and will be available soon. Pls spread the word in your respective batches. Thank you.
God bless and Happy Holidays."
Leebai Gamboa <> wrote on  Nov 15, 2008

"The accreditation of the USTHS Alumni Assn, Inc. with the Philippine Association of Accredited Schools, Colleges & Universities (PAASCU) is currently in process. This is yet another step in cementing the legitimacy of our Alumni Association, and something that we had been unable to do in USTHS's 81 years of existence. We, your officers of the USTHSAAI, will present to the PAASCU this Thursday, November 20.

Among the requirements for accreditation is a healthy membership database. Hence, we call upon all USTHS graduates to PLEASE REGISTER IMMEDIATELY and be counted.

Simply click on

Please forward to USTHS graduates.

Mabuhay ang Tomasino!
Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa
Vice President
UST High School Alumni Association, Inc 
Rocky Siasoco < > wrote on 10/14/2008:

Dear Colleagues:

The USTHS will be under audit next month for accreditation by PAASCU. This is a significant milestone for the UST High School as it embarks on a mission for higher learning and improved standards of teaching.

One of the areas that will be possibly looked into by PAASCU is alumni relations amongst graduates of UST High School. Hence, our alumni association maybe subjected to extended organizational audit specifically on matters related to our tracking mechanism.

Please encourage your respective batchmates here and abroad to immediately register in our website This will also give them the opportunity to receive regular news updates and announcements regarding the activities of our alumni association.

Kindly help us extend this message to all other egroups, batch leaders and graduates of UST High School.

Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Trisha Dungo <> wrote on 8/31/2008:
"I came across your message board last night and read some of the posts, saw pictures. I surfed through the website and realized that my father's profile had not been updated. Roy P. Dungo was my father and he passed away almost nine years ago, on September 27, 1999. He had a long 4 year battle with cancer, and is survived by 4 kids and 2 stepsons, brothers, sisters and mother. Though cut short, he lived a fruitful life and was a successful in all endeavors. He was a graduate of NJIT, here in the us and worked as an engineer. My father Roy then received certs as an echo-tech worked along side his brother for years. My dad managed Rock bands on the side and even owned a successful bar and grill, in which he was the chef. His faith in GOD kept him going through the years.
Roy P. Dungo, my dad, was an EVANGELIST and a Sunday school teacher in the Philippines before his diagnosis. I miss him dearly and pray for his guidance. I feel his presence constantly and try to tell both my fiance and 2yr old son about him and the kind of man he was. I hope that everybody has fond memories of him that one day can be shared. Thank you for taking the time to read this. GOD BLESS!!!"
Ms Bing Macavinta <>wrote on 8/10/2008:
Hello All

I've created A link to our 2009 USA Reunion & the new link
for the Countdown. Take a look .    Please PASS these along.  Bookmark them, specially if you are presently only toying with the thought of attending it    & don't feel the excitement yet to firmly say "Yes" .  And most importantly help promote it!   If you possibly belong to a social network (i.e. my space, facebook, friendster, classmates, alumni net and any blogging sites), post a link or mention them.   We're in this one together

 Let's spread the Good News
YOUR Special Invitation

And a Reminder, to check in once in a while at the:


If you view this on a Foxfire browser, then you'll see the special effects I've added in.  It's too bad, one of them does not show on an IE brower - oh well

The numbers are going up
.  The planning Core Team & I will do our utmost best to make that weekend, if not that evening, a moment to remember .  Please feel free to contact me anytime."
Eli Reyes <> wrote on 8/1/2008:
Subject:  Congrats to Class '68
"Hi my name is Elias Reyes Jr.  I was a classmate of yours for 2 yrs then I transferred to San Sebastian College, graduated in 1968 and graduated college with BS Economics in 1972. If you still remember me? I would like to attend your 1968 class reunion. It would be nice to see old classmates and as far as I remember I know a lot of the graduates of HS'68. Hope to hear from you soon."
Bing Macavinta <> wrote on 7/12/2008:
The girl's Section "C" as in "CUTE" is gaining in numbers . They are seemingly coming out of the woodwork one by one They definitely said "YES" & are excited to see one another at the 2009 USA Reunion!  Hopefully, the boy's Section "C" as in "C-kat" will match it in attendance as well.
until next time "
Josie Larida-Bacud <> wrote on 6/12/2008:
Olive Tiburcio <> wrote on 4/27/2008:
"Bebet & Ernie, you rock!!!"
Julieta Casis <> wrote on 4/25/2008:
"This is to share with you that along with Bebet, our batchmate Ernie Espinosa has reaped accolades for our batch and for the country as well.
Ernie was recently elected President of the World HR Federation during the 12th World HR Congress held in London.
Ernie has also served as President of the Asia Pacific Federation HR Federation for two terms. Let's congratulate him for adding another feather to the cap of UST Batch 68!"
Butch Centeno <> wrote on 4/24/2008:
"Congratualtions to Bebet and all members of the organizing committee for a job well done."
Enrie Sabio <> wrote on 4/24/2008:
"CONGRATS BEBET and to ALL who were behind her."
Don Mejia <> wrote on 4/23/2008:
"Bebet did it again!! We are proud of our batchmate Ms.Bebet Gillera Gozun's accomplishment for our batch. She will receive the certificate of recognition in behalf of our Batch. Proud to be USTHS Batch68!!!!
Odette Wallace <> wrote on 4/23/2008:
"Bebet is the rightful recipient and should be recognized for she did the major part of the legwork , nitty gritty details and the hardcore push to keep everybody working! The rest were also major participants in their own way that helped set the harmony of the working group. You may call it "Bebet et al."
Rocky Siasoco <> wrote on 4/20/2008:
"Dear Bebet,
       In compliance with our by-laws, we will conduct the 2nd Annual Batch Leaders Assembly on May 10 (Saturday) from 10-12nn at the USTHS Building.  Furthermore, the Class of 1968 will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition for helping  institutionalize the P1.1M Scholarship Program for Secondary Education in the USTHS.

Best regards,
Rocky Siasoco
President - UST HS Alumni Asso. Inc.

Bing Macavinta <> wrote on 3/31/2008:
""Now that the dust have began to settle, my guess is everyone (specially on this side of the globe) are pretty much back to the normal routine of grinding a living;). I've regularly looked at the pictures as they post in increasing numbers - seeing all the happy faces, different poses, some silly, and certainly a picture of complete teenage-hood joy.
From the number of messages posted (including on the Yahoo e-group), plus personal comments from a handful that I've spoken with, each & everyone of them have been elated by the experience. They all appreciated the tireless efforts, works, & unbelievable dedication that you, the Manila team, have exhibited to make it a memorable 40th. Everyone (& you know who you are), including the ones that were "behind the scene," so to speak, those that extended "acts of kindness" i.e. "limo" service if you will :); those that hosted additional get-together, without question, put forth their hearts to make everyone feel welcome and at home, thus creating in us that wanting of "Maulit Muli!"
I can only speak for myself, but even from afar I was truly touched by the extra mile expended by the Manila team in nailing down a reunion that will simply be forever remembered! We cannot thank you enough, but just the same- Thank you!"
Don Mejia <> wrote on 3/7/2008:
 "Mabuhay!!!  Salamat sa inyong lahat."
Freya Halili Wendling wrote on 3/7/2008:
"Kudos on the success of our 40th (Ruby) celebration. I’m sure everybody felt like a “high-schooler” again."
Jayvee Omana <> wrote on 3/6/2008:
"“Ito ang tinatawag na tunay na ligaya sa dulo ng walang hanggan.
Eto na siguro ang hinintay na sandali na makita natin ang isat isa.
Everybody looks great, young looking, vibrant and on fire. I was impressed.
Congratulations to the entire casts of the organizing committee for a splendid job.
The planning and execution were great.
Siguradong Mauulit Muli Ito Ngayon at Kailanman."
Olive Tiburcio <> wrote on 3/6/2008:
"I'm sure our ruby anniversary celebration is a 3-day event we will remember for a very long time.
To the fantastic team that planned, organized and executed every detail to perfection: Congratulations and thank you very much for making it happen!"
Flora Baetiong <>  wrote on 3/4/2008:
I arrived in Chicago on 2/23,in time for another winter storm but I'm oblivious to the bitterly cold weather coz may hang over pa ako ng ating reunion. It was indeed worth coming home to. Thank you so much to the organizing committee--you did an excellent job. Hats off to all of you."
Andring Maranan <> wrote on 3/4/2008:
"Just to let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work the organizing committee has done to make our Ruby celebration a huge success and memorable one ! Kudos to all, bow ako !!!! Without all of your efforts, it would not have materialized.....  Hope to see you all soon year ? I feel depressed now after 3 days of sobrang saya ...... Sana maulit muli ng marami pa..."
Bing Macavinta <> wrote on 3/2/2008:
"Tried to reach Meldy Velasquez- Andres to invite her to join the SoCal batch by email & phone. Both contact info are bad. So, Meldy if you happen to read this, please contact me. Thanks!"
Ma. Lourdes Mijares <>  wrote on 2/23/2008:
"Congratulations and warmest thanks to the fantastic team that made our ruby anniversary homecoming a big success in every way.
Now, if only we had folks like you running the country, think how great our dear old 'Pinas would be.
All the elements of a fun and feel-good reunion were there: a great program, meticulous attention to every detail, good financial planning, every committee making sure every need is provided for, and of course, good leadership. It was no joke organizing this three-day affair.
That was the first time I'd ever attended our homecoming so you can imagine how great it felt to see everyone again for the first time after all these years--Marie, Ruby, Olive, Alice, etc..
It was a wonderful idea coming up with the Veritas reprint.
Class '68 is really fortunate to have you guys steering the ship.
Saludo ako to Bebet, Don, Odette, Lorna, Baby, Albert, Renee, John, the brave Hot Babes dancers, Merle and partners, Jimmy and Manok, etc. I know there are many more who were working behind the scenes--you know who you are.
Special thanks to our dear balikbayan batchmates for literally going the extra mile(s) to join us.
Sana maulit uli!"
Jun Reinoso <> wrote on 2/21/2008:
"Hello classmates & batchmates,
I am sure we all had a great time at our 40th Ruby Jubilee celebration at the Corinthian Gardens, UST Grand Alumni Homecoming, and Barrio Fiesta Picnic. All of these would not have been possible if not for the precious time and effort of our organizing chairperson Bebet Gillera-Gozun and her selfless organizing committees composed of Albert & Lorna Buenviaje, Don Mejia, Odette Ko-Wallace, Baby Balatbat-De Guzman, John& Ruby Tan, Mulong Yambao, Jimmy Tan, and to all our generous sponsors who donated the funds and gifts and to the many others who I failed to mention here. Thank you very much and KUDOS to all of you! "
Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa <> wrote on 2/7/2008:
Hey Thomasians!
Please check out . You'll see the blurb for the press release entitled "What's with UST's WILD, GOLD & WHITE AFFAIR?" Click on it to see the full article.
Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa
Chairperson, UST GAH '08 OrgComm
"Arnold R. Martinez" <> wrote on 2/4/2008:
........... allow me to introduce myself. My name is Arnold Martinez and I am in no way connected to USTHS68. I’m not even from UST, although some of my closest friends are. I just stumbled upon your website thru google as we are also preparing for our very own Reunion/Alumni Homecoming.
I just wanted to express my admiration for your batch’s effort to stay united and envisioned all throughout these years. I am also part of the core committee handling the activities for our own batch. And I have an idea how much time and effort these things can require. And I enjoy reading sites like yours which inspire us that these things can be done.
We are celebrating our 20th year this coming 16th of this month, the same time you would be celebrating your reunion based on what I have read. We view this as a major dry run for our Silver Jubilee Celebration 5 years from now which also coincides with our Alma Mater’s Centennial Celebration. We know that it is such a big deal, not only for us, but for the whole school community. And we realize the responsibility that we have as the Host Batch for the Centennial Celebration. And reading write-ups in your site would somehow give us some guidelines on how things can be done.
Again, thanks for the inspiration. And I wish you all the success, not only on your Feb 16 reunion, but in all your batch’s undertakings.
More power!"

"We graduated HS from Pasig Catholic College. It’s the oldest and largest catholic educational institution in the city of Pasig. But it is more popularly know as “Kumbento”. Thus, students and graduates from our school are commonly referred to as “Kumbento Boys”.
You may also try visiting our site (which is relatively new) – . We started out as just a yahoogroup - just hoping to keep in touch with one another thru the miracles of email and cyberspace. It eventually evolved and I, being more or less the webmaster for the blogsite, hope to be able to create, or encourage others, to create more interesting content. And I’ve gotten ideas from your site too. I know it’s a long process, like the profiles portion. But I know that it would be worth it.
Thanks a lot."

Cesar Fernandez <> wrote on 1/17/2008:
"Since we are celebrating 40 years, why don't we have a color motif for our Feb 15th gathering. RUBY is red, so how about suggesting to everyone to come in red (t-shirt, polo shirt, ladies' blouses or dresses). Red is an outstanding color for picture taking. Just a suggestion.
Regards to all."
Bing Macavinta <> wrote on 12/7/2007:
Dearest treasured friends & families,
I know this is perhaps early, but let us be among the first to send you our Holiday greetings by CLICKING the LINK below (the pics are most current too):  Enjoy
Wishing you a VERY Blessed Chrismas
May your holidays be as wonderful as you want it to be
love & God bless
bing & April-Liesel
Jane Fernandez<> wrote on 12/5/2007:

Manny Aquino <> wrote on 11/28/2007:
"I wish to express my deepest appreciation to our SoCal batchmates namely: Ernie Morales, JV Omana, Gus Estrada and Chito Pangilinan for the warm welcome extended during our recent trip to Los Angeles. We had a grand time exchanging stories reminiscing the past, purely 'for the boys' only affair. We stayed at Max's restaurant until they told us to leave already as they were about to close. It was indeed great seeing them again especially for Chito and Gus whom I haven't seen for 39 years. As usual, the lady of the group, Bing, wasn't there again. She always goes on a trip every Thanksgiving weekend. I hope to see her on my next trip to LAX, ok Bing? Old reliable Ernie made this possible and the comic JV has always been there.
It was actually a UST High School Alumni Association of America reunion where my wife Grace, a batch '71, was invited. It was attended by batches from 1970 to 1974 and there were coincidentally 2 from batch'68, Chito Pangilinan and me. The reunion was organized by batch '71. We had dinner and dancing ... and then dinner again at a Chinese restaurant after the party. They were all just full of energy. Cannot cope up anymore. A picture of Chito, me and Danny, the guy who invited Chito is attached."
(Note: You can view the picture sent by Manny in our Activities Abroad Webpage)

Olive Tiburcio <>  wrote on 10/20/2007:
"I read about the explosion in the Mega Mall last night. Hope nobody you or we know is among the casualties. Just wondering what the mood is about it over there now."

Imelda Tuason < > wrote on 10/15/2007:
"Subject: 40th anniversay is just around the corner for alll we know
Greetings to all!!!
I am very positive that all the members of our batch are eagerly awaiting for this anniversary with so many reasons but foremost is to meet and establish anew the camaraderie that was there forty years ago. High school for so many of us were the best years of our youth and we are all looking forward to meet most of our schoolmates whom some we can only recall through their last names, like Alfonso, Zarate, Rosales, Adea, Posadas, Apacible, Ancheta, Nunez, Braganza and so many more but the main point can we get in touch with them and if there are campaigns to encourage participation towards the 40th anniversary celebration which is for all we know is just around the corner!!!!! "

Tisha Reyes Nixon < > wrote on 10/13/2007:
"....I am in town for one month and currently staying with my sister's family at Tierra Pura Homes. Part of my stay will be in Pampanga. I can be reached locally at 931-9398 or you can email me at . I would like to make a donation for the 2008 reunion. Do you know the telephone number of Julieta Casis? Thank you and God bless you."

Bing Macavinta < > wrote on 10/11/2007:
"New Look - It looks great! It's nice to see a visible counter has been added."
Akima Abrahan <> wrote on 10/7/2007:
"Please pass the message to Corazon Abadilla. I would like to find out her contact info. My father is a friend of hers and I am helping him locate Ms. Cory. Please help me. Thanks."
Gurmel Singh <> wrote on 9/19/2007:
Greetings with peace to all of you.
I am presently in Toronto Ca. .....spoke to our 68 brods. and sis.
one suggestion  raised to please kindly state all the names
of the 68 grp.  that have contrbuted to the fund...........and please kindly state all contributions in pesos
for uniformity reason.
Funds raised will benefit our 68grp in need to help facilitate there participation, to include the family of our departed 68 brods and sis.
looking back where we came from will certainly bring us to wherever we are going!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless you all and let us help each other!!!!!!!!!!!TULUNGAN NAMAN NATIN ANG MGA 68 GRPS NA HINDI MAKAAFFORD!!!

Flora Baetiong <> wrote on 8/18/2007:
"Sorry,I'm just responding to your e-mail now. I was in Hawaii for a vacation. Pero, I've been up to date with all your plans for our reunion through our website.I tried to e-mail Baby Balatbat for my pledge for our reunion sometime last month but I don't think it went through.  Anyway, I'm glad you e-mailed me. I'm pledging $300.00. I will really try my best to come home and attend our reunion. Edwin Cachola, batch '67 attended their reunion last year and he was so thrilled telling me about it. One thing that I remember they did was use their graduation picture from the Veritas as their ID during their reunion and it did help them a lot in recognizing one another. Perhaps we can do that too. What do you think?"

Anita Viri-Pazcoguin <> wrote on 7/16/2007:
"Thanks for all the work you "all" are doing for the '68 reunion! I am looking forward to being there, and since I haven't been to the Phil since '68, it will be an exciting trip. Since one of the things I try to do, is to volunteer for medical missions for my out of US trips, I would like to link this Reunion trip with a Med. mission, either before or after the reunion.
I am a volunteer with the Healing the Children Midlantic Inc, and the organization would like to send teams to the Philippines in the future. They need a contact person/organization to make it happen. You'll find them on the web.  If you can link me up with someone who will be able to talk to the HTC representative, I think a lot of underserved children and their families would be very happy.
The members of each team sent out are pre-screened by the organization; I know the ones I went with (Bangkok Jan.2007) were all Board Certified, andwe all went to the host country to work (do as many surgeries on pre-qualified patients in a short period of time-usually 8-10 days). We did ~286 surgical procedures, mostly plastic surgeries, some general surgeries, and orthopedics. We ran out of pediatric patients, so we did ~ 50 adults so we would not have wasted the trip. This is the reason we need a good contact person there. To be able to coordinate the mass recruitment of needy children who can not afford certain surgical procedures that may improve their quality of life.
A hospital or an organization would probably be a good resource.  Please let me know if you or anyone in the batch can help make this happen. Check out the
Marie Ardizzone, a trip administrator, is quite anxious to bring a team to the Philippines. She lives in Bergenfield, NJ, and that town could almost be Manila (the pop. ~30% Filipinos). 
A plus, we have a lot of medical people who want to go to the Philippines, including me!!  We bring most of the supplies, hopefully, the venue has some equipment, but that can all be discussed via Marie and the contact person.
Hope to hear from you soon. Maybe, the class would like to take this on?"

Bing Macavinta <> wrote on 7/4/2007:
"In behalf of the SoCal batch, I share the pride & honor for your appointment as Dean of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business commencing this July, 2007.
SoCal batch extends our warmest congratulations to you & Lorna & your children!"
Abundant Blessings!"

Rosaleda Alesna <> wrote on 7/3/2007:
"Hi! It was during our Christmas Party 2005 at Ricky Yatco's place that Don Mejia told me that we have our website but at that time I only borrow computer from my nephew just to open my email. I never really get to use one. Then recently, my sister bought a laptop for our use here in our room. It's only now that I was able to see what's going on. You know, when I arrived here in California for good almost 3 years ago, my brother Emmanuel, who is also a UST HS batch 74, took me twice already to the UST High School Reunion here in California. One time in Las Vegas. I'm the only batch '68 who attended. It's only now that I found out that you have your own get together. Nakakatuwa naman! I already talked with Bing Macavinta. She will make plans to have our get together. I can see that you are really busy with our Ruby Anniversary next year. I'm planning to come home again this October but my stay is only up to the end of December. But I will try my best if Icould extend it till Feb. Regards to all. Take care and God bless."

Bebet Gozun <> wrote on 6/13/2007:
"Dear friends,
Reminding you lang of our meeting on Friday, June 15 at 3pm at the Kamayan Restaurant, 4th floor, SM Megamall to discuss plans for our forthcoming 40th reunion. Please pass this on to other batchmates. Hope to see you there."

Al Laguardia <> wrote on 6/13/2007:
"I received an email from Wilfred Yu re the demise of our beloved Mrs. Cachola who passed away last June 10. Also, Wilfred’s mother passed away 2 weeks before (May 25).
Please extend our condolences to Wilfred’s family and to Mrs. Cachola’s. She holds a special place in our hearts. Thank you."

Odette Wallace <> wrote on 6/9/2007:
"Dear all,
I just want to let you know that the lull on my side is due to busy schedules trying to put something before my six months here is over. There had been a lot of changes and invitations as well. But just know that it is not due to disinterest in batch 68 . Although that too comes when I have had too much to work on. haha. Please also know that so far I have received only one contribution of a $100.00 from Bing Macavinta when I went to LA. Please try to include that in the web accounting. Baby, please let me know the account no. to deposit this money.
As to the future activities of homecomers come Feb., Helen, Enrie, Fely and Cynthia would like to know the arrangements on accommodations and tour packages that may be available to them. Thanks.
Hope all is well. I will be back with my mommy come September. "

Albert Buenviaje <> wrote on 5/10/2007:
"Hi to all!
If my friend John Pastores takes a vacation in Ontario, Canada, will he be given the same privilege of being entertained in Ontario to catch up on whatever? I'm not kidding.......Just asking!"

Maria Roque <> wrote on 5/9/2007:
"Hi to all,
But of course I would love to spend time with Nonia (so much to catch up on). I will be away on May 17th to the 27th so... Nonia, how about June 1st early afternoon. We begin summer hours and I will be off at 12 on Fridays. I will call your sister to arrange something. See you then.
Thanks Don for keeping me in the loop. Best regards."

Don Mejia <> wrote on 5/9/2007:
"Our batchmate Nonia Cabrera will be in Ontario from May 13 to June 16,2007 and would like to meet our batchmates living within reasonable distance to the place, most especially Maria Rañoa. Her email is She will also promote our Ruby Celebration this February,2008.  Always a wonderful time meeting friends.
She will be staying with her sister Maria Encarnacion Paner with phone no. 1-416-7245254. Nonia's local phone is 931-95-54 and cell 09176459291."

Bebet Gozun <> wrote on 5/8/2007:
Subject: RE: Fwd: 40th reunion
"Di ba that's precisely why there are many mini reunions going on not just here but also in the East Coast and the West Coast? Let's encourage our batchmates in Canada and Australia to do the same."

Chito Zuniga <>  wrote on 5/7/2007
Subject: 40th reunion
"I was wondering whatever happened to the idea/plan of giving our classmates/dear old friends who have not seen each other for quite some time to be able to update themselves with one another before our reunion?  Old buddies to have the chance to get together BEFORE the reunion so that no more barkada on their own during the reunion, i.e. so everyone get the chance to mingle with the rest of class 68."

Bing Macavinta <> wrote on 5/7/2007:
"I'll be in DC from June 2nd - 7th. I would love to meet those that are within a reasonable distance to it. I've already contacted Terri David. She & I would definitely make a date to meet. It would be wonderful to meet others who can meet me/us there. Thanks!"

Teresita (Terri) David Munsayac <> wrote on 5/01/2007:
"Hi everyone,
I'm interested in touching base with batchmates in the Washington, DC area. My cousin Dolly Galang told me about the web site. It's wonderful to know that the batch is out there.."

Rey Protacio <> wrote on 4.29.2007:
"Subject: [UST_HS_Batch68] Note from the Northeast USA Batchmates
We have contacted new classmates from NY, NJ and Pennsylvania, their responded very warmly, here they are........ Cesar Silang-Cruz, NJ; Leandro Maranan, NY and Jolly B. Canlas, PA; all of us here in the northeast are eagerly looking forward to meet them soon and Timothy Mendonez suggested that now that we are enjoying good weather (finally) we might as well take advantage of it and plan a family picnic by the Hudson River or beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. You should be hearing from us soon and by the way, the money that we have collected will go towards our 40th Grand Reunion Funds Goal of 350,000 pesos and all of us here are aware that should there be any extra money from the funds will go to charity. Stay healthy guys and you'll be definitely hearing from us."

Rocky Siasoco <> wrote on 2/27/2007:
"Hello, fellow Thomasians of the USTHS! I would like to thank your Tessa Sierra. Her kindness got me to Don Mejia. Don and I had a lengthy conversation about next years’ General Alumni Homecoming (GAH). As you will be celebrating your 40th anniversary, the Class of 1968 will be one of six (6) jubilarian classes who will be recognized during the GAH in 2008. There are always six (6) jubilarians for every GAH. As such, a representative from your batch will join the other five (5) jubilarian batch representatives that will comprise the Organizing Committee for the 2008 GAH. Completing this cast are batches 1983 (silver), 1978 (pearl), 1973 (corral), 1968 (ruby) 1963 (sapphire) and the 1958 golden jubilarians.

The annual GAH is the culmination of celebrations commemorating USTHS week. Significant also is the fact that the USTHS will turn eighty (80) in 2008. The high school week could just end on a Friday, Feb. 15, 2008. Given sufficient lead time to organize the 2008 GAH, it is likely that the 2008 GAH will be dated Feb. 16, 2008, a Saturday. I hope these dates do not get in the way of your own private celebrations, although some GAHs in the past were held away from high school week. These were mainly due to organizational constraints.

There are plenty of things that must be done with the USTHS Alumni Association, Inc. (USTHSAA) particularly its administration, organizational structure and relationship with the Alumni and Public Affairs Office of the University itself. In between all these, we have to begin compiling its current roster, activating its website and reach out to younger alumni even at this early stage. We have a Board of Trustees that will do all these. The Organizing Committee for the 2008 GAH will only work for the next homecoming celebrations. The USTHSAA will coordinate matters with you very soon.

Your class will be working with the 1983 Silver Jubilarians, the first coed batch to graduate from USTHS with only eight (8) sections. Just this February 2007, the 1982 Silver Jubilarian batch was the biggest ever to graduate from USTHS with nine (9) sections for girls and eleven (11) for boys. You will also be pleased that the 1978 Pearl Jubilarians are equally active as you are.

The attendance of the Class of 1967 in the recently concluded GAH was awesome, even surpassing that of the Silver Jubilarians. Given your current strength, I am sure that a new standard in homecoming celebrations will evolve in its finest tradition ever.

Thank you.

President, USTHSAA
President, USTHS Class of 1977
Alumni Assn, Inc.

Jane Feliciano-Fernandez <> wrote on 2/23/2007:
"This is an erratum and some additional postings I would like added please. I forgot to mention the presence of my dear, Kumpare, Albert Buenviaje from among those present last Saturday, 17 February '07, in my postings which I earlier submitted here, although I mentioned something about his good laughs and jokes in tandem, with Ernie Morales and Jun Tullao, during that special gathering. Pare, pasensiya na I overlooked that, but how could I ever forget you stole my best friend's heart, in fact married and stayed with her, through all these years, since our high school days...(winking)...Love you both and hugs!
Also, allow this gratitude conveyed to Merle, for patiently looking at and reading my medical catherization reports, and most especially for giving me the best boosters, since I got sick and from one true and honest cardiologist, saying that am not as bad as I felt and as I was made to believe, by my cardiologists here. Thank you very much for that, Merle. Hope to see you as well as you got to see me then, next year, when you return. Take care, please! Hugs!
Also, for Odette K. Wallace, I give my thanks for ably putting up that meeting with Merle and with the rest of those who came. Same with Lorna C. Buenviaje, thanks my Kumare. Love you both my best friends and hugs again!"

Jane Feliciano-Fernandez <> wrote on 2/21/2007:
"The chance to be with some high school batchmates last Saturday, 17 February 2007 at Oyster Bar, Via Mare in Greenbelt 3, Makati City, I consider the best so far since graduating from UST High School, wayback in March CY1968. Although I still remember faces that I have not seen for several decades, I felt the excitement almost drove me to tears me seeing them, barely different from the last time, with the exception of Jun Tullao. It is really amazing and worth mentioning that I was still picturing him to be the small, dark and low-profiled guy then. But, he has now turned into someone bubbly, astute and must say pretty debonaire-looking. (I had to do this Jun because you were so generous in giving me compliments and can say attentive for me too, in that gathering.)
Anyrate, the presence of Ernie Morales is also something I feel special at that time, since I did not expect him to be gracing the occasion. Kudos goes to my former best friends, Odette K. Wallace and Lorna C. Buenviaje, who I know were both instrumental in putting up that meeting with Dra. Merle Cruz-Encarnacion and I, with the rest of the guys and gals there. Bebeth G. Gozum, who just came home a day before, from a meeting in Karachi, Pakistan came and it was also nice to see her once again. I can still remember her dainty mole in the face just below the lips. Alicia Yatco, Julieta Casis, Renee de los Reyes, Cherry Mijares whose faces never changed except to the added age. Same with John Pastores, Don Mejia, Gurmel Singh and Jess Samson.
The quips of Albert, Ernie and Jun contributed to the mirth, laughters in recollecting who's who and who used to be linked to who, including mentioning the many events that happened also, during those fun high school days. I remember well what Jun said then-that in a meeting such as that one, we are not who we are for the present, but who we were once-upon-a-time in 1968.
I like to thank everyone who came and joined Merle and I. Let me add that am looking forward to many occasions such as that one, not only to catch-up for the many times that I have not been present, but to join the camaraderie and take that nostalgia walk with batchmates 68. I miss you all really! Hugs!"

Prof. Rod Cantiveros <> wrote on 2/21/2007:
"Thanks for the invite. I left Manila for Canada last Monday, Feb. 19. Anyway, I'll be back soon for my culinary tourism. We're working on the partnership with one of the most-sought cook in Pampanga. We're putting up a culinary school /museum and a theatre for play/drama presentation in her compound . she owns a beautiful ancestral home.
Before I left for Manila I did the scheduling for my 15-day trip. I had a great time with '69, '71 and a great experience with the 40th reunion of the '67 grad. Patok na patok ang kanilang reunion. I was young again. There were two events last Saturday, Feb. 17- UST Eng'g 100th at Le Pavillion and the UST High Grand Reunion at Manila Hotel. I was not impressed when I attended the UST High grand reunion. I was so excited because this was my first time to attend (their special presentation was in a poor taste - all badings impersonated some singers-naging badoy ang program. The food 2 stars (we paid 1,000 pesos) the service 3 stars). This is my personal view.) It was a turned down for me. So I just went back to the UST Eng'g celebration with RJ and we had dancing- we had great food (5-course meal at 700 pesos each) 4 stars; service 3 stars, buffet).  Again, thanks and regards to all '68.

Ofelia Medina Eurboonyanun <> wrote on 2/11/2007:
"Calling my former classmates USTHS Batch '67 Section C to contact me just for all times sake. I am presently residing here in Thailand with my family. Hoping to hear from you guys. USTHS Batch '67 Section C. Thank you."

Cesar Santiago <> wrote on 2/8/2007:
"I have been living here in the mountains of Zamboanga Del Norte for the last 30years or so of my life till Pete Dobles called me up in my Manila tel no. last Dec. and informed me of a reunion but sad to say I have to to go home. Wish to see you all next Christmas party. I'm planning to travel to the States  this summer, anybody willing to see me?"

Danny Diy <> wrote on 2/6/2007:
"Just wanted everyone to know that I opted for an early retirement from my second job at Petron Corporation after 25 years and 4 months service. Rather than dying of boredom at home and investing the little I got, found a job at Trafalgar Plaza as its Property Manager. Regards to everyone and God bless. Hope to see everyone next year at our batch, Ruby anniversary."

Cesar Balbontin <> wrote on 2/5/2007:
"Congratulations to Bebeth, Pinoy's Pride.  Job well done."
Cesar Balbontin <> wrote on 1/7/2007:
" Let us pray for the early recovery of Mrs. Victoria Cachola.  One of the nicest teacher in high school."
Timothy Mendonez <> wrote on 12/30/2006:
merry christmas from us in the Northeast USA !!!

Gurmel Singh <> wrote on 12/30/2006:

Efren Villa <> wrote on 12/30/2006:
"It has been a long time since you heard from me. I just want to complement the guys for for creating and maintaining an outstanding web site of the HS class 68. I've shown the web site to my Canadian friends and they find it very good.  The guys must have put long hours when compiling and publishing the information. Times has truly changed, some of my classmates physical appearances had changed. I would never recognize them if I see them these days if not for those photos.
Thanks again,
Efren Villa
UST HS Class 68, Section B"

Bebet Gillera Gozun <> wrote on 12/25/2006:
"Dear friends,
Wishing you all the timeless treasures of Christmas -- the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends.
Have a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!"

Cesar Fernandez <> wrote on 12/25/2006:
"Maligayang Pasko at Masaganang Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat."

Cesar Balbontin <> wrote on 12/25/2006:

Sir Rod Cantiveros <> wrote on 12/23/2006:
To All 68grads:
"During the season of goodwill, may you celebrate all that is meaningful to you. Merry Christmas and warmest wishes for peace, health and happiness in 2007."
Sir Rod Cantiveros
P.S. I'll be in town on the 1st week of February 07: I'll attend the 100th celebration of UST Faculty of Engineering (former professors from USA & Canada will have a reunion; Feb. 15- UST High School Alumni Reunion at Manila Hotel (this will coincide with the reunion of class '67 chaired by Vic De La Dingco '67 grad. as of today, there are 45 '67grads from USA & Canada attending) then, with colleagues and barkada with the Philets (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters) foundation members.
P.S. Canada is in need of thousands of skilled immigrants. I just met the Secretary of Labor, Brion and the head of the Philippine Overseas Employement Agency-Rosalinda Dimapilis Baldos. Anybody wants to have adventure?

Jane Feliciano Fernandez <> wrote on 12/23/2006:
Hugs and I miss everyone. Hope to see ya'll soon.
Jane and Family

Cesar Balbontin <> wrote on 12/19/2006:
"A very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all Batch '68.  You guys in Manila are really shakin' and rollin'.  Keep up the good vibes and stay healthy. Also, holiday greetings to our batch mates from all over the world.
See you 2008 for the Ruby Anniversary.

Wilfred Yu <> wrote on 12/18/2006:

Rey Protacio <> wrote on 12/12/2006:
"To our dear batchmates,
What a party!!!!! It was so vividly told, congratulations to all of you guys, it was indeed a successful party parang nandiyan din kami the way it was told. Keep up the camaraderie and stay healthy.Ah! Nostalgia is in the web air!!!!! Sabi nga ni Sharon C.(heh, heh!) high school life is the best!!!!
I moved back to New Jersey last Jan. of 2005, if any one of you guys is in the area (NJ, NY, PA and CT) please feel free to contact me, my cell phone no. is 732-599-0212.
We had our first re-union here in NJ last month at the Crab House Seafood Restaurant in Edgewater, NJ, the place is by the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan. Those who were able to attend were Mike Mendonez and Grace; Peck Pecana and Marie; Fred Andes; Tim Mendonez; myself (Rey Protacio) and Mel. Merle Cruz-Encarnacioan was not able to attend because of her busy schedule (she had a two day seminar or retreat with the Bukas Loob sa Diyos, BLD NEWARK), Annie Viri-Pazcoguin had to look after her community service of sort doing blood pressure screening in her church (if I remember correctly).
Anyway, we had a sumptuous dinner and as always it was a never ending reminiscent reunion even only five of us from batch 68 were there plus three better-halves, we had a great great time. We started at 5pm and at about 10pm Mike and Grace, Peck and Marie went to our place in Fort Lee, NJ and continued our merriment.
Anyway, everybody hopes that something better will be next, if any of our batchmates reads this and lives in the Northeast area please contact anyone from us, Rey Protacio, Fred Andes, Mike and Tim Mendonez, Peck Pecana, Merle Cruz-Encarnacion, Annie Viri-Pazcoguin, please visit our website and look for their contact addresses and tel. nos.
The bottom line of our meeting is that everyone of us in the northeast will be a coordinator and maybe we will create a committee to oversee our functions which is primarily we dubbed as "pay-back time" to the land where we came from and help the poor, as agreed upon Red Andes will be our lead coordinator here in the northeast.
Stay healthy guys and we will keep in touch.
Northeast USTHS'68"

Jane Feliciano Fernandez <> wrote on 12/9/2006:
"MY GOSH! if not for someone who got too engrossed searching for my whereabouts, I would not have made it in this site or found it at all...
Hello peeps of batch 68!!! Am fine and still very much alive, except for the fact that I missed all events that came out memorable for the past years that this site has been online...Geesh! It would be nice to hear from those who I miss and still missing to now...I shuttle from Singapore to Manila, well most of the time that is, if anyone wants to know where I have been...
Thanks and hope someone from out of my Class 68, Section E and our handsome counterpart please email me to give updates! Hugs to all!!!"

Gurmel Singh < <> wrote on 12/03/2006:
I just want to complement on the lovely event pictures from the various functions that the '68 batch had in the last few months.  Everybody seems to be aging gracefullyy!!  The group from L.A., No. Ca. and most expecially the Toronto group.  Sorry to have missed some of the events.  I have been all over the U.S. the past six months providing assistance, hospicing and volunteer work.  LA ..... Katrina, N.Y., Wash., Connecticut, N.J. ..... Regards to all.  God Bless."

Antonio Vicente Cuyugan <> wrote on 11/22/2006:
"Pare ko .. pasensya na at inabot na tayo ng hectic sched ng Disyembre.. my band has a gig on Dec 2 at Asia Pacific College... sabay ng x'mas party.
The BandITs will be having our annual benefit Concert at Saguijo Cafe in Makati on Dec 5. Ang beneficiary this year ay ang Gawad Kalinga Sibol program. Kung makakarating kayo, it would certainly be very much appreciated.. Sabihin mo na rin kay Gani.. "

Al Laguardia <> wrote on 11/21/2006:
"Pare, iniingit mo naman ako. I wish I can join you all for the party. Unfortunately, I will not be there until Jan. 21st . I will be spending most of my time visiting my folks in La Union. If you don’t have a busy schedule, I would really like to see you in Manila. Maybe you can arrange it with Plut so we can get together at a convenient time for both of you. I will be in the Phil. till Feb 8 ( flying back to California that day).
Hopefully we can all meet in Manila!"

Enrie Sabio <> wrote on 11/20/2006:
"Have fun... ! I'm sure photos will be posted on the web. Happy Holidays."
Javier E Omaña <>wrote on 11/20/2006:
"Dear Batch mates,
Heres wishing everyone for a wonderful time together on this memorable time of the year.."
Prof. Rod Escobar Cantiveros <> wrote on 11/5/2006:
"God bless to all...if you have time please visit our website: kumusta sa inyong lahat. lagi kayo sa aming dalangin."
<> wrote on 11/2/2006:
"Hallo! site the best! :)"

Milagros H. Lee <> wrote on 10/27/2006:
"Hi! Ibinigay sa kin ni Flor Costa itong website nyo. Nagturo ako sa USTHS mula 1969-76, sa a.m. session. Napansin kong halos karamihan sa inyo ay nasa California. Nakita ko ang picture ni Ms. J. Sanjongco at nagbakasakaling may nakatira na malapit sa kanya. Eto ang contact no. nya. landline - 323-732-0168; cell - 213-453-7521. Kung naging teacher ninyo si Ms. Teresita Santos, Chem teacher, pls. pray for her. She's very sick."

Mark Joseph P. Perez <> wrote on 9/27/2006:
"Good morning.  I'm a USTHS Batch 2006 graduate. Naghahanap lang po ako ng pictures related with UST CAT (formerly known as UST PMT). The present first class and I were trying to track the roots of our department. Astig po yung batch nyo... napakabonded."

Cecilio M. Saguisag <> wrote on 9/23/2006:
"I am member of USTHS BATCH'76. Could you give me some feedback from my batch mates specially section 425. Looking forward for your reply. More power to all!"

Reggie Nolasco <> wrote on 8/18/2006
"I just want to share with you guys the fun and good time we had at Liway Geronimo's bday get-together last August 11 at the clubhouse of Galeria. There were ten of us (Bebet G, Baby de Guzman, Fe R, Julieta Reyes, Jojo P, Josie I, Emma, Ofel, Liway and myself) who attended the party and enjoyed the sumptuous dinner and good music provided by Pure Sound (all UST conservatory of music students). Bebet and Liway showed their graceful moves in doing the swing. I particularly enjoyed dancing with Liway's good-looking son. It was a memory-filled evening, especially when Juliet brought out her Veritas '68 and we started looking at the photos, comparing at how we looked before in the 60's to the present.Some names cropped out... Imelda Ilagan, whose beautiful voice used to sing a capella during class programs... lenny, rose labarda, monica, josie reyes, ellen chanyungco, elaine nicolas... and others we look forward to seeing in the next get-together and reunions to come. I hope Ba by de Guzman will share the photos she took of the occasion.
Bebet promised to host the next "ladies only" night out.... So Bebet... anytime you are free from your bussssy sket.. we are just a text away."

Diosdado Luna <> wrote on 8/9/2006:
I love this site. Sana meron din kami, from grad '70 just a few years after yours. Ang ganda nito. Inggit ako sa inyo kasi meron kayong communications ng mga batch mates ninyo. Keep it up and good luck sa inyo... Thanks."

Cesar Balbontin<> wrote on 8/7/2006:
"Condolence to Teresa Sierra and Family on the death her mother. Let us pray for her eternal repose and may she rest in peace."

Bing Macavinta <> wrote on 7/15/2006:
"I just want to remind everyone to upload also your digital pictures at Yahoo photos (that I believe Don Mejia has set up years ago, but have been forgotten). It's for immediate viewing! So, if you have any recent ones, please share them! Go to; click photos; login is usths68; pw is donsrequest. You can see all of SoCal batch pictures from when we first gathered in the summer of '95 to the most recent. Best regards to you all :)!"

Cesar C. Balbontin <> wrote on 7/11/2006:
I would like to say kamusta to all our batch mates and friends not only in the Phils but also from around the world. Batchmates from California would love to hear from all of you guys. Sana kahit boring na balita or corny na patawa, lagay ninyo sa website natin. Promise yan ha!
Bebeth, Kailan ba natin makikita yong mga pictures natin sa bahay ni Chito Pangilinan. Sabik na raw itong mga macho nating mga kaibigan na makita ang sarili nila. Macho nga ba o machunurin sa asawa?
Just to let everybody know that Cesar Fernandez from Toronto, Canada will be  in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. So if you guys want to meet with him, we are going give a get-together party on July 29-Saturday in Los Angeles. Wala pang place at the moment, but we'll keep everybody posted.
For more information, Call me at 818-892-7166 Cesar Balbontin, e-mail Ernie Morales or e-mail Bing Macavinta.
Hanggang dito na lang muna, babu."

Cesar C. Balbontin <> wrote on 7/6/2006:
"Condolence to the family of Ben Apacible."

Jose A. Balbontin, Jr. <> wrote on 7/4/2006:
"Greetings. Just trying to get in touch with Cesar Balbontin who is most probably a relative of mine. My email, cell (926) 738-8166. I am residing in Cagayan De Oro City.  Thanks so much."

Javier E. Omaña <> wrote on 6/29/2006:
"The side trip of Bebeth even if it was short was a good and very colorful one. The SoCal USTHS68 active and non active members were invited to a graduation party hosted by our batchmate Armingol a.k.a."Chito Pangilinan.  Food were plentiful and very delicious. Talagang lutong Pinoy such as sarsiadong dila, ginataang manok Bicol style, pinakbet (luma ang genuine Ilokano) Lapu lapung isda, Beef na maraming onions, Paella, Lechon and the dessert consisted of Sapin Sapin, ginataan, Pandan. All the food were considered stairway to heaven. Everybody went home scratching their tummy in addition to a party favor which is a guardian angel. Chito is truly galante ika nga. The ladies were given a nice plant but not the boys. Me favoritism talaga si Chito. Our batchmates who graced the occasions were Ernie, Bebeth, Cesar Balbontin and wife, Joseph Bautista, Raffy and Lottie Eusebio and yours truly. Bebeth was treated to a ballroom dance and lessons by Ernie and Cesar the next day before her departure. Almost everyone has made plans for our ruby reunion on Feb. 2008 kaya humanda kayo at kami'y lulusob... Ciao."

Danny Diy <>wrote on 6/22/ 2006. 
"Such beautiful pictures from Odette's fantastic abode. It's actually true, the road was really unpaved when I reviewed one of the first pictures. The more I miss all of you guys and gals. Hope and pray all can come over for our Ruby on 2008. If it is not too much, next time around, I'd love to talk to my lady friends there. My mobile number is 00632 918 9343944 (not sure if I got it right). Keep it going and coming guys and gals so the gang here will enjoy looking at all those handsome and beautiful faces (and bodies also except for a few but still unnoticeable middle bulges and receding hairline that goes along with our age) which time has failed to change. God bless us all. "

Pancho K. Tabora <> wrote on 6/14/2006:
arm regards to all in behalf of our SoCal batchmates !!!"
Roberto L. Romero <> wrote on 6/8/2006:
"Hi to all. Am from batch '69. Just browsing. My first time to do so in more than 30 years. A mix of sadness and joy, knowing that some friends cannot be with us anymore."

Albert Laguardia, Jr. <> wrote on 6/1/2006:
"...... I have been getting in touch with our batch mates here in NorCal ever since I found our website!! I’ve never written so much email letters before then!
I’ve been meaning to send you my profile for our website pero lagi ko namang nakakalimutan! Thanks to Don Mejia who reminded me. So yesterday I finally did and sent it to you!
Anyway, I want to again thank you both for creating a VERY wonderful website for our batch. I have only been following up on your news update recently and I have been trying to catch up.
Last Monday (May 27), I finally met our NorCal batch namely: Odette Wallace, Chito Cardenas, Chito Zuniga, Joey and Francis Magsaysay and Gurmel Singh. We met at Chito C’s house and met his gracious and very hospitable wife Normie. Needless to say, we had a very nice time just sitting around sipping wine and just talking and listening to jokes. So now that I have begun a “homecoming” chapter of my life, I intend to keep my association with our batch mates here in Norcal and hopefully we can all get together with our Socal batch also! I am sooooo looking forward to attending the RUBY anniversary of our batch.
Okay, sa muling e-mail. Let’s keep in touch...."

Arabella Grace <> wrote on 5/31/2006:
". . . time may have withered the falling leaves but the legends lives on . . . hooray for the Thomasians."

Gurmel Singh <> wrote on 5/28/2006:
"I was flabbergasted and dumbfounded to see the picture of Armingol Pangilinan!  Didn't change that much.  The M.E.B. title .... truly a deserving status .... knowing Chito!!! Now that you have been located, you may want to remind Tristan, your younger brod. who was my left handed seatmate buddy to register at our website.  The last time I spoke with him was about ten years ago.  It was during a telecon while he was attending a confrence/seminar of urologists in Anaheim, CA. and I was conducting a toxic remedial site team inspection of Texaco Refinery for E.P.A.  He did mentioned he was in the process of relocating to Florida.  So Chito and Tristan, welcome to the USTHS68 and let's get connected.  Need to know your e-mail."

Rod E. Cantiveros <> wrote on 5/13/2006:
o all UST'68 mothers:
Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.-Robert Browning.
Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.-Kahil Gibran
A man (hey,'68 husbands) loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother, the longest.- Irish Proverb.
Ang Ina ay hindi makatitiis sa anak; ang anak, makakatiis sa ina- Filipino Proverb.
Happy mother's Day to all the mothers!"

Cesar Balbontin <Zeebee412@aol> wrote on 5/10/2006:
"Mga Pare ko.
Good news ito, I got Adrienne Cedro's e-mail address by accident. While browsing in the internet I search for usths67, and there it is. They do have a wonderful website but we have the best.
So now you know that we have 67, 68 and 69 plus Ms. Cedro's address. Bonus ito, Ms. Lotilla's address
Sexy pa kaya ito mga teachers natin. hahahahahahahahaha!"

Ofelia Medina Eurboonyanun, USTHS Batch '67 <> wrote on 5/4/2006:
"I would like to know the website of Batch '67 if there is any. Please inform me about it by sending it to my Email address above. Thank you very much. USTHS Batch '67"

Cesar Balbontin <Zeebee412@aol> wrote on 4/23/2006:
"To Elena Cabañes,
I've read your letter and it is unfortunate that life in our country is bad. Since you are looking for somebody who maybe able help you, try to e-mail Mr. Rod Cantiveros.
Mr. Cantiveros was one the famous UST Hi-School teacher during our time(late 60's.) and now a very successful printing and media entrepreneur.
Good Luck,
Cesar Balbontin, Batch'68"

Danny Diy <> wrote on 4/21/2006:
"Sad to hear about Cesar Yap, a fine gentleman.  God bless his soul.  Ricky/Don, where are the '05 Christmas party pics guys?  Fellowship have mellowed down but hope not died.  I presume it's all because of surviving in the concrete jungle we live in.  To my dear USA and Canada lady friends, what's up doc?  Haven't read e-mails from you there.  Hope everything's fine.  Well the clock is still ticking away till our 40th.  Hope to see everyone there.  Farewell for now."

Ma. Elena C. Cabañes <> wrote on 4/20/2006:
"I happened to see this website while surfing the net... I hope your group could share with me about my concern. I'm not a USTHS68 grad but am a UST AB College grad86. I wanted to find out how I (together with my family of 3) can work in Canada. As you all know, life here in the Philippines is not getting any better. I have tried surfing the net and filling up all sorts of form for me to get a job in Canada. Sir/Madam, I would appreciate receiving info from your end. Thanks, Elen"

Rod E. Cantiveros <> wrote on 4/1/2006:
"With sympathy to the family of Cesar Yap. He will be in my prayer. "It is the season under the sun...the life, the death. Morning becomes mourning...and in the afternoon, when the sun sets, we pause for a while. some are just led away for a final  destination...we the living uplift their souls by prayers...good night, Cesar."

Cesar Balbontin <Zeebee412@aol> wrote on 3/30/2006:
"Condolence to the family of Cesar Yap.
From: Cesar Balbontin, Joseph Bautista, Raffy Eusebio, Al Ramirez, Pancho Tabora, Manny Tadena, Ernie Morales, Gurmel Singh, Ike Lloren, Raul Dijamco and  Bing Macavinta, all from Southern California.
Ricardo Dizon, Cesar Fernandez, Efren Villa and  Christian Salonga all from Toronto, Canada.
God Bless His Soul."

Gurmel Singh <> wrote on 3/26/06:
"Thanks for sharing the Southern California get together and welcome party for Chito Cardenas.  Everybody seems to have enjoyed!! However, an important item was missing ..... your pictures guys.  Please do include it so we do not have to imagine things...... most especially how you all look .......  alam mo ...... iyong facial contortion ng mga mister and the living incarnate beauty of the ladies.  We are looking forward to seeing your pictures.  Thanks and God bless."

Cesar Balbontin <Zeebee412@aol> wrote on 3/21/2006:
"Last Saturday 3-18-06 Batchmates from Southern California gave a get-together party for Chito Cardenas who is here to attend a seminar. Party was held at Joseph Bautista's beautiful Northridge Residence which started at 3 p.m. and lasted til 1 a.m. Present were Bing Macavinta(Dancing Queen), Ernie Morales(Dancing King), Manny Tayag and his son Mardy, Pancho Tabora(Funny Man), Raffy Eusebio with his beautiful wife, yours truly and wife Lyne with my son Mark, Al Ramirez(Mr. Corvette), Joseph Bautista(the Host) and his beautiful wife Vangie and Chito Cardenas(DI).
Everybody had a goodtime, specially when Chito started with his oldies/goodies jokes(non-stop). Ernie showed everybody how to dance the swing, cha-cha and salsa.
Pancho Tabora, Bing Macavinta, Manny Tayag and Raffy Eusebio and wife and my wife had a wonderful time dancing the whole night.
I've got to go now, but you guys are gonna hear more from Bing Macavinta.
Pahabol: Special Thanks to Joseph and Vangie Bautista for letting us in their beautiful house. To Ernie Morales for picking-up Chito at LAX and Bing Macavinta for keeping everybody up to date on what's going on.

Jimmy Tan <> wrote on 3/20/2006:
"Hi to all!!!! been reading and viewing all in our website cuz am now just learning to enjoy the internet ha! ha! ha! I just came recently from New Jersey; visited my eldest daughter who gave birth. Yup you can say that word LOLO na ako heh! he! he! Also met Rey Protacio since he is the only classmate who lives in the vicinity of NJ. Thanks Rey for the merienda and wish that I could meet some more of our classmate but alas most of you guys are in the West Coast. Anyway dalasdalasan na lang kayo umuwi heh! heh! at magkitakita na lang tayo dito sa Manila.  So bye for now, will visit our website more often see yah!!!!!"

Albert Buenviaje <> wrote on 3/6/2006:
"I am forwarding a copy of the e-mail I sent to Prof. Rod Cantiveros:
'Dear Prof. Cantiveros,
My name is Albert Buenviaje of UST High School Batch’68. You were never my professor in high school but I fondly remember you as someone who is very helpful to any student in need. Although you were not officially part of the Veritas and the Aquinian, I do remember vividly that the editorial staff of which I was part of had always sought your advice every time we encounter problems. I also remember you as the only professor who wrote a message for me in my Veritas. This picture of yours together with the message will be published in our website’s News Update. I am not surprised that you presently have a radio and t.v. program. I still recall your stentorian voice booming within the walls of UST high school. Maybe, when you visit the Philippines one of these days, you can share with our batch some of your cooking tips.
By the way, I also got married to Lorna Cayas, who is also a Batch’68 graduate of UST High School. We are blessed with three daughters. Currently, I am involved in management consultancy, board directorships and as Associate Dean of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.
More power to you and your family and it was certainly very gracious of you to communicate with our batch."

Cesar Balbontin <> wrote on 3/5/2006:
"Wow, nice to hear from Mr. Rod Cantiveros. Sir Rod, I don't know if I were in your class but I remember you. You always joke with the students and you are one of the friendliest teacher in high school. Also, I know that everybody in Batch 68 appreciate your input in our website. Hopefully, we'll hear more from our former teacher/s like you. Thank you."

Rod E. Cantiveros <;> wrote on 3/1/2006:
"Dear '68 grads:
I'm so happy to find out some of my former students in the '68 grads. Ang daming information at inyong mga kawanggawa ay talagang pambihira...congratulations to all of you. Right now, I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada since 1974. We have our own publishing company and my elder son ang aming CEO sa Natividad Technology Group and Molave Publishing...He is right now in Manila for the Ottawa-Toronto-Winnipeg trade younger one lives in Vancouver, a Canadian actor- tv, film and theatre; I'll include in my prayers those who left us. ( I attended the wake of Parajarillo when I was still in Manila.) I remember those members of the singing group (which I wrote the winners in the Entertainment Guide)...our publication is number one supporter of Gawad Kalinga-we're building houses in Marikina City- Winnipeg Village...I'm busy with my radio & tv cooking show, as a filmmaker and playwright...I'm also busy reading the e-mails of '67,'69 & '71 grads; madalang ang email ng '66. Happy Easter to all of you...
Your former teacher,
Rod Escobar Cantiveros (kagrupo nina Urbano Agalabia, Tom Bacon, Felixberto Velasco, Mon Dellosa, Cora Cantos, Agnes Justiniano, Carmelita Eisma... ang saya namin sa faculty room...again, thanks reading all about '68 grad. My phone number: (204)489-8894 fax:(204)489-1575; cell:(204)999-7964"

Albert Laguardia Jr. <> wrote on 2/24/2006:
"Hello fellow alumnus, I have just recently discovered this great web site. Thanks to Plut Cardenas who informed me and to Don Mejia who gave me a surprise call early in the morning (Calif. time)! I was only starting to wake up when he called and boy, did that wake me up! :-) For those who remember me, ladies and or gents, please do drop me a line via email and lets correspond. It's been a while so give me time to shake my head and i will eventually recall most if not all you guys. Looking forward to hearing from you all!"

Gurmel Singh <> wrote on 2/15/2006:
"A Happy Valentine to our beautiful '68 batchmates ladies.  May you and your family be blessed with spiritual richness filled with love, peace and joy.  God Bless."

Cesar Fernandez <> wrote on 1/23/2006:
"......... Thank you for forwarding the email of Carlito Diokno. The TORONTO group '68 will contact him as soon as he comes back from Manila. I would like like to congratulate you and the rest of the guys who created this inspiring website. It brings memories of the old days. Although most of us don't know each other personally, I'll know for sure that this will be the start of something better.
Anyway, about 7 of us here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada: (Marie Ranoa-Roque, Zenaida Dominguez-Baluyot, Ricardo (Boy) Dizon, Christian (Jessie) Salonga, Carlito Diokno, Efren Villa and myself are planning to have a pot-luck sometime in February. We will keep you posted about this.
One of the alumni of USTHS '67 also resides here in Toronto. He is Ernesto (Butch) Andrada. I know that most of you especially the boys' side remember him. He was a senior cadet officer during our PMT days. He was diagnosed with lung cancer last April. Actually, he gave me permission to inform the group but I don't want to disclose anything further regarding his present condition. Let us all include him in our prayers. Regards and keep in touch."

Cesar Balbontin<>wrote on 1/21/2006:
"I salute all guys for all the wonderful things you have done. Love to see all my friends again even on the web. Nice to see that after 30 something years, you all look good and lively. Hopefully, by 2008 I can join the batch and have a good time. I still have contact with Ricardo Dizon aka., BOY and Christian Salonga who are both living in Canada. Keep up the good work and you will hear from me again. MABUHAY BATCH '68 USTHS."
"Finally, I was able to locate the USTHS 68 website thru the courtesy of Ricardo Dizon aka Boy Dizon and Cesar Fernandez both of Toronto, Canada. Hopefully, more Batch 68 will register."

Lito Diokno <> wrote on 12/30/2005:
"Hi Albert. It's Lito Diokno. First off, I'd like to greet you and your family all the best for the coming new year. I've been browsing through our website and saw a photo of me, you and Romy. That pic is priceless!! Unfortunately, can't seem to recall where and when that was taken. I don't think I even saw that pic then. Do you have a copy of it? If you do, do you mind if you scan it and send it to me via email. Thanks.
I've been residing in Toronto, CAN since 1973 after I graduated from UST Eng. Electronic Engineering. I worked in various University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine hospital affiliates in research and clinical laboratories in BioMedical Engineering. Took early retirement in '96 and now work at a rehab clinic as a therapist treating car accident injuries, e.g. whiplash injuries. I combined massage, physio and chiro treatment modalities. Looking forward to hear from you. I'll be visiting MLA from Jan 21 to Feb 11. "

Manny Aquino <> wrote on 12/27/2005:
Greetings from Hawaii.  How are y'all doing?  I trust that everything is ok.

I'd like to take this opportunity to greet everybody a very happy and festive season. Though we may not be physically together at Christmas, our thoughts and prayers are all with you not only during  this joyous occasion.
From my family to yours,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Al Ramirez <> wrote on 11/27/2005:
"Thank you again to Ernie Morales and Joseph Bautista for planning the Welcome Dinner of our Batchmate from Hawaii Manny Aquino & Famly at TGI Friday in Porter Ranch, CA. Also present were Cory Gillera, JV Omana, & Ike LLoren. After dinner drinks and Salsa Dancing was over at Joseph's Huge House in Northridge, CA. JV and Cory entertained everyone with their cool dance steps and moves. Ernie quietly surprised everyone with his Salsa dancing ability with Cory. Even though it was cool, windy Saturday Night in San Fernando Valley, everyone felt the warmth of each others company after all these years - for me it's been 37 years since I last saw Manny at UST High. Ernie and JV, thank you again for bringing back the times of the happy and memorable moments of our school days at UST by our mini-reunions."

Rosalinda Po Ruisla <> wrote on 11/27/2005:
".......Thank you for giving an update on the various events that has taken place in Manila as well as the on going projects by the group. Is the batch only taking monetary donations? What about in kind and food items? Just a thought since so many are in need in our country. I sometimes think too of the public elementary school I went to back then. I only saw it in passing but never got the chance to go down and see the interior of the school. Do they need any newer books or teaching materials for these young children? It is amazing to see how much toys that are only trashed in this country or taken for granted only after a few months of use. Hope everything goes well with the projects. Take Care."

Efren Villa <> wrote on 11/22/2005:
     "It is unfortunate that I could not make it to your yearly Christmas party because of my work schedules. I would like to extend my warmest seasons greetings to each and everyone of you and may you have more Christmas and new year parties to come.
     Although I will not be around during the Christmas party, I will try to imagine and enjoy the taste of the native dishes back there. It has been a long time since I left the Philippines and I was looking forward to going back for a visit.
     It is too bad we don't have a Pilipino restaurant here in Ottawa, Canada.
     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Merle Cruz Encarnacion <>  wrote on 11/13/2005:
     "Glad to hear our class is involved in this project!  We, too are very much involved in raising funds for the Gawad Kalinga. My husband was able to help raise about 100 houses from friends and classmates this past year and he is still continuing to work on it. I am willing to help out. Let me know what to do!"
Al Ramirez <> wrote on 10/11/2005:
     "Thank you Ernie Morales and JV Omana, and Raffy Eusebio for having me join in the welcome festivities for Ricky Yatco visiting from the Phil. It was great to see, reminisce, and laugh with you guys again after 37 years -Ernie Morales, JV Omana, Ike Lloren, Pancho Tabora, Raffy Eusebio, Ricky Yatco, Junnie Navarro, & Bing Macavinta. Raffy and Lottie thank you again for being such great host in your beautiful home. "

Renee Nolasco <> wrote on 7/12/2005:
     "I really had fun during our lunch at Via Mare. Odette is such a lovely hostess, so are the other ladies of the batch. Fe Cristobal Raval is young-looking, Bebet is still sexy, Baby Balatbat looks thirtyish, Evelyn, Cherry, Ruby are all so well-preserved and lovely... walang kupas. Danny, Jessie and Fredo are all warm and friendly. Hope to see more of you and the others in future get-togethers!!!!!!"

Danny Diy <<> wrote on 7/08/05:
     " Re: Cherry's Visit and Welcome for Renee' and Ruby.....It was sure great to see you all  even though it was quite short. Too bad, only seen two California girls, how about the rest including my sweetheart from Montreal? Odette/Cherry/Helen, it would benefit everyone if you download all the pictures into our website so that everyone can see how much fun we are having (para mainggit ba). Take care and God bless us all. Muah.........."

Bebet Gozun <> wrote on 7/7/05:
     "Re: Cherry's Visit and Welcome for Renee' and Ruby.... It was great to see Cherry. Too bad I couldn't stay. I already had this prior commitment to speak somewhere when they informed me about the lunch.  Anyway, it's really amazing how our batchmates have re-bonded after all these years. Let's keep in touch.
PS. Should you go to LA, my sister, Socorro (Cory) lives in Van Nuys.  You may contact her at 818 908 0797. My brother, Edgar, who was one year ahead of us also lives in the valley. "

Rosalinda Po-Ruisla <> wrote on 6/21/2005:
     "....If you happen to have Ruby Espiritu's email address, can you please pass it along too. I would like to touch base with her again. Also, does anyone have an email address of Marilyn Yuzon. She now resides in Victoria, BC but lost track of her new address. Thanks a million. More power to you guys in doing this grand 40th celebration."

Gani Buenaflor <> wrote on 6/15/2005:
Has anyone heard of my best friend "Sago"? otherwise know as Alfonso Posadas. He left for the USA after our graduation. How about Roy Dungo? kundi dahil sa kanya, nabugbog na sana si Sago ng barkada ni Joey Crisostomo doon sa grandstand. Joey and Sago became very good friends on the 3rd year. Great to go back in time!"

Renegilda "Renee" de los Reyes Nolasco <> wrote on 6/15/2005:
     "For two consecutive weeks I have been dreaming of my high-school classmates at UST, their faces flashing individually in my dreams. I have asked my secretary to look up for information regarding them and when she failed to come up with any information, I decided to do a google search. I was pleasantly surprised to come across the I was so thrilled to go over familiar names, familiar faces - they brought so many beautiful memories. I was the class president of Class 4-C. Among my classmates were Ginny Braganza, Tessa Sierra, Emily Gosiengfiao, Lourdes Ko, Rosario Labarda,Lenny Lagdamen, Imelda Ilagan and others I am sure I will recall later. I was in the E section during my second and third year in high school so I had come to know Tisha Reyes, who was my classmate and best friend in UST Arts and Letters before I transferred to Maryknoll College in my sophomore year. I hope Ching Alano, Amy Rosete, Connie Romana, Joji Pangilinan, Olive Paglinawan, Denisa Yao, Merle Cruz, Lorna Cayas, Bebet Gillera still remember me.
     At present I am working as Vice-President,Human Resource Head and Quality Management Rep. for Philippine Merchant Marine School (Manila and Las Pinas). It is a family corporation majority owned by my husband Boy, who is the president. I am excited to hear from my other friends of USTHS batch 68. The last person I had a chance to encounter belonging to our batch is Chito Cardenas, a good friend from IV-C2 (his barkada included Plutarco Cardenas, Doc. Ervin Nucum, Doc. Ed de Leon, where are you guys?).]
     Please, please inform me of any activities that will involve our batch."

Jun Tantoco <> wrote on 6/14/2005:
     "Does anybody know of any of our batchmates living in Chicago area (Illinois Indiana Wisconsin)? I only know C.Centeno, R.Salazar, Ed Justiniani and Espie Bernabe so I can get in touch with them. Thanks, Jun Tantoco 847-717-6188

R. Macaspac wrote on 6/8/2005:
     "Good day to USTHS'68.  I chanced upon your site , I'm 28 y/o a hospital worker. remotely connected... I would like to congratulate your batch for keeping in touch and staying as friends, and I find it highly commendable. May God bless your batch and family with good healthy fulfilling lives."

Sugar Vendil wrote on 6/6/2005:
     "I'm Edgar Vendil's daughter, he was kidding about the domesticated thing.  I'm so not and I live in New York. I'm an un-domesticated pianist. Besides, domesticated is a term used to describe dogs, not people. So yeah, he was JUST KIDDING."

Loveta "Bing" Macavinta <> wrote on 4/24/05:
     "First time I've ever visited the site. Was just curious what I can find about USTHS graduates. Don't know if anyone remembers me--- Left Manila in 1968 for So Calif, and have never been back since. Saw familiar names like Dulce Sabino, Cherry Roque & Rosalinda Po. Was hoping to find Marilou Lacuna's name. Also looking for a later graduate by the name of Marisa (Dida) Castro--- Anyway, this is such a great treat visiting the past. Best Regards."
on 4/25/05:
     "I just want to thank you Albert and Lorna for a website well done! I was like a kid in a toy store, exploring the site-- seeing familiar faces, quite a few are now grannys ;). I sent an email right away to a few-- just reconnecting. Odette Ko Wallace responded promptly-- she's just a sweet lady doing so many good things. I'm toying with the 2008 Reunion-- who knows it could be my first trip back since '68 :). Sad to learn about Emily, but she left behind a very wonderful family. I see that you found my HS pic. Great Job Albert and Lorna and thanks once again. God bless... Bing."

Jose "Jojo" DeJesus <> wrote on 3/25/05:
     "This is Jojo De Jesus writing. I have heard much about Albert and you through Emily - from her many stories about high school days. Of course, I know her other classmates like Odette, my eldest daughter's ninang, as well as Soc Reyes. I'm sure there are others I know but just missed.
     My son found your USTHS68 website today by googling Emily's name. I checked it out as soon as I got the chance. Thank you for writing about her in the Transitions link - you truly captured her essence in such a few words. I also enjoyed viewing her pictures in the Reminiscing link.
     After a little more than 2 years since she passed on, it has taken a while for me to get used to living without her. I can only comfort myself with the realization that she is now in a place of eternal joy and peace - which she so richly deserves after much suffering and pain. Thankfully her spirit lives on within me and in my 3 children and now 3 grandchildren!
     I hope this email finds Albert and you in good health. I certainly would welcome a visit from you and other USTHS68 classmates next time you are in the New Jersey area (including New York City or Philadelphia).
     Have a good Easter weekend!"

Bumper De Jesus <> wrote on 3/25/05:
     "Hi there. I accidentally found this website today while researching a news story. I currently live in New Jersey, working as an editor for the state's largest newspaper. Emily Gosiengfiao was my mother. Seeing her high school pictures really touched me. I am happy to hear that Mom reached out to many of her old friends before she passed away. Thank you for your kind words about her. She was, is, an extraordinary woman. - Bumper DeJesus, age 27."

Rogel "Peck" Pecaña <> wrote on 1/26/05:
     "This is Rogel Peck Pecaña, married with 2 kids.  I've been in New, Jersey since 1976.  Presently I'm working in Overlook Hospital emergency room for 29 yrs. almost ready to retire. My oldest daughter is 29 yrs. old, a nurse married & no kids yet; the 2nd daughter is a sonographer, 22 yrs old.  I'm glad that the old friends still see each other every now and then.  I'm looking forward to see you all on our 40th ruby anniversary in 2008.  My contact phone # is 908-598-0563 in N. Jersey, address is 130 Briant Pk. Dr. Springfield, New Jersey 07081 USA."

Jun Tullao <> wrote on 1/23/05:
"Lorna at Albert,
Sa wakas ay nakapasok na rin ako sa napakagandang website ng USTHS68. Maraming maraming salamat sa ginagawa ninyo para mapaglapit ang mga miyembro ng ating batch. Hindi ako magtataka kung parangalan kayo ng UST o ng UST Alumni Association sa ginagawa ninyo. Ang dami palang tsismis dito. Kahit iyon lang ay dahilan na para maging madalas ang pagdalaw ko sa website ng mga taong di nagsasawang mag-reunion buwan-buwan kahit saan. "

Rey Espino (USTHS '80) <> wrote on 1/23/05:
     "I am Rey Espino of USTHS Batch'80. Currently, I am the Chairman of the Attendance Committee of the current USTHS Alumni Association Board. I was tasked to inform all USTHS graduates about the Grand Alumni Homecoming to be held at Manila Hotel on February 26, 2005. I am writing to request, if possible to course the invitation to you. Hoping for your consideration regarding this request. Thank you and more power."

Marc Dimalanta <> wrote on 1/20/05:
     "I admire what you folks are doing for the sake of being in touch with one another, but mostly for staying and nourishing your friendship with one another on a worldwide scale. My name is Marcial Dimalanta, aka Marc Dimalanta, attended 1st & 2nd year UST high. Captain ball of II-G basketball team in 66 and also the basketball champion that year. Anthony Dee, Rafael de las Cagigas, just to name a few, were team mates. Played baseball as a catcher, with Jose Bote as the pitcher. Never won anything in baseball. Unfortunately & beyond my control, I was forced to leave UST high. I finished my high school in FEU in '68. SANA KASALI AKO SA GRUPO NG CLASS OF '68. I came back to UST and finished Engineering in '74 and migrate to the states the same year. I now reside in the San Francisco Bay area, California (Vallejo) I still remember Zuniga, Peter So, Alex Noda, Fredo De Jesus, Buenviaje just to name a few. I met Javier Omana in Southern California on the wedding of his nephew Jay, who got married to my niece, Joy. I feel that I am a part of your group, and just looking at the photo’s on your web, time stood still and I feel like walking back memory lane. I hope to see some of you and be young again. I am glad that I discovered your web site. Thanks to the batch of UST High 1968."

Marie Rañoa Roque <> wrote on 1/10/05:
     ".....I'm just sending a note about the proposed Dec. 30th reunion, that's 2008 (seems so far but it's good to plan long term). Date is fine by me. I plan to be there to see all of you guys.  Hopefully, I can convince Tisha, Joji, Connie, and Raul to come as well. ...."

Manny Aquino <> wrote on 1/10/05:
     " .....I enjoyed reading a lot of stuff last night on our site especially the new feature with prayers and humors. I am also impressed on the sudden increase on the profiles of our batchmates. I just hope the rest will follow. You, Lorna and Al are doing a fantastic job on this. Really GREAT!!! Thanks so much to you three. I'll see y'all on our next trip there (by March of this year). "

Danny Diy <> wrote on 1/09/05:
Can't concentrate on my building maintenance job as one of our batchmates in the person is sick somewhere in Canada. To my dearest "barkadas" in the US of A, please give us a feedback on her health status. Dulce is one of the sweetest lady I know and she's a bundle of joy and jokes. Cher, Len, Lil, Fel, kindly provide us with update/s. Muah..... "

Odette Wallace <> wrote on 1/03/05:
     "Another year and another outreach activity is over again. I feel that each time we achieve one activity like this , our batch is truly establishing a connection more clearly than the others. Batch 68 had once again showed oneness in spirit. I feel proud of this group and feel blessed for the chance to see and serve the needy.
     Thank you once again to you and husband Albert for putting together this facility. It is like a telephone line that not only beckons but touches our members from far afar. I hope this line stretches farther more, crossing oceans and continents to bring old friends back here.
     The Sisters of Mercy through their head , Sr. Ivy would like to express their sincere gratitude for all our generous donations and gift giving to the Bahay Kalinga children in their Ermita home. They would like to invite us to visit their home for the aged, their retreat house in Victoria Homes, Muntinlupa and also to their Tagaytay home.
     Happy New Year!"

Dulce Sabino <> wrote on 12/12/04:
     "....thanks very much for passing on the data allowing us to see these pictures. They're lovely! The view from the building makes me miss home. Ahhhh (big sigh). And our batchmates ... ever the lively, fun group! Nothing like a Batch '68 reunion to break into the Christmas Spirit......"

Chito Cardenas <> wrote on 11/03/04:
   "Ernie Morales enjoyed himself so much during our reunion here and he committed to join every reunion we have here provided we give him a two week notice so he can get cheap plane fares.
   Together with Rey Protacio, I met last night Michael Mendonez (IV-C)  who comes from New York. He was on a business trip here for a couple of days. He owns an insurance firm that has some brokers here in San Francisco.
    Another batchmate we are anticipating to visit us is Ginny Braganza who is married to the brother of Ricky Yatco who is a doctor in New Orleans. Previous visitors were Freya Halili and Espie Bernabe, Ervin Nucum (about 3 years ago) and of course, John Tan who is leaving on 11/02.
     So we are definitely getting larger here in San Francisco Area. Hope you and Lorna can pass by so we can show you around. 
Any batchmate will be accorded the same hospitality as with the previous batchmates who visited us. "

Rogel (Peck) Pecaña <> wrote on 8/24/04:
     "Pls. contact me on this e-mail address, I'm here in the U.S. Pls. tell Jun Reinoso to call me up or Carlos Corsiga. I've been here in the States since 1976. Keep in touch."

Cesar Feniquito<> wrote on 8/18/04:
     "We had a lot of fun interacting with your batch, not only because we are junior to you, but we have brothers & sisters in your Class 68! Your site is linked to Our Munting Website at
.   Please come to visit and feel free to sign our guestbook! You may also venture to our Table Of Contents by clicking on our Veritas, just to see how we are doing, on our gatherings, kaunting salu-salo, reunions at kung anu-ano pa all over dito sa mundo! ALL THE BEST TO ALL AND MORE POWER!"

Bebet Gillera Gozun <> wrote on 8/15/04:
     "It was indeed fun to see so many old friends again.  We should really keep in touch regularly.  ....."

Cherry Roque Ramirez <> wrote on 8/11/04:
     "My special thanks to Baby for hosting the merienda for myself and Rosalinda last Sunday. It was indeed a delight to see old faces and most specially old friends after all these years. And to Odette who had to postpone her trip to Vietnam just to make it to the party, many thanks as well. Maybe you can all visit SF one of these days so we can return the hospitality to each and everyone of you.
Again, thanks and hope to see you again."

Noel King <> wrote on 8/05/04:
     "Hi guys! Does anybody hear about Ong Chin Min? I hear he's in New York. Anybody wants to contact me may reach me thru (063)9178918588 or e-mail me at, or check out our website   BAKET WALA AKONG PICTURE NUN REUNION! MAY FAVORITISM KA DON ah!"

Noah De Leon <> wrote on 8/04/04:
     "I've met Gurmel Singh at his sister's house Zosima, my batchmate, and he mentioned this website.  Please include our high school website into your link I also published and forwarded the fate and tragedy of Benny Guidote's could this happen to one of ours. Bless his soul."

Efren Villa <> wrote on 7/12/04:
     "Whether I'm in Canada, US or Europe, every time I get a chance I always browse the web site to see what's the latest news. Compared to you guys back there in Manila I guess it is better back there because you often see each other. It reminds of the good old days when we were in high school, seems like yesterday. I also have contacted a couple of our former classmates at UST High School and gave them the URL. I hope they will get in touch with you guys. I definitely enjoy browsing the web site. I hope I could make it this coming Dec. 4, 2004 reunion. Have a wonderful day guys."

Dulce Sabino <>  wrote on 6/18/04:
     "Hi Lorns, I hope all is well with you and those whom you love. I have truly been so very remiss not doing the things you have requested of me, e.g. write up on Ems and short quips on the Montreal trip. If I may, I would still like that opportunity. Oh and yes I still have to do my profile. Do bear with me I am starting up a pre-school in the middle of regular work, and my life has been an array of legalities, licenses and the like. My leisure has recently consisted of organized "movie classes" with my students. Well, in effect I really am able to enhance their comprehension and writing skills using this visual medium, at the same time, I get to go out to see a movie as well. I make them write summaries and ask them questions after the movie. We go to a movie theatre here, then continue the class afterwards. I enjoy their company (well, to a certain extent .. I mean I would really rather have a lovely specimen of a male beside me .. however, my manfriend, James, doesn't share my penchant for having students around ... and "a lovely specimen of a male" is really quite an ideal in reality, isn't it [tee!hee!hee!]).
     Just touching base. Keep well. I am so quietly proud of what you and Albert are doing. Imagine how you have gathered an international "following" of ardent batchmates brought together by your creativity and your heart? Yes Lorns, it is a magnificent achievement indeed! How many smiles do you think our website has elicited? Isn't that a wonderful thought?!
     Here's another smile ~."

Manny Aquino <> wrote on 5/21/04:
     "We were planning to attend that reunion but our schedule that weekend was so busy (alam mo naman kami, bumiyabiayahe lang nang standby). I told Gurmel that we'll try but if we don't make it to just say hi to everyone. I saw the pictures on the web last night ... Lorna and Al were just too fast and furious. Kudos to them, great job guys.
To y'all on the Northern California area, you're doing great. Keep it up. I'll soon join you."

Enrie Samson Sabio <>  wrote on 5/20/04:
     "Thank you for posting our recent get-together. You are swift despite your busy schedule and we appreciate it! Hope you guys can come over to visit. Can you please advise the rest of our batchmates to get in touch with us when they visit San Francisco?"

Placido Guevara Bugayong (USTHS 1967) < wrote on 5/08/04:
     "I saw Benny Guidote's plights on this web this first time I opened it thru Ed De Jesus of my batch ('67) brother of Cora from '68.  I hope the group who is in touch with him would relay that I, Danny Carlos and Ed would to like send him our regards. During the first two years that Benny's mother died in 1984 I guess the transition thru him losing their old house, we were in touch. I guess keeping him busy thru something that might interest him might want him to come along, internet maybe . . Thank you."

Olive Tiburcio <> wrote on 4/22/04:
     "Again, I want to thank you both for taking on such a wonderful project of bringing the Class of '68 together via the CyberSpace. You even have my favorite song in there -"In My Life" by the Beatles. " .......

Socorro "Socit" De Jesus <> wrote on 4/16/04:
     "I just visited the UST High School Batch of 1968 website. You and Albert did a wonderful job setting this up. It did bring back a lot of memories. On my next trip home, I will make it a point to get in touch with Wilma Bautista, hope she remembers........"

Tisha Reyes Nixon <> wrote on 4/15/04:
"A Most Blessed Easter!
     What a wonderful surprise to receive an email from Marie Ranoa, my seatmate in class in high school and house neighbor in Quezon City around the Mayon Area. I got a second wonderful surprise hearing from Joji Pangilinan, who I still remember as our Miss UST High School when we were in fourth year. The third surprise was receiving an email from Merle Cruz, who was quite close to me in high school. The best surprise is reading this wonderful website you have created to reminisce our high school days. I wish I knew about the website a long time ago. I read the profiles and the whole night, I felt very nostalgic. I still remember the names of our classmates and a number of names on the boys' side. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and our classmates are still as lovely as ever! I am also happy to learn about the success of everyone and I feel proud about it.
     I am quite concerned about Benedicto Guidote, who was my classmate in Grade II. I remember him as a good classmate, an intelligent student and I was close to him. I remember him and Raul Dijamco, who was the valedictorian when we graduated from the elementary school. Thank you to you and to the rest of the group for whatever you are doing to help him. I will request our Discalced Carmelite Secular Order Community to pray for him. Would you please give my love to him next time you see him. I hope that he would still remember me. I would like very much to talk to him.
     Rosario Labarda and I met here in Vancouver a few years ago. Her father died and I attended the funeral. Rose, Julieta Casis and I were close friends and classmates in elementary school.
     I missed the reunion in the early 1990s because we were living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories at that time; in fact, we just moved there and the event was over when I got the letter. I just told my husband that I will attend the 40th anniversary reunion and look forward to seeing everyone.
     I will be happy to send you my profile. Meanwhile, I am not working except that I am recovering from a breast cancer surgery last September and other ailments common to old folks. I do have a hobby - see (it is not updated but it can give you an idea of my hobby).
     May Our Risen Lord grant you special, abundant blessings."

Joji Pangilinan Linan <> wrote on 4/13/04:
     "It sure feels like going back in time when I view the pictures posted by Lorna and Albert. I had to pull out my Veritas to see the faces of some of the names that are mentioned in the web, and felt even more nostalgic reading what they wrote (dedications?) to me on their yearbook pictures. After that the memories flashed back- I began to remember these high schoolers walking along the hallways of the old HS building or on the sidewalks, buying the dirty ice cream through the iron grill gate during recess, our Home Eco where I thought I'd never get the sleeves right on that dress (I should just have attempted a sleeveless one), the flooded streets on Espana for us who take that route (Ella would always offer us a ride to our bus stop), etc.  ......"

Merle Cruz Encarnacion<> wrote on 4/12/04:
      "I was so happy to hear Joji Pangilinan-Linan's voice last week. I have been wondering why I never heard anything about our high school reunions all these years. Finally, I said, i was found! Can't blame anyone. I didn't have any contact with most of our classmates since I left high school except, perhaps 25 years back in med school, with Ella Macaraeg, Judith Sison, Leah Rosete, etc. But I was also one of the early ones who left the country after I got married way back in ''78. My husband was a classmate in med school and we've been living in Westfield, New Jersey with our 3 children, (2 boys and one girl) for over 20 years now.
       Thank you so much for establishing our website. It is so cool and I just felt so nostalgic when I opened it. Those were the days- beautiful, carefree days of yore. Can't wait for our big reunion to come. Wish I knew about those other small class reunions. I was there in the Philippines in February when you had one of them. I usually go home once a year to visit my parents or join a medical mission. Hope we'll be able to find some more of our friends around here so perhaps we can also have a minireunion of sorts here in the East Coast one of these days. What do you think about that, Anita?
       I am so glad to hear about so many of our classmates and where they are now. I am so happy to hear Bebet Gillera is a cabinet secretary now. Wow! I am so proud to be a member of our class!
        I felt bad when I heard about Ms Arive's passing away. She was one of my most favorite teachers. Wasn't that true for many of us then? Didn't she marry one of your (?)uncles, (?)cousins? Did they have any children? Also read about Emily Gosiengfiao. Can't believe it. She was so full of life then! May they rest in peace with our God. I'll also include them in my prayers. But that is how life is. We never know when our time is up. Just got to be ready anytime and live each day we are given the best way we can.
         Anyways, hope you can put me in the loop now so I can receive some juicy bits and pieces of news every now. Or what about moderating an e-group, too where everyone can write/respond to everyone who are registered with the group? It would be so much easier to communicate. Just one note can reach so many at once.
         And yes, I'll fill up the directory (profile) and send a picture (probably through Joji) as soon as I find a really GOOD one. He, he. he. Happy Easter to you, Al and the children. Same to you, Joji and Anita and your families!
Glad to be found,

Enrie Samson Sabio <>  wrote on 3/10/04:
.....Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do all of these. The girls & I are thrilled to hear from Danny Diy, our long lost friend. We are still wondering if you have any news from: Liwayway Geronimo, Guia Almeda, Teresa Sales, Estela Tan, Erlinda & Emy Yu & Ruby Ramos. Also, I would appreciate if you can forward the email address for Wilma "Bebot" Bautista. .........

Danny Diy <> wrote on 3/05/04:
.....I really enjoy browsing/surfing at our website.  I wrote something about wanting to get in touch (via e-mail) and seeing (in our 40th reunion) my lady friends in the States. Hope they answer this.

Ching Alano <> wrote on 3/05/04:
     Hi Lorna! Guess what? Marie Rañoa e-mailed me. She said that she was able to get hold of Joji (who also lives in the US) via our website. Isn't that great? You guys are doing such a fantastic job despite your busy work sked! Is that what they call multi-tasking?
     As for me, I get all my schedules  messed up and I'm forever late for my appointments. I'm learning a lot from you guys. So, when is our next ladies' lunch? I'll be going to LA to cover a travel convention in April. Sana we could meet before then. Gotta sleep. Got a long day tomorrow.

Danny Carlos (USTHS 1967) from Vancouver, Canada <> wrote on 2/25/04:
     Keep up the good work! You are doing an excellent job. I am sure that everyone appreciates all your efforts and hard work.

    Hi Albert....I'm a friend of Benny Guidote.....he was in my stag party ....April 1976,and that was the last time I saw him.....your group have shown a great love and compassion for him...a real "Thomasian Spirit"....if I can help pls. let me know. I learned your website from my cousin Edgar Vendil. Take care and God Bless.

Fred Andes <> wrote on 2/10/04:
     Thank you for doing a great job in developing a directory for our class. I left the Philippines right after graduating from UST High and have never been back home (too many excuses).

Leandro Maranan <>  wrote on 1/19/04:
     First of all, I would like to congratulate you and the rest of " The Prime Movers of UST High Batch '68 for making the spirit of our batch very much alive ! Just to refresh your memory, I am Leandro C. Maranan IV-B and am presently residing in Queens, NY and very much interested to get involved in  any way leading to the celebration of our 40th. (Ruby) Class Reunion. Please include me in the list.  My E-mail Add:  or Looking forward to meeting everyone
Thank you
PS I have heard from some sources that the UST High School is going to be Phased out
in the University campus and will be assuming a new name, " St. Thomas Aquinas High School " off-campus, how true is this ?
1. A campaign in searching for other Batch '68.
2. A Newsletter sort of in our web-site ( like the future of the UST high ...etc )

Manny Aquino <> wrote on 1/17/04:
......Thanks a lot. I am really enjoying our web site and you guys are really doing a great job!!! I am inside the site everyday watching for new developments, malungkot dito eh. Cheers to you guys and MORE POWER!!!
     I visit our web site everyday so i urge every one to do the same. I tell you there are daily updates and they are very interesting. Masarap ding maalala ang nakaraan, di ba? kudos to al and lorna, siyempre si don din! just click ... <> (if it doesn't work, cut and paste in your url).

Joji Pangilinan Linan <> wrote on 1/13/04:
     Hi, Lorna! I am not sure if you remember me, si Joji Pangilinan (now Linan). My cousin who lives in LA sent me the web address of class of 68, and I am so happy to read about you all and see pictures.
I will send it to Telly (Estella Natividad). Actually, she attended a reunion in Las Vegas, parang UST HS in general and she said Rosario Labarda was the only one from our batch. Telly lives in Pomona.
     Thanks for taking time to send the greeting. It is appreciated. It is 4pm here in Texas and I'm at work. I know it is early morning there (6 am ba?, that's too early for me.
I really have to review our yearbook to dig through my memory. I was telling Lorna that this web site is indeed wonderful, the Internet had just changed the way we live (online buying, emails, etc). It is so much easier though to search for the male batchmates (online), as their last name didn't change with marriage. Let me know if there are some that you want to contact from the US. 

Marie Rañoa Roque <> wrote on 1/12/04:
     Hi Albert & Lorna! I came in to work Monday morning and was pleasantly surprised by your mail. Thanks a lot for thinking of me. Will contribute my update once I have completed it (trust me, I won't procrastinate!!) considering our crazy schedule in Toronto. I felt weird reading about all these people (half of the names I don't recognize except for our section -- talk about exclusivity!) esp. the tribute portion -- it's sad. Anyway, I must applaud you on your efforts to keep the lines open.
     Hi! Just wanted to update you on developments resulting from your wonderful website. First, Joji Pangilinan e-mails me from Texas, then Raul Dijamco phones from San Francisco. This is just so exciting.... thanks again.

Dulce Sabino <>  wrote on 1/06/04:
     Hello Don! Thanks for asking Lilli for my E-Mail address. Our website is fabulous! It brings back many fond memories. Albert and Lorna sure did a wonderful job ... music and everything! The pictures made me smile ... and laugh at times......

Don Mejia <> wrote on 1/01/04:
      Each year is a new beginning and another chance to learn more of ourselves. That we may have the time to care more for others and with our new website, we hope we can reach out to one another and accomplish more than we thought we could. Thank you for your great contribution. Long live UST HS Batch '68!!! Happy New Year!!! Peace, prosperity, good health, love and joy to you all...

     Friends, we are growing and our website is improving greatly, so sabi nga ni Tessa Sierra "try to visit our batch website as often as possible for new updates. ..... that way we always keep in touch with one another."

Enrie Samson Sabio <>  wrote on 12/28/03:
     Thank you for creating the website. It is quite nostalgic to see the picture of the old UST High School. I am very thankful to the school that I have precious friends that am still in touch with and very close to. They are: Rosario (Cherry) Roque Ramirez, Alegria (Lilli) Santa Ines Gonzales, Cynthia Principe Hocson, Dulce Sabino, Helen (Pacis) Raffer and Fely Aglugub Hannan. Aside from Dulce who is in Canada and Lilli in the east coast DC area, we are all from Northern California. We hold mini-reunions and we were just in Montreal in May this year. We are also in touch with some USTHS boys as you have posted on your site.

Jun Reinoso <> wrote on 11/24/03:
     Congratulations! Bravo! Hurray! Standing Ovation!
To all the organizers and everyone who helped make the recent USTHS Class '68 reunion a great success.
     Though we were not able to attend the affair, we are all happy just to know that most of our classmates and batchmates were able to get together in fellowship with one another.
     We look forward to the next up-coming reunion and to the many more reunions to come, thanks to the efforts of the organizing team of Don Mejia & Co. Also, we all look forward to watching the "CD" of the reunion so that we may able to experience the excitement of seeing our friends again after 35 years.
Let us know when the CD will be ready and when can you can send a copy to the classmates/batchmates in the USA. Have a happy Thanksgiving Day!


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