Welcome to the Official Website of UST High School Batch 1968.......... We have just celebrated our Golden Anniversary last Feb. 2018.................. Please visit our 50th anniversary webpages for details ..........  

You have reached the UST High School Batch 1968 Website.  This website is designed to give information on the various activities of a group of achievers collectively referred to as the "UST High School Batch of 1968".   It has been 49 years since the batch graduated from high school. The passage of time has seen many events that have shaped and reshaped not only the individual graduates and their families but society as well. We are proud to say that the achievements of the batch have added luster to the name of their Alma Mater.

UST High School Batch 1968 Graduates just celebrated their 50th anniversary held from Feb. 15-19, 2018.  Please refer to our 50th anniversary webpage for details.

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