Here are some high school photos for a trip down memory lane. 

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UST's "October Strums" Third Prize Winner

With the Pharmacy Garden as their setting, the Warbling 15 of the UST High School Department pose for a special photo for Entertainment Guide.  The boys, from left counterclockwise, are Enrico Pumaren, Bernard Jao, Raul Dijamco, Danny Dinio (center, seated), Lito Diokno, Boy Castañeda, and Ike Lloren.  The girls are, from first row l to r, Ems Gosiengfiao, Dulce Sabino, Lourdes Ko; second row, Amelia Rosete, Socorro Reyes, Wilma Bautista, and on top, Rosemarie Malana.  Lourdes Mijares, another member is not in photo.

After the Sunday mass with Mrs. Murillo

Pretty High School Girls

Father Piñon trooping the line of PMT cadets.

PMT Parade

The Catechists with Fr. Rebollo

Lourdes Ko and Emily Gosiengfiao - Best of Friends

Ching Alano and Amy Chua with some high school friends:  front row right - Fe Quintal; at the back Zenaida Lee and Aniceta Fajutrao (from batch 1966)

Jamming - Romy Hernandez, Albert Buenviaje & Lito Diokno

Ernie Morales, Tristan Mendiola and Benny Guidote with his back turned ("I'm out of here!)

Captive (or captured) audience of Fr. Pinon. L-R: Joji Pangilinan, Ging, Pagalilawan, Merle Cruz, Bernie JutaAmy Rosete,  Connie Romana and  Tisha Reyes

Party with Miss Arive.  Seated (L-R) Shirley Sy, Carmelita Ang, Minerva Gacad, Merle Cruz, Miss Arive, Lorna Cayas, Socorro Fuentecilla, Jane Feliciano, a friend, Rhodora Barleta ;Standing (L-R) Socorro Gillera, a friend, Wilma Bautista, Nonia Cabrera, Marie Ranoa, Estela Natividad, Corazon Poblacion, Estrella Macaraeg, Loreto Ocampo, Elizabeth Magpayo, a friend

Remember the "Dance Parties" during our time? The girls were seated in a row waiting for the boys to ask them to dance. That was how the term "wallflower" evolved - if nobody asks you to dance, you become the wallflower. (How cruel can you get!!) (L-R) Corazon Poblacion, Nonia Cabrera, Estela Natividad, Loreto Ocampo, Wilma Bautista, Merle Cruz, Elizabeth Magpayo & Marie Ranoa.

At the annual Winnie Roast

Girls' P.E. class....Oops!! Someone forgot to wear the proper uniform.

Girls' Christmas Party (From L-R:  Jane Feliciano, Lorna Cayas, Bebet Gillera, Ginny Braganza, Lourdes Ko, Freya Halili, Estela Tan & Suzette Muñoz

Christmas parties per class were held in their respective rooms.

Another Christmas party.

High school girls in their gala uniform.

A Christmas activity by the high school boys.

A students' assembly.

Senior Prom Night - L-R: Julieta Reyes, Corazon De Jesus, Celia Ramos, Cristina Buot and Sylvia Javier


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